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Skrill is one of the most popular e-wallets in the world with more than 40 million users worldwide, many of them being Indians born and raised. This payment method is accepted almost everywhere, from e-shops and bars to Skrill accepted sites in India and gambling sites that attract wider audiences than ever. But how do you make Skrill payments, and is it possible to make not only deposits but Skrill withdrawal as well? Of course, it is, and we know all about it! 

How to create a Skrill account in India?

Before you make that first transaction, you have to make sure to sign up with Skrill. The process is really simple and straightforward. Simply visit their website, and then fill out the form that is in front of you. Make sure to submit it, and then, go to your email, and verify the registration by clicking the link the Skrill team will send to you. 

Here are some of the main reasons why punters all over India use Skrill at their favorite casinos:

Also, true gamers should remember to verify their account, as they might face some depositing and withdrawing limits. Unless you verify your account, you can only withdraw up to $2,500 in a lifetime.  

How to deposit money in Skrill from India?

We already mention how it is quite easy to top up your Skrill account, but now we will explain it to you in the last detail. We decided to list the entire process in steps so you can easily follow, and hey, maybe even add some money onto your newly created account. 

Kindly keep in mind how this money is not at your casino balance, but Skrill balance. To transfer money to the casino, make sure to go to the Cashier at the casino site, choose Skrill as the payment method, type the amount you want to deposit, and simply follow instructions on the website to complete the transaction. 

Skrill Withdrawals in India

If you want to, you can also withdraw your profits by using Skrill. Skrill is very popular because it is simple, easy, and the withdrawal time is almost instant once the payment has been approved. Payouts are pretty much similar to deposits – you go to the cashier, make a request for a cashout and then simply choose Skrill as the payment method. However, before you get all that money you’ve won, you will have to fulfill certain requirements:

Skrill minimum withdrawal will be imposed by your casino site. As far as Skrill as a payment provider is concerned, you can transfer any amount you like, but casinos will usually impose a limit to keep their costs optimized. In most cases, the minimum withdrawal is $10, but there are also casinos that require more or less. Some casinos allow you to withdraw less than the bare minimum, but then they usually charge you a fee. Also, most legit gambling companies won’t charge you a withdrawal fee when using Skrill. 

Once you want to use your winnings, simply pay with Skrill, Skrill card, or transfer money to your bank account. 

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Can I withdraw money from Skrill in India?
Yes, you can withdraw money from Skrill, and all you have to do is transfer the money back to your bank balance or credit card. The process takes only a minute and the money should be with you in no time. Alternatively, you don’t even have to withdraw money from Skrill but can easily spend it online or via their card. 
How do I get my Skrill Card?
Skrill Card is available to all Skrill customers. Simply request the card, and it will be in your mailbox within a week or so. You can use it on all ATMs or as a regular debit card. 
Will Skrill charge me any fees?
Skrill will charge you a small fee every time you make a transaction. But, compared to most other methods, Skrill fees are so low you won’t even notice them. For instance, international bank wire fees can swallow up around $30 on a single withdrawal, while Skrill fees take into account the amount you transfer, etc. 
Is Skrill safe?
Skrill is a safe, regulated, and 100% legit payment method that is used by millions each day. Also, you can use their 2-step authentication to make sure no one can get access to your Skrill account.