On 12th March 1930 Mahatma Gandhi, then aged 61, started walking from Sabarmati Ashram with a band of 78 handpicked volunteers. Their destination was a beachhead 241 miles to the south, Dandi. On the 5th of April 1930, when Mahatma Gandhi and his band of followers reached Dandi, thousands had joined him en-route; the eyes of the world were riveted on this tiny and as yet insignificant beachside village in South Gujarat.

The Salt March is today worldwide acknowledged as the one event that shook the British Empire to its core. The year 2005 is the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Great Salt March.

To commemorate this historic event on an international scale the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation proposes to organise a re-enactment of the Salt March. Participation in the commemorative event is FREE.

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