American Roulette


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Slot games might be considered the most fun, and poker the most intellectual casino game, but nothing beats the excitement of the ball spinning on a colorful wheel. The anticipation of the ball to settle, the glares over the wheel, and all those joyful screams prove that roulette is still a casino staple, centuries after it was invented.

Roulette (French for the wheel) was invented in France and quickly found its way all across the globe. Popular among commoners and royalties alike, it also spread across the USA where a new type of roulette was invented. No one knows where it happened, as some believe its origins go back to shady dens of New Orleans that was (and still is a melting pot of cultures), while others think it all happened in Atlantic City American roulette casino, where additional field on the wheel was first introduced.

Whatever the story behind it, the American type of roulette is still the most popular type of roulette in North and South America and is played in casinos worldwide. As the type of roulette where the house has the best odds, it is often considered to be quite risky, but still, as fun as it was when first invented.

American Roulette Rules

There are many variants of this popular game, but the most famous ones are played online: online European roulette, online American roulette, and online French roulette. They share some similarities, but it is small details that can help you tell them apart.

The Wheel

The American wheel has not only numbers from 1 to 36, a zero (0), but also a double zero (00). This double zero field is very interesting because it is directly connected to the “Surrender” rule. If the ball ends up on a 0 or 00 the player has the right to keep 50% of the losing bet. Compared to online American roulette wheels, European and French feature only one zero. Still, French roulette has a rule very similar to “Surrender” called “La partage”.

The Table Chart

The roulette table has a very interesting design. It features a chart with numbers and spaces for bets. American roulette game table is more similar to the European, rather than French type of table. They both feature spaces for outside bets below the number chart. Just a quick glance over the design, can tell you what type of poker is being played, even if you play only American roulette online, and not in a casino.


Here are some essential terms you need to know when playing American roulette online. This glossary will not only help you play faster but also to understand the options you have in front of you. Many people don’t know how there is more to roulette than just playing numbers and colors, and how to make online roulette bets come in all shapes and sizes.

Make sure to learn the following terms, and use them accordingly to leave a better impression:

  • Wheel – the spinning device with numbers on it
  • Ball – the element that is being dropped on the wheel
  • Croupier – the person that leads the game, usually employed by the casino
  • Chip – money placed in the form of a plastic coin, American online roulette is played with virtual chips
  • Outside bet – a bet placed on the outer part of the chart, usually have higher winning odds
  • Inside bet – a bet placed on the inside part of the chart
  • Red and black – a bet that is placed on color (betting on red and betting on black)
  • Odd and even – betting on odd (1,3,5…) and even numbers (2,4,6…)
  • High and Low numbers – betting on numbers from 1-18 (low) or 19-36 (high)
  • Dozen bet – a bet placed on a dozen numbers, as marked on the table
  • Column bet – a bet placed on the vertical line of 12 numbers
  • Snake bet – a bet placed in a zigzag pattern on 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34.
  • Straight/Single bet – a bet on a single number
  • Split bet – a bet placed on two numbers next to each other
  • Street bet – a bet on three consecutive numbers in a horizontal line
  • Corner or Square bet – a bet on four numbers that meet in a single corner
  • Six line or Double street bet – betting on two horizontal lines
  • Trio bet – betting on three numbers, including at least one zero
  • Basket bet – betting on 00-0-1-2-3 combo

Best American Roulette Games

Online roulette American is fun and exciting, so no wonder so many software providers consider it a must-have in their portfolio. Considering that every provider is trying to find a way to create more and more exciting real money roulette games, there are endless variants of this gambling game. So, how to find the one that works for you? Here are our suggestions!

Microgaming American Roulette

The classics are the best play to start, and this is the base for all variations you might encounter. The retro design will give you a feeling of being in a James Bond movie, while the detailed design is everything but vintage. If you find it difficult to follow the wheel, in the bottom left corner there is an additional screen that shows the results.

Playtech Premium American Roulette

This popular variation will take you on a trip to Las Vegas! Playtech’s Premium variation has all the glitz and glamour you need to succeed. The sounds are more than realistic, and the spinning ball sounds just like in a casino. Another interesting feature is that you can click the chips and decide on how much you want to bet, instead of typing the number manually.

SkillOnNet American Roulette Pro

SkillOnNet variation has an amazing feature – it delivers hot numbers and useful statistics that can help you make a decision on your bets. This variant is more suitable for players who already have some experience in roulette games and especially American types. You can also use auto spin if you like, but for a more authentic experience, place bets by clicking the chips.

Live American Roulette Online

If you have never stepped into a real brick-and-mortar casino you might be wondering what a real game of roulette looks like. Thanks to the live casino, you can experience it firsthand.

Many online casinos feature live roulette, including American type. Many of them go a step further and create their own variation to make the game as attractive as possible. Even though roulette is a straightforward game, and essentially a game of chance, it is always good to study the rules before finding your place at the live casino table.

Mobile American Roulette

All software providers and online casinos understand the importance of mobile gaming, so most variants of roulette, including American, are available for mobile play as well. You can easily access them from your mobile phone, no matter their operating system, as modern roulette games are supported on iOS, Androids, and Windows phones.

If your online casino supports a mobile app you can always play roulette by using direct access. Alternatively, you can play them by using your favorite mobile browser. There is no difference in design or playing experience, as a high-quality interface has become an imperative no matter the device you use.