Teen Patti 999 is one of the most popular variants of the Indian cult classic, yet info about how to play it is hard to find. However, there is no reason to be desperate, as we deliver you the most comprehensive guide on the 999 Teen Patti. Find out how to play it, where to play it, and how to prove to everyone you are the teen patti master!

Download Teen Patti APK here

Let’s look into this game that is so insanely in-demand, that more and more casinos decide to add it to their portfolio. Online teen patti party is about to begin!

But what is Teen Patti 999? Teen Patti 999 is a variant of the mega-popular Indian casino classic Teen Patti. Your goal in the game is to land a hand that comes as close to 9-9-9 as possible. But where can you play this enticing game?

Teen Patti 999 and Rummy 999 apk apps

There are many questions surrounding this thrilling game, as well as its most popular counterpart, known as Rummy 999. These two bear many similarities, but without further aso, let’s see how and where to play them.

Do I have to Download 999 Teen Patti?

You can play the 999 variant at online casinos, but you can also find a teen patti app. This exhilarating way of gaming will be available to you after you download teen patti and install it on your smartphone or tablet. Even so, please remember that in this type of gaming, unlike when playing at the casino, there are no real money rewards.

In Teen Patti apk, you will be rewarded with coins, diamonds and whatnot you can use to keep playing over and over again. Yet, you won’t be able to cash out at any point, even if you spend real money on the game. If you wish to place real money bets and play for real, you will have to find an online casino supporting this captivating game. We managed to find some pretty neat suggestions, so check out our list of top-rated casinos.

How To Download Rummy Teen Patti 999 apps?

If you opt for real money gaming, know many casinos these days have special apps delivering real money teen patti 999 straight to your fingertips. Also, as we said previously, you can use the no-money app, where real cash is used only for in-game purchases.

This is how to download your 999 teen patti app, no matter the kid of gaming you prefer.

  1. Find the app you like: we suggest plenty of great casinos with teen Patti. For games that don’t revolve around real money bets, consult Google or another web browser of your choice.
  2. Download the teen patti app and open the apk data package the company provided for you.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen. The installation tends to be pretty straightforward, but it is possible you’ll have to allow the teen patti apk to be installed.
  4. Complete the process by waiting for the entire data package to be successfully applied to your device. Remember, you’ll need some free data space for the gaming app to be properly installed.

All this said and done, we can move on to registration! Registration is the one step that opens the doors of 999 teen patti for you! How To Open a Teen Patti 999 Playing Account

The next thing to do is register an account. Regardless of whether you have chosen to download teen patti, or chosen apk download rummy, you will have to sign up in order to play. No worries, it sounds harder than it actually is.

Real money playing platforms tend to have slightly more elaborate registration forms. This is simply because you play for real money, and the entire gaming concept is far more serious than no-money apps. Also, if you achieve a teen patti win, you’ll get real money straight to your balance!

This is how to open a 999 teen patti account or rummy 999 account:

  1. Start the app you just installed.
  2. Click Sign In button. It can also say Sign Up or Register.
  3. Enter email and username. Casino players will also have to enter their address, phone number, etc.
  4. Check your email inbox to see if you have to verify the registration. The app will send you a link to click on.
  5. Enjoy a great time!

Can I Get a 999 Teen Patti Bonus?

Gamers who prefer real-money gaming can look forward to a plethora of bonuses casino companies prepared for them. Bonuses are marketing incentives used by casinos to attract more customers, and keep them interested in the game.

There are many types of casino deals out there, and we have articles explaining them to the last detail. Therefore, we deliver only the most basic types, so you get a general idea of what to expect!

Are There 999 Teen Patti Bonuses in Standard Gaming Apps?

If you choose to play 999 teen patti or rummy 999 in an app that doesn’t require real money gaming, you probably won’t be getting too many bonuses. This rings especially true for players who don’t mind taking a long way and playing without in-game purchases.

However, your gaming provider will probably add a bundle of coins or diamonds or other virtual funds for you to begin with. On top of it all, it may deliver special bonuses for players who choose to buy additional coins, similar to a deposit bonus.

It is also very likely you’ll get extra funds for watching commercials, or playing other games associated with your teen patti gaming app. Unlike at online caisno apps, in this case, bonuses happen only sporadically and are not part of the standard app program.

Now that you know what bonuses are, let's see how to claim them!

तीन पत्ती 999 / teenpatti 999

How to Claim a Teen Patti 999 Bonus!

To claim a 999 teen patti bonus in a casino, just follow these steps!

  1. Log in to your teen patti 999 playing account
  2. Head over to the bonus section
  3. Choose the deal you like
  4. If necessary, make a deposit or use a bonus code to activate the teen patti bonus
  5. Wager the bonus according to the rules

But what should you do if you are playing in a standard teen patti app, with no real money bets. The process will look either like the one above, or the gaming operator will add the bonus automatically!

Deposit at Teen Patti and Rummy Apps

No matter what type of teen patti app do you use, or even the rummy game application, you will probably want to spend some money on it and here’s why:

So, how can one complete this ordeal? Every casino and every gaming app will provide you with a number of paying options, including some local Indian favourites such as PhonePe and PayTM. The gaming operator will determine the bare minimum you can spend on the platform.

Generally speaking, casinos have a slightly higher deposit requirement, but classic gaming apps don’t come cheap either. Occasionally, the cheapest in-game currency packages can cost just as much as the casino deposit!

You know how much you have to spend and what payment method you want to use. Okay, we can proceed!

That’s it! No hassle and pretty straightforward. The money will land on your balance immediately, just like the virtual gaming currency, if that is the direction you are going.

Withdrawal at Teen Patti and Rummy Apps

Before we proceed any further, it is crucial to understand no matter how good you are in playing 3 patti 999, unless you are playing at an online casino, you won’t reap any benefits. Ergo, we suggest choosing the online casino teen patti 999 over the basic gaming apps – if you are going to spend money, you might as well spend it on a game allowing you to cash out!

The withdrawal process at casinos can happen after you wager your bonus, and your deposit. We have talked about bonus wagering so many times, so don’t worry – we won’t repeat ourselves.

The entire cashout procedure at 999 teen patti casinos looks something like this!

The casino may also ask you to verify your account, however, that is simply some extra paperwork every player has to face. Depending on the teen patti 999 withdrawal method you choose, you’ll have to wait up to 7 business days to get the money.

Other Games in 999 Teen Patti Apps

Of course, the majority of gamers won’t be happy with playing only the 999 variation in 3 patti. They want more and believe they are entitled to it. To help you understand how to play even more games, we’ve divided this part of the text into two subheadings, depending on what type of gaming you prefer.

Other Games on 999 Teen Patti Casino Apps

Casino apps are famous for the rich selection of games they offer to players of all kinds. And how rich is their selection? It’s just stupefying! An average online casino app has thousands and thousands of games, ready to be played, 24/7, no matter where you are and what you do.

Naturally, there is a selection of classic genres:

And if you want live-action fun, focus on a live casino with exceptional live roulette, baccarat, blackjack and poker tables, as well as phenomenal gaming shows.

Other Games on Standard Teen Patti 999 Apps

Players who enjoy games with virtual currencies will very likely have less variety to choose from. The most common option available are other Teen Patti variations, such as the ones we list further down.

Every once in a while, you might be able to play a themed version of the game, or simply enjoy similar games by the same operator. However, in the case of the latter, you will have to download yet another app. Playing multiple genres this way takes more effort than when you play 999 teen patti at a casino app.

VIP and other Benefits in 3 patti 999 Apps

It happens quite often that Teen Patti apps, no matter the kind, deliver additional perks and benefits that can set your gaming account on fire. In a good way!

Frequently, they invite exiting players to refer new ones to their app, rewarding the loyal customer with a small bonus of some sort. Depending on the type of app, it can be an amount added to your balance, a cash bonus, a discount in-game store, or a set of in-game currency of a certain value.

Additionally, it is not rare to see VIP clubs. Reserved for the most hard-core players, they deliver all sorts of fun things. For example, at a casino players get customized support, available via personal communication channels, bigger promotions, more bonuses, and special badges.

Often, they also get insight into new games first. Players who choose standard teen patti 999 platforms, can get smashin’ discounts, boosters, jackpots, and other helpers that can make them masters of this incredible game, taking over India!

Play 999 Teen Patti Online

Even if you are already familiar with the cash teen patti game, you might not know where to play the teen patti 999 variant. As always, our team did its best to provide you with a list of casinos that not only offer this game but also have a stellar reputation.

Besides the 999 teen patti, they also support a bunch of other high-quality games. Many of them have astonishing bonuses you don’t want to miss out on. Do we even have to say they included many payment options, that Indian players will love? Check them out to find a teen patti casino that suits you best, fill out the application and start playing!

Teen Patti 999 Rules

To help you understand the 999 teen patti rules, we decided to break it all down into several sections. Essentially, the 999 game is very similar to the original version of teen patti, but it is best if we tackle it as a separate game.

What is the Main Goal of the 999 Variant?

Your main goal in the 999 teen patti is to land a winning hand. The winning hand consists of three 9s, no matter the suit. You see, in the standard version, the highest-ranking hand is a trio of Aces (A-A-A), but a 999 version introduces a new element to the game, and makes 9-9-9 the strongest hand at the table.

Now, here is the twist. It may happen that not a single player gets the top hand. In that case, the player with the hand closest to 999 comes out as the winner. There are no bonus cards that can help you pull out a trick at the last minute. Also, it is impossible to go over 999, as you have three cards only, one for each digit.

How to Play Teen Patti 999 Step by Step?

This is how the entire game goes! The dealer will shuffle the standard 52 deck of cards. Every single joker card will be, of course, removed. After the cards have been prepared, the game begins.

It is important you know the values of all cards:

Now, it’s time we start our imaginary game of teen patti 999!

  1. Place a bet, before any cards have been dealt. This amount is called a “boot”.
  2. The dealer will start dealing the cards. Every player will end up with three of them.
  3. Choose between playing Seen or playing Blind. If you play Blind, you can’t see your cards and have to bet at least the Boot amount. If you play Seen, you get to see your cards, but also have to bet at least twice as much.
  4. Players start to outbid each other until there are only two players left.
  5. Players play Show, and have to expose their cards so that everyone can see them. The one that comes the closest to 999 has won!

How Do I Become Teen Patti 999 Master?

Teen Patti is a game that is often referred to as Indian poker. In its essence, it is not a pure game of chance, as skill also comes into play. Real teen patti masters, just like poker pros, have patience and know exactly how to play their 999 hands.

They are not playing against the cards, but against the players. Make sure to pay close attention to your cards, and possible combinations, as well as what others are doing, and you’ll master it in no time.

Examples of Winning the 999 Teen Patti Game Variant

The best way to learn what combos are waiting for you in the game is to simply use examples that you might encounter during gameplay. If needed, please revisit our list that mentions how much every card is worth.

How to Get the 999 Variation in 3 Patti?

Getting the 999 hand is not that easy. You have to be really lucky to land it. Even so, getting one 9 helps you come closer to winning. When you get your three cards, you can change their positions as you like. This is where that one 9 comes in handy.

Let’s say you have gotten your cards, and it is a 7, 9 and a K. Your opponent has a 9, K and Q. The first thought would be that they have an advantage over you, yet, it is you who has a winning hand. How so?

Your hand comes closer to that magical number 999, and that is why you end up the winner.

But what happens if there are no 9s involved? The rules stay the same – you have to come as close as 999 as possible. For instance, a 765 will be a winning hand, when competing against 755.

What is the Lowest Winning Hand in 999 Teen Patti?

Theoretically, the lowest winning hand is the one that makes 101 (two Aces and a face card), because the only lower combo would be 100 (one ace and two face cards). In any other combination, you can utilize the numbers to create a higher hand value. For example:

Is there a Strategy that Might Help Me Win Teen Patti 999?

There are as many teen patti strategies as there are players. Still, there are some pieces of advice that might come in handy.

What are Other Popular Variations?

Teen Patti is a very versatile game and comes in many variations. We won’t waste your time trying to introduce you to all of them, but only deliver the most basic info on each. We hope you’ll enjoy them:

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