Most punters who are regular visitors to the new Indian online casinos, and especially live tables with real dealers, have encountered Teen Patti. This game often features local Indian dealers, and elaborate backgrounds similar to palaces built by maharajas from ancient times, so one has to wonder – what is the deal with Teen Patti? Furthermore, what are the origins of this popular game, how to play, and is it as beloved as it seems?

To get answers to all these questions, make sure to keep reading our Teen Patti online game guide and learn everything there is.

Best Teen Patti Casinos Online

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Teen Patti Online Game

Teen Patti is a game that many refer to as Indian poker. But is it really just another variant of the most popular card game in the world? Actually, no. Teen Patti, literally meaning “three cards”, is a card game based on three-card brag, an English card game that was created by drawing inspiration from the Italian game Primero.

As one can easily see, it is sometimes hard to tell what is just a variation, and what is an independent game, but considering Teen Patti is based on three-card brag, but heavily influenced by poker, we can say it is a game that can stand for itself. Keep in mind that sometimes, this game is also called Flush or Flash, but Teen Patti is a more common name on online gaming sites.

But why is the real Teen Patti game so popular in India? As with many other things, the answer lies in the British colonialism. Many punters are unaware that Brits have been present in India (in one way or another), ever since 1608 when their troops landed in Surat, a city in the Indian state of Gujarat, that used to be one of the most important ports of the time. British heritage can still be seen on every corner – from administrative structure, to the English language, as well as in Indian love for betting, especially the online Teen Patti game, that can be considered a local invention – made in India, by Indians, for Indians.

Now, it would be unfair to say that the British Empire is solemnly responsible for Indian love for gaming, as the first gambling games were described in Vedic books, long before the British invasion. Still, Teen Patti was and remains one of the very few gaming gems that are closely connected to their place of origin, which hasn’t become a worldwide phenomenon yet.

Play Teen Patti for Real Money

Of course, you can play Teen Patti with your friends for buttons or candies, but real cash Teen Patti is far more exciting, and not to mention lucrative. Most Indians play this game on the internet, and you definitely shouldn’t hesitate from playing Teen Patti game online. Here is how to do it: discovered some really cool casinos that offer Teen Patti live game, and that:

  1. Are regulated and safe
  2. Offer great bonuses with realistic T&C
  3. Have an amazing customer support
  4. Provide a variety of gaming titles
  5. Included local payment methods
  6. And most importantly, accept punters from India

So, please don’t waste your time, and click a button on our website to get your hands on the best online Teen Patti games.

How to Play Teen Patti

Now that you have found your casino, it is only natural to wonder how to play this popular game that has been captivating the imagination of many Indians for centuries. To help you understand every aspect of online Teen Patti, we have broken it down into several aspects, to make it easier.

Teen Patti Basics

Teen Patti is played with 52 cards, meaning a single deck, no jokers, and requires 3 to 6 players at the table, but at many top live casinos, you’ll find yourself to be the only person playing against the dealer, thus meaning it can be played with 2 players as well.

The table for Teen Patti is not a necessity when playing with friends, but in any decent live casino, there will be a casino table with a special design. The design includes markings for where cards ought to be placed, as well as the shoe from which the cards are dealt. The dealer never holds the deck in his hands, but draws them from this special device.

How to Play Teen Patti Game?

You are probably wondering what are Teen Patti game rules are. It all starts very simply. The dealer will start to deal cards, handing each player 3 cards face down. Before the game can begin, players must put the boot amount or ante in the middle of the desk so they can participate in the round. This is very similar to poker, where you have to put big blind and small blind into the pot, but with one significant difference – all Teen Patti players must put an ante, as this prevents them from folding easily, but there are also small blind and big blind. The main reason to make ante mandatory is to discourage players from simply folding cards at the very beginning.

The game starts with the player sitting left to the dealer and players place their bets clockwise. You can place an additional bet to stay in the game or fold and hand the cards to the dealer. In case you fold, just like in poker, you signal that you have given up on this round.

The amount you have to put in the pot to stay in the game varies and depends on the stake at any given moment, and whether you are playing blind or seen. Basically, if you decide to play “seen” you have to bet twice as much as your “blind” comrades to stay in the game. Blind players have the right to put at least the current stake, with the maximum stake being twice as high. The player sitting next to you must place a stake equal to yours. Seen players must place at least double the current stake, with the maximum stake being four times the current stake.

Blind players can choose to see their hand whenever it’s their turn, but their status then changes to seen. The round goes on and on until:

And as if this isn’t complicated enough, there are also some showdown rules every group of players has to obey.

Teen Patti Showdown

If you play Teen Patti for real cash, you’ll want to know how to win Teen Patti. In case you end up in the grand finale, you’ll have to understand the following rules:

Teen Patti Hands

While playing Teen Patti, you will encounter a fair share of different hands and card combinations. Here is what you need to know to play Teen Patti:

Teen Patti Terminology and Glossary

Are you overwhelmed? Don’t be. We prepared a nifty little Glossary organized by categories so you can easily always revisit it and figure out what is going on.

Types of Teen Patti

Teen Patti is also a game of many variations, some more famous than the others. When it comes to Teen Patti, it is important to understand the specific rules and variations to win big and adjust your gambling style to the game that is happening on the desk in front of you. Here are some of the most common variations of online teen Patti, and keep in mind they can also be played simultaneously.

Best of Four Teen Patti

It is the same game as classic, but all players get four cards int the beginning, instead of three. Each of them tosses one card aside, the one that seems to be the least useful, and continues playing as usual.

Lowball Teen Patti

Also known as Mufliss, it is very similar to lowball poker. All card rankings are reversed, so if you have the A-Q-J combination, and someone has an A-K-J combo – you win!

Wild Draw Teen Patti

After dealing all the cards, the dealer draws an additional card – the wild card. All cards of the same rank become wild.

Two-Lowest Wilds Teen Patti

The two lowest cards in your hand are wild cards, but only for you. Played with 4 cards, this variation literally allows everyone to get a chance at playing wild cards.

High Wild Teen Patti

The highest-ranking card in your hand is your wild card (as well as all the cards of equal ranking).

Draw Teen Patti

Players are allowed to discard unwanted cards and get new ones, usually before or after betting. Sometimes, the new cards require a small payment that goes into the pot. Some variations allow you to change your cards up to three timed, one card at a time, in the first three rounds.

Bust Card Draw Teen Patti

The dealer pulls out a single card and calls it a bust, which makes all the cards of the same rank bust as well. Any player holding the bust card must fold.

Community Teen Patti

All players get incomplete hands facing down, while the dealer puts a certain number of community cards facing up. Every player can use community cards as they find it suitable to make a winning hand. It can be played with either one or three community cards. This variation is very similar to Texas Hold’em.

Stud Teen Patti

Very similar to stud poker, this Teen Patti variation is a mix of face up and face down cards. The three cards dealt facing down are called hole cards, and the cards facing up are street cards. There can be different combinations in the numbers of street and hole cards.

Kiss, miss, and bliss

Every player gets five cards, and they can make wild cards as follows:

You can use every combination mentioned above, only once in hand.

High-low Split Teen Patti

The pot is divided between the player with the highest and the lowest hand. The two most common variations are Declaration and Cards Speak. In a declaration, you declare either by using a special token or verbally, that you want to enter the competition for a high or a low hand. In Cards Speak, all players have to reveal their cards, and the highest and the lowest get 50% of the pot each.

Cobra Teen Patti

After getting a single card from the dealer, players put a predefined amount of money in the pot. Then, all players stick their card (without watching) to their forehead, so everyone can see the card dealt with their competitors, but not their own. This is a popular party game or is played as the last hand at a Teen Patti party.

Blind King and Jack Teen Patti

Also called Kaana King and Jack, it usually begins when someone gets a trio and lasts until one player requests a show with the player holding the applicable King and Jack. Only King and Jack with one eye visible, such as the King of diamonds, count.

Play Live Teen Patti

The best thing about Teen Patti is that it is becoming an increasingly popular live casino game, meaning you can find it with most operators offering their services in India. And you are probably already wondering how to win in Teen Patti at a live casino table?

First, understand that live casino tables come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they will accommodate the maximum number of players, and sometimes you will have to play showdown against the dealer. And if you are worried the entire thing is crooked or a scam, don’t be. Live casinos are completely legit, as long as they are provided by reputable and regulated casinos. Teen Patti dealer is located in a special studio and deals cards as if you were in front of him. Yet, the entire thing is streamed via special live links and unique technologies for authentic, realistic, and real-time casino experience.

As this is an incredibly social game, online Teen Patti often features a chat room where you can exchange your opinions and impressions with other players sitting at the same table. That way, even if you are all alone at home, you’ll still be surrounded by gaming enthusiasts like you.

Is it Legal to Play Teen Patti in India?

Indian real money gambling regulatory framework is rather complex and complicated. First, please understand how gambling at brick and mortar casinos is allowed only in Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. Still, according to The Public Gambling Act of 1867, Teen Patti is considered to be a pure game of chance, which makes it illegal to play at any land-based casinos.

When it comes to Teen Patti online, things are a bit different. Online gambling is banned only in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, while most other states ignore the fact online casinos even exist. They turn their head away, as long as the online operator supports local Indian currency INR. We always suggest you look for regulated casinos, even if India doesn’t provide one. There are many online gaming regulators such as the Government of Gibraltar, Malta Gaming Authority, United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and the Government of Curacao, that you can always find a licensed website to play with.

How to Win Teen Patti More Often?

Everyone loves to win, right? But if you still have no idea how to do it, here are some tips and tricks that can help!


1️⃣ Can I play Teen Patti on my mobile phone?
Most online casinos support mobile gaming, so yes, you can play Teen Patti in a mobile casino as well, as long as you register and deposit with one. As always, it is important to have a reliable internet connection, and enough mobile data so you can play without any long loading times, buffering, or delays. Furthermore, we advise you to find a casino with a great selection of Teen Patti online games on our list of recommended casinos.
2️⃣ Is live casino Teen Patti rigged?
Live casino Teen Patti is not rigged, as long as you are playing at a licensed and reputable website. Live casino games, including Teen Patti, are streamed directly from luxurious studios, and sometimes even real land-based venues, and deliver you optimized and authentic casino experience. Also, most Teen Patti games are streamed via multiple camera channels so you can be sure no one is cheating. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t bluff or scare your opponents with high bets if you are brave enough to do so.
3️⃣ Can I play the Teen Patti demo?
Most live casino games don’t support demo mode because of technical reasons. However, if your casino offers video Teen Patti, there will be a demo mode for sure. Please remember that demo mode is played with virtual money, and the winnings can’t be cashed out.
4️⃣ How much do I have to deposit to play Teen Patti online?
Most casinos require $10 to $20 deposit, but to play Teen Patti online, you’ll need significantly less, all depending on the table, game variation, and whether or not the game supports high stakes. For more information, check out the gaming interface or contact the customer support of your casino.
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