Blackjack Multihand 5 Review & Experience

Those of you who want to play blackjack on the Internet will love the game we have prepared. The name is Blackjack Multihand 5, and Playtech entirely developed it. The game is a virtual version of Atlantic City Blackjack and therefore offers the same or better said similar gameplay, options, and more. Graphics is stunning. The visuals are well-developed, they are polished, and we can add that the game looks incredibly modern. Let’s discuss sounds also. The whole time you are playing the game, you can hear soft music in the background. You can enjoy more with this perk.

Playing the game is obvious. You will need to place a bet which ranges between 1 and 100. Keep in mind that at most online casinos, you will need to place the lowest bet of $2. The maximum bet is, therefore, $500 if you use all 5 hands. Winning is standard, 3:2, and the game is played with 6 decks of 52 cards each. The dealer must stand on soft or hard 17. You can use insurance, but it is only available once a dealer draws an ace. The payout is 2:1 in this case scenario. There is no surrender option in this game. One, the appealing advantage is the warning message. It will be displayed every single time a player makes a mistake and therefore help you solve the problem. Also, the dealer won’t peak for naturals at any given moment.

Playtech online casino games are different than many others thanks to simple, yet modern and desirable features, the ability to play on any device and so much more. The game you can see here is no different. You can play it on computers, laptops and also on smartphones. Both Android and iOS are supported, and there are no significant differences here. In the game, you will sit at a table, and you will have the ability to use all the features within seconds. They are located in front of you, on the left and right side of the table.

To get more specifics and more details about the game, we advise you to check out the free, demo version. It is posted here, and it allows players to get a complete idea about the game and play for free, ultimately. You will use virtual money that is available in the game, and you can play as long as you like. Once ready, you can play for real money.

George Lewis

Hi, I’m George, born in the USA, but currently living in India where I came to find my roots. I have been a part of the team ever since the launch in 2019.

Beforehand, I was a dealer at a small casino in Reno, but have decided to take my life to India, and my passion for the gambling industry online, and this position is the perfect opportunity to share all the tricks of the trade.

Working in the dynamic Indian market has been challenging, but it’s a pleasure to see the industry grow and go in the right direction thanks to us and our efforts.

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