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We all love gambling. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you spin a good slot with a decent wager on it, you see three symbols line up and your heart starts pumping when you wait for the rest to appear. You feel adrenaline rush through your system and the euphoria you get from that is one of the best feelings in the world.

However, any good slot can become better if you add this one component: higher stakes. You feel good when you bet a couple of bucks, but when the sum you can win reaches hundreds of dollars, you’re feeling absolutely pumped.

That’s exactly what progressive jackpot slots give you. But they were not the first to change the world of gambling.

Best Progressive Slots

How slots became a success

If you look at the state of online gambling today, you might think that slots were always the leading power in the gambling industry. It’s far from reality. There were no slots prior to the early 1900s. People played a variety of card-based games and roulette in casinos. After the invention of the slot, it took over the US like a wildfire starting from California. It soon was the primary choice of gamblers all around the country and took the gambling business to bars and cafes since slot machines were much smaller than a roulette table and didn’t need a person to operate them.

The fate of progressive slots was somewhat similar to that of their regular counterparts. When the idea hit the market, people went crazy about it. Now progressive online slots are a staple of gambling in any casino in India.

How a progressive slot works

Why is it so popular? Because it takes the idea of a jackpot to the online world but makes it even better than the real-world counterpart. The main principle of a progressive slot is fairly simple. Every bet that you make on the slot contributes towards the jackpot. Every bet has a small probability of winning a jackpot. The more there’s no winner, the bigger the jackpot gets. That’s what they do in land-based casinos as well.

But here’s a slight difference progressive slots bring to online casinos. Not only any bet on the slot in a particular casino increases the jackpot, but any bet on this slot in all casinos does. This makes the overall jackpot a huge sum.

Sure, it can be smaller than what you can see in some of the land-based casinos in Las Vegas, but they are able to amount huge jackpots because of the number of people who gamble there. Online casinos are far less populated than your typical Strip casino, so this mechanic keeps the jackpots high enough to make you interested in joining.
H2 Benefits of progressive jackpot slots
Why do you need that jackpot thing, you may wonder. Why do you need a bigger motivation than the simple promise of a win? Here’s why you may consider switching to a progressive jackpot slot.

Small bets count

If you’re a low-roller who doesn’t think jackpots are right for them, you may be lost for words when you learn this fact. Any bet has a chance of getting a jackpot. Some slots do have a limitation, but many don’t. This means that having a chance to win millions of dollars doesn’t actually cost you anything. You can keep betting in the same way you used to before. It’s not a strain on your budget at all, and what you get in return is a chance to win a fortune. For all intents and purposes, you’re playing the same slot but with an added bonus.

You’re not the only one playing

The thing about progressive jackpot slots is that they’re a communal effort. Every bet that’s made on the slot you’re playing counts. This means you don’t need to bet a lot to make that jackpot go up. If anything, you can wake up the next day and see it grow by $50,000 because people on the other side of the planet were hooked up on playing it the whole day.

Play everywhere

It’s a simple one, but it can mean the world to you when you’re bored in traffic or need to relax at work. You can play progressive online slots whenever and wherever you want if you have a mobile phone and a stable internet connection.

You can win a fortune

Come on, you’re given a chance to win a sum that will take you out of the workforce for the rest of your life! Some of the biggest progressive jackpots measure in millions of US dollars. That’s an enormous sum for an Indian person to win. Even the smaller ones still may get you a couple of million of rupees. It’s a choice worth making.

Best progressive jackpot slots

Here are the biggest progressive jackpot slots.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is an African-inspired slot. It features savannah animals and has plenty of bonuses. But the only bonus you’d want to get is their jackpot! The game has paid out a total of 63 million dollars. Wait until you hear this, this huge was paid out in 2019 alone. This means an average of 5.3 million dollars each month! That’s the average single payment amount. Choose a casino from the list to join the race for millions.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is all about luxury. You’ll spin Crystal bottles, cognac, and jewelry that costs more than a house. All of that comes with the promise of winning up to $150,000 in some Indian casinos. Your dreams can become a reality.

Amazing Stars

While Amazing Stars jackpots are not as phenomenally big, they’re good too. You can get up to $350,000 in this fruit slot. That’s quite a sum for a simple game.

Overall thoughts on progressive jackpot slots

Progressive jackpot slots are probably the best experience you can get in an Indian casino money-wise. You don’t pay a dime over what you bet, and you get an opportunity to win a fortune. It’s a great bargain. Choose a casino from our list that features progressive jackpots, and start gambling.

Progressive Jackpot Slots FAQ

❓ What are progressive slots?
Progressive slots are a type of slots as you would expect. In design and symbols, reels, sounds, effects and animations they may be exactly the same as ordinary slots but they have one major advantage. A progressive jackpot is linked to the progressive slots. The jackpot will change and can reach millions in a short period of time. That’s why progressive jackpot slots are most popular type of slot games at online casinos. They basically offer the same gambling experience as slots, but they do offer much higher jackpots.
❓ Why the jackpot increases all the time?
The jackpot on a progressive slot is played by hundreds if not million gamblers at the same time. The jackpot size is based on the amount of bets. More bets mean higher jackpot. Once the jackpot is given to a gambler, it will start from a specified amount and go up until another gambler wins it.
❓ Do all online casinos offer progressive jackpot slots?
Yes and no. Many online casinos offer progressive jackpot slots. They will be available in a separate category of a section of the site and they will be obviously called progressive. You will have to check the casino available games or type and search for specific progressive slots. The best ones at the moment are the ones we have mentioned above, such as Mega Moolah, Amazing Stars, Spinata Grande and etc. These games are also available here for free play in demo mode where you can learn all about the game and so much more.
❓ Can progressive jackpots be played via smartphones and tablets?
Yes, all progressive slots can be played via smartphones and tablets. Of course there are some games that are still not ported for mobile gamblers but even they will be improved and ported any time soon.