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Scratch cards are, without a doubt, one of the most popular lottery games that are widely present all over the world and even online. No wonder so many punters are wondering how to play scratch cards. And while enjoying this popular gaming genre offline is pretty straightforward, online scratch cards sometimes seem to be a bit more complicated, even though, in its essence, it is the very same game. In this guide, we will introduce you to this charming and colourful type of gambling, and how to play a scratch card game at your favourite online casino.

Where to Purchase Scratch Cards Online?

Online scratch cards can be purchased at online casinos, but not all casinos have them in their portfolio. The easiest way to find them is to check out whether a casino has a special scratch cards section, but keep in mind they are sometimes listed in a category called “Others”, “Other Games”, “Arcades”, etc. Some casinos will support more than 100 scratch cards, while others will offer only a game or two so make sure to do thorough research. When in doubt, ask customer support for more information on whether they support this type of gaming or not. Once you have found a casino with a good selection of such titles, before you make your final choice on how to play scratch cards, you will have to register and make a deposit. Most casinos nowadays support, simple and intuitive registration without much hassle.

How to Buy Scratch Card Online?

When buying a scratch card in the “real” world you simply go to the kiosk, store, or gas station, pay with cash, and leave with a card in your hand. Then, you use a coin or your fingernails to scratch the colourful foil and reveal the reward. However, scratch card to win cash online work in a different way, as they come in digital form. If you want to play them at online casinos, you have to make a deposit first, and considering that deposits usually range from $5 to $20, you will have more than enough money to play quite a few of them.

Online scratch cards are sold in two forms:

  • Scratch cards that are purchased by bet – player places a bet that can range anywhere from a few cents, to hundreds of dollars.
  • Scratch cards that are purchased by card/ticket – the player can buy one, two, three, or a whole bundle of cards. some casinos will even give you a discount if you buy more a certain number of tickets or cards.

To buy scratch cards you don’t have to go to the cashier and make additional payments. After you make a deposit, your balance will have some money on it, and all you have to do is simply click the number of cards or set the betting amount you want to play, and click the “Buy” or “Play” button (depending on the game). The amount will be deducted from your balance immediately, and you will get access to your scratch cards without waiting in line or having to leave the house ever again.

Playing Online Scratch Cards

And now for the fun stuff – how to play scratch cards? First, you have to choose a game that speaks to you. Some players like sport themed scratch cards, while others love fantasy themes. Luckily, at modern online casinos, all scratch cards come equipped with an image that reveals what the game is all about. Once you have found a game that sparks interest, simply click it and load it. The next step is to check out whether the game is played by card or by bet. Purchase the number of tickets you want to play, or set the bet size. Games based on tickets tend to be slightly more expensive than those that are purchased by the bet. The next thing to do is to play the card.

Scratch cards can be played in two different ways:

  • Manually – just like a regular scratch card, this one has to be “scratched” manually, by moving the finger or the cursor of the mouse across the screen. Sometimes gaming providers add special effects and features to make things more interesting. For instance, instead of moving your finger up and down across the screen, you might have to pull the curtains, demolish boulders, or burst bubbles.
  • Autoplay – by the click of the button you reveal all the fields and can immediately say whether you have won or not.

Online scratch cards are usually played on a 3×3 grid, and you have to score three same symbols to win. Some games may offer you additional bonus play or free cards while the bet based games have multipliers that increase your bets higher than you can imagine. Keep in mind there are also scratch cards where you simply have to pick one symbol or one item hiding a reward. For instance, there might be five cocktails in front of you, and you have to “drink” one to reveal your reward. Scratch cards played online take all different shapes and sizes.

Tips & Strategies for Scratch Cards Games

Scratch cards are a form of lottery, meaning they are 100% game of chance, but that doesn’t mean there are no tactics, tips, and tricks that can help you increase your chances against the house.

  • Check the number of symbols – always read the instructions before playing and double-check how many symbols there are, because the fewer symbols the game features, the higher are your chances.
  • Pay attention – it is easy to mindlessly scratch the cards, but some games (especially those where you have to pick just a single field) require your attention, as no symbol is equally rewarding twice in a row.
  • Don’t force it – not every game will be equally lucrative every time and one of the worst things you can do is to chase losses. If things aren’t going your way, just take a break, take a walk, and come back to it tomorrow.
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