English Roulette Review & Experience

Would you like to play online roulette for real money? If the answer is yes, we recommend you English online roulette by Play’N Go. The game is very appealing and very easy to play. It comes with basic options but also some rare bets. The game has 37 slots for placing a bet, which is standard and similar to European roulette. The numbers start at 0 and reach 36. To place a bet, drag the chips you want to bet to the table and click spin. If you want to change a bet, click X and the bet will be canceled.

English roulette online also offers 3 additional betting options. They are Voisins du Zero in which you need 9 chips. Tiers du Cylindre require you to place 6 chips and Les Orphelins 5 chips. The specifics are provided in the game. As you may believe, this Play’n’Go roulette game also offers standard bets. Basically, a player can bet on street, slot, color, split, neighbor or straight up.

The size of bets varies. The smallest inside bet is 1. The maximum size of this bet is 25 while outside bets range between 5 and 100. The maximum, total size bet you can place is 300. As we have mentioned earlier, you can place a bet and click the spin button to start the process. It takes a couple of seconds. Under the wheel, you have a tab which will display the balance, bet, and also the winnings.

The graphics of the game is stunning. The animations are even better and the game feels modern, advanced, and desirable to play. Sounds are also above average which means that you can enjoy the game completely and have fun.

Play’N Go casino games are known for specific and appealing gameplay. The English roulette we have here is no different. You can enjoy amazing gameplay on all computers without any download. A free version is available above and you can play it as long as needed, obviously for free. The idea is to help you master the game before you start playing it for real money.

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