Forbidden Slot Slot Review & Experience

Despite the name, Forbidden Slot is something you can play and you should. It one of free slots India loves and as such, we had to provide a detailed and 100% accurate Forbidden Slot game review.

Tech Info

Forbidden Slot is developed by Spinomenal, a reasonably popular software developer in this line of business. It is a video slot that offers 5 reels and 15 payline. The game allows you to place a bet between 0.15 and 150. Other than that, you can see high-end symbols a bit specific and different gameplay and also the presence of wild and scatter symbols and a multiplier.

Once you load the game you will see 5 female characters hiding the reels. These are not symbols. Once you click spin, the real symbols will be revealed. They are all focused on fantasy, love, and romance. We can see female characters, candles, roses, apples, and more. The big or high-value symbols are various characters and there are 5 of them. They are also bigger than other symbols which are mentioned earlier.

Due to the fact the game is one of a kind and more specific than you may believe, we recommend you to take a look at the demo version above. It has the same elements as the full game and it is completely free to play. This is a practice game or mode of the game which offers you free coins to play as long as needed.

Game Features

Load the game and then click on the coin icon on the right. From a separate screen, you can adjust the bet per line. The maximum is 10 and you will see the total bet above changes accordingly. When ready, click the spin button. If you want autoplay option, click and hold the button until the autoplay mode starts.

The game has an interesting feature in which winning combinations can be formed from both sides. This is known as 2-way pay. The wild symbol in the game has the corresponding word written on it. You can get 2, 5, or 10 times the stake once you have the winning combination. The wild can replace all other symbols except the scatter. The scatter has the corresponding word as well and you will need 3 or more to get free spins. You get 10 of those and also 3 times the stake.

To get the highest winnings, place the maximum bet. This will trigger all the paylines and you can see massive prizes when various combinations are formed.

Game Plot

Slots real money online gamblers love must have a detailed and well-developed plot or a story. Forbidden Slot has it. The plot is based on good and bad or black and white. You can see good and bad characters and you will basically help them complete their mission. In return, you will be rewarded with coins. It is an excellent option if you like to be a good hero and to help those in the virtual realm. We can add that romance has a huge impact on the game. Take a look at certain symbols, the graphics, and the characters and you will see why. We can even say that love is an additional element in the slot.


Forbidden Slot offers you great winning odds, even better features, and one type of gameplay that won’t be available all around the internet. It is a unique game with a nice and attractive plot that so many of us love. The game offers high winnings and numerous winning combinations. Play it and you will see why million other gamblers love it.

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