About Us

Casino HEX is a team of 23 gambling experts coming from all across the world. Each of our members has extensive experience with both online and offline casinos. We’ve come together to share our insights and expertise, helping you learn all there’s to know about gambling. Our goal is to arm you with knowledge and empower you to enjoy gambling to the fullest.

We always make sure to thoroughly test out casinos and play every game they have on offer before providing you with complete casino reviews that keep you in the know.

If you’re a casino novice, you can always check out our expert guides to learn more about gambling and become a pro in no time. As experienced gamblers, we know all the challenges and difficulties a fellow gambler can face, so our guides are designed to make your gambling journey easy and enjoyable.

To make gambling even more pleasurable for you, we’ve created a full database of demo casino games that enable you to test them out before you go ahead and invest real money into the full-blown games.

Casino HEX started out as a small project by a group of gambling enthusiasts. That project quickly developed, and today we’re proud of our vast network of 26 sites and our growing team of gambling experts.

Why You Can Trust Us

We always prioritize the safety of our community, so every casino we mention on our site goes through an extensive assessment process. We’ll only ever feature casinos with all the required licenses and registrations, and only those we deem worthy. If our team members wouldn’t join a certain casino for their own pleasure, we won’t advise our readers to join it.

Our reputation is of the utmost importance to us, so we’ll always provide you with 100% genuine and honest reviews.

Meet the Team

  • Adam Lane


    I’m Adam, and I’ve been taking care of OnlineCasinoHex.ca since the very first day I joined our (by then) small team of four in 2015

  • Gilfred Helmonsen


    Hey there! I’m Gilfred and I joined the team since the very beginning of a Norwegian Hex in 2019. I began as a web developer, and now I’m a chief editor of NorskCasinoHex

  • Monika Gehts


    Hi, I’m Monika and I have been managing swisscasinohex.com from the very beginning.

  • Leah Shepherd


    Hello everyone! I’m Leah and I’m a newbie here. I joined the team in July 2020 as a second editor of CasinoHEX.co.za

  • Matti Lipponen


    I’m Matti Lipponen and I’ve been administering NettiCasinoHEX.com since its very first day in 2016.

  • Aleksandra Maj


    Cześć, I’m Aleksandra! Warm greetings from Warsaw where KasynoHEX was born in 2019.

  • John Kimura


    Hi there! My name is John Kimura, and I’m a chief editor of CasinoHex.jp. I’ve been working here since 2018

  • Mihai Garici


    My name is Mihai Garici and I am the editor-in-chief of CasinoHEX.ro. For more than 2 years I have been leading this project testing every online casino and making extensive reports about them

  • Magnus Andersson


    Hello or “Hej” as we say in Sweden. My name is Magnus Andersson. More than three years ago I started to work in CasinoHEX and I joined an amazing team of gambling professionals

  • George Lewis


    Hi, I’m George, born in the USA, but currently living in India. I have been a part of the CasinoHEX.in team ever since the launch in 2019

  • Brian Kiley


    Hello, I’m Brian, and I have been on the IrishCasinoHEX team since the very start in 2018

  • Elena Manzoni


    Ciao! My name is Elena Manzoni and I`ve been project manager and chief editor of CasinoHex Italia since 2018

  • Grace Tennet


    Greetings! I’m Grace Tennet and I’ve been working with CasinoHEX team since the first day the gambling source for Kiwis was launched

  • Chanisa Mongkhonkay


    I am Chanisa, you can call me Nisa. I am a website manager, I keep the website running smoothly since the day ThaiHex was launched

  • Alexander Loew


    Hallo zusammen! My name is Alexander Loew. I started working with CasinoHEX Austria in 2018 as a freelance content manager and now I’m editor-in-chief of the website

  • Vinicius Balina


    I have been working as a freelance writer and blogger for the past 4 years. My specializations are communication and digital marketing. I currently provide services to CasinoHex Brazil

  • Hugo Gomes


    I am a 28 years old person from Porto, Portugal, I have always been interested in economics and business. I am graduated in Communication Sciences, and I currently provide services as a freelance writer for the website CasinoHex Portugal

  • Daniel Klink


    Hi, there! My name is Daniel Klink. I’m a digital marketing manager and chief editor of the iGaming portal ArabCasinoHEX

  • Frederik Speler


    Hi! I am Frederik Speler from the Netherlands. I am responsible fot Dutch Casino HEX. Currently, I am working on launching a website on the Belgian Market too

  • Isabella García Jiménez


    My name is Isabella and I am the Editor-in-Chief at Casino En Línea HEX. I have been in charge of this project since 2018, testing all the casinos and making comprehensive reviews

  • Johanna Miller


    My name is Johanna Miller and I am editor-in-chief at Onlinecasinohex.de. I’ve been working on this project for 5 years, testing German online casinos myself and making comprehensive reports

  • Harry Burth


    Hi, I’m Harry. I worked as a croupier in Empire Casino. Having studied the niche and gained some proper experience, I applied to an opening in an ambitious project and found myself as a Marketer in CasinoHEX UK

  • Amelia Flynn


    Greetings! I’m Amelia and I joined OnlineCasinoHex.ca team in 2018 and I still think it was one of the best decisions of my professional life

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Our History

2015 September
The first project is born, targeting the German market
2015 October
Our first site Onlinecasinohex.ca goes online
2016 Jan. – Dec.
Projects designed for Finland, France, and the Netherlands are completed
2017 January
Redesigning our sites and focusing on improving the UX
2017 Jan. – Dec.
Our Swedish site goes online
2018 June
Moving to a brand new office
2018 Fall
Launching site after site in five countries
2018Jan. – Dec.
Entering the Asian market with our Japanese site
Entered a bunch of new European markets

HEXCasino in Numbers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HEXCasinos a real online casino?

No, HEXCasinos is solely an information portal. We provide you with information and insights on other online casinos but currently have no casino of our own.

Who are your casino experts?

Our casino experts are experienced online and offline gamblers who’ve been part of the gambling community for years. They’re pros at virtually all casino-style games and will provide you with detailed information on any casino topic.

How can I know whether a casino you suggested is safe?

Every legal online casino will have information about their license, certification, and verification on their site. If a site is verified, it will be safe to join. Every casino we mention is guaranteed to have the proper licensing and verification.

What should I do if I encounter problems with a specific casino?

You can always get in touch with us, and we’ll look into your complaint. We’re always available to you, so contact us anytime you want to tell us about your experiences with different casinos.