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You’re an Indian gambler, a person who’s willing to risk a bit of your income to become rich like Mukesh Ambani. Well, maybe not build-your-own-tower-rich, but enough for a careless life. We’re just like you. The CasinoHEX team is made up of gamblers who know the ins and outs of the business. We’re gamblers, gambling enthusiasts, and gambling experts. We visit the industry events and rub elbows with the prominent people in the world of gambling to keep you posted about the news and trends of online gambling in India.

Indian Online Casinos Chosen by CasinoHEX Team

Deposit Methods
    €200 + 100 FS
    Deposit Methods
      Deposit Methods
        4 $300 22Bet 3631+
          desktop mobile casino
          5 $750 Ruby Fortune 375+
            desktop mobile casino
            6 $200 NextCasino 385+
              desktop mobile casino
              7 $200 Casino Epoca 550+
                desktop mobile casino
                8 $5500 Golden Lion 300+
                  desktop mobile casino
                  9 €200+100FS Karamba 380+
                    desktop mobile casino
                    10 £/€/$800, 8000 kr Platinum Play 639+
                      desktop mobile casino


                      As a gambler, you probably know your games. You know what slots are the most exciting and profitable to play, you learned the roulette strategies by heart, and you can tell when a poker player is bluffing. What you may have trouble with is choosing the right online casino.

                      Choosing a land-based casino is a no brainer. A place that looks shiny and well-kept won’t risk its reputation to defraud gamblers. The one that looks shady and doesn’t even care to clean the carpets in the venue, might. It’s harder to make the same judgment about an online Indian casino.

                      This is where CasinoHEX comes to rescue. Here’s how we vet our list of casinos to make sure you choose among the best ones.


                      The first thing our experts look at is online casino security. Making sure that the website you’re gambling at is well-kept, has a license, and offers safe payments is paramount for your safety online.

                      You may have noticed that we’re talking about having a license even though most of India doesn’t provide licensing for online casinos. Why? The thing is, most India online casinos operate under foreign licenses. They work with Maltese, British, and Curacao licenses. Even though the Indian government doesn’t control these casinos, other powerful regulatory bodies do.

                      For instance, if a casino has a UK license, this means it’s being kept within the rules by one of the most fierce controlling bodies, the UK Gambling Commission. This means that it will pay on time and won’t defraud gamblers because its license is at stake.

                      If a casino lies about having a license, and our manual check confirms that, the odds are it’s a rogue casino. You won’t find these types in our list of online casinos.

                      Then, there’s the question of payment security. Casinos that don’t use SSL certificates don’t make it to our list. If they don’t, there’s always a risk of your transaction being interrupted by a malicious third party. Hackers can get inside the stream of unprotected data and steal your banking information. This is why having a secure connection is a must for an Indian online casino.

                      GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT

                      You don’t always think about this factor when choosing an online casino. However, it can become very important later on. How? Imagine that your withdrawal claim has been rejected. The casino thinks that you’re ripping them off and says it won’t pay you a dime. You have several days to settle the claim before the chance is over. You contact the support to tell them there’s been a mistake, and you get nothing. No response. You keep texting them, calling them, emailing them, but there’s just no reaction. Finally, after five days, you get a text from the support. But it’s over, your money is lost.

                      That is the case that’s way too often at bad casinos. Often, they invest in the gambling part of their website and forget about the support. You may only need to contact the support once a year, but that interaction will be crucial for you. This is why our experts make sure the support at the casino you’re choosing is excellent.

                      ALL THINGS BANKING

                      Gambling is all about money, but money is not just about luck. It’s also about making the right investment and maximizing the money you bet. Since some Indian online casinos operate under foreign licenses, not all of them will accept Rupees. Our experts find the casinos that do so you can save money on exchange fees.

                      Some online casinos offer bonuses for making deposits with a certain payment system. You can get up to 10% in bonus money if you use PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller. Some casinos bar certain payments from receiving bonuses altogether. Knowing this makes sure you pick the right casino to use with your preferred payment method.

                      Then, there are the withdrawal issues. We look for casinos that don’t pay up on time and exclude them from our list. Even when these are accounted for, you can get significantly more money back from a casino that has a low withdrawal requirement.

                      Withdrawal requirement is the amount of money you have to bet before you can make a withdrawal. Some casinos have that number up to 50 times the bonus sum, some allow you to make withdrawals when you’ve wagered only 10 times the sum.

                      Depending on whether you’re a low or a high-roller, you may want the withdrawal limit to be very high or very low. It hurts your wallet when you’ve won ₹100,000 but can only withdraw ₹5,000 a week. Read casino reviews, and you’ll know the withdrawal limits of the casino you want to choose.

                      WELCOME BONUSES AND FREE SPINS

                      The welcome bonus is what you most likely pay attention to when choosing an online casino in India. A sum of ₹70,000 in welcome bonuses with a hundred free spins on top sure sounds appealing. In many cases, it is. In some cases, it’s just a ploy, and the actual sum you can expect to get is way lower.

                      Most casino bonuses come in the form of a match-up bonus. This means you get, say, 50% of your deposit with the cap of ₹70,000. This means if you deposit ₹7,000, you only receive ₹3,500 as a bonus. Not exactly what you were hoping for, right?

                      In many cases, it’s wiser to choose a casino that has a lower maximum bonus sum, but a high match-up percentage. If a casino offers to pay 100% of your deposit with a cap of ₹7,000, you get twice the bonus for the same deposit.

                      Then, we have to account for the withdrawal requirement again. It may not be a good idea for a low-roller to play at a casino that wants you to bet 50 times the bonus sum before you can make a withdrawal. If you’re stretching your bill and wagering the smallest bet, you’re going to spend a lot of time qualifying for a withdrawal.

                      When it comes to free spins, some casinos restrict the spins to a specific slot. Not that it’s something bad, it’s just you have to be aware of this before you choose an Indian online casino.


                      Sometimes, finding out a rogue casino is super easy. They just fail to mention the information you need for a safe gambling experience. If a casino doesn’t mention the withdrawal requirements and makes T&C hard to find, maybe they want you to come in unprepared and then defraud you based on their convoluted rules.

                      This is why our experts make sure to vet Indian online casinos by the ease of getting information before they make it to our list.

                      A VARIETY OF GAMES

                      Finally, we’re getting to the part you love most. We’re all about games, so why do we check this factor the last? Because it’s the most obvious one. You probably won’t much attention to the trickier parts of an online casino, so we do this for you. Then, we talk games.

                      We know that many of you love specific game developers, and give you the opportunity to browse the list of casinos by the developer to find the best casino for you. You can also find the casinos that feature your favourite slot and table games. Live casino is another category you can browse the list by.


                      Now, that you see how surgically precise is our vetting procedure, you can trust CasinoHEX with forming your opinion. We provide all the information you need to find yourself a perfect Indian online casino and update that information regularly.

                      IS ONLINE GAMBLING LEGAL IN INDIA?

                      The short answer? Not entirely. Since India is federation, every state has the right to set their own rules. Some states allow gambling, some don’t. Let’s dig deeper.


                      Out of India’s 29 states, only three allow gambling. Goa, Daman, and Sikkim are liberal enough to legalize gambling on their territory. Goa has the most casinos, it houses 6 land-based casinos that are situated in five-star hotels and 4 casinos that operate out of a ship. These floating casinos are a potent attraction that makes thousands of gamblers get into the state.

                      Sikkim and Daman are lagging behind Goa with two and one legal casinos respectively.


                      The situation with online gambling is way worse in India. Federal law prohibits gambling in The Public Gaming Act of 1867, and The Information Technology Act of 2000 gives the Indian government the power to block websites that don’t comply with the regulation. On the other hand, technically, none of these laws mention online gambling, so there’s a loophole that many casinos use to operate.

                      On the state level, only Sikkim grants websites casino licenses. The federal government is keeping a close eye on Sikkim and states specifically that gambling should never get out of the state boundaries.


                      The Indian government is tough on online gambling. What does it mean for you as an Indian gambler? While CasinoHEX does not encourage illegal activities, we can’t but state the facts. The government cannot efficiently control online gambling. There are a lot of arrests for gambling, and you may hear about them in the news once in a while.

                      However, few arrests are connected with online gambling. It would take a complete totalitarian regime to make sure nobody is gambling online. So far, India is far from China in this respect. This means you can be safe if you gamble online from the comfort of your home instead of doing it at an illegal venue like many of the arrested.

                      BEST HIGH PAYOUT CASINOS

                      As a gambler, you’re willing to risk your money. As with any risk, this risk has to be weighed. You don’t want to risk your money at a casino that will give little back. You need to focus on finding a high payout casino in India.

                      Here’s what you have to focus on.


                      The wagering requirement is the worst thing that keeps Indian players from getting their winnings. The thing is, you can’t make a withdrawal unless you’ve wagered a certain sum at the casino. Sure, some casinos allow you to make a withdrawal without meeting this requirement, but often, they don’t give bonuses either.

                      Here’s how this works. You make a deposit and get a bonus of ₹300. The wagering requirement at the casino you’re playing is 35x. This means you can only make a withdrawal when you’ve bet ₹10,500. That’s quite a lot if you’re making the smallest best and trying to stretch your deposit for maximum fun.

                      Go for casinos that have the least wagering requirements and for those that offer to withdraw non-bonus winnings separately.


                      Each casino slot comes with a payout percentage. It varies between 94% and 99% in most cases. This number represents the approximate return on your wagers. So, if a slot has a payout percentage is 96%, you can expect to get 96% of your bets back in the long term.

                      The thing you may not know is that casinos have the option to alter this number. A casino can freely choose to use a version of a slot that has a lower payout percentage. They can’t lie about it, though. This means you have to look for payout percentages at each individual casino, not just the slot itself.

                      Online Casinos India FAQ

                      What casino games are the most popular in India?
                      Indians love gambling despite it being prohibited in most of the country. The most popular form of gambling among our countrymen is the online slot. No wonder, since this ingenious game is the most popular one in the world. The next in popularity is live casino since it gives gamblers the feel of a land-based casino.Sports betting is where many Indians lose their minds. As you may know, we are very keen on sports, and sports betting is an integral part of enjoying a game. Even top-ranking officials were arrested for betting on cricket. Good to know that us, common folks, can place a bet online without having to deal with officials.

                      Is it safe to play at a casino online?
                      Gambling is never completely safe for your wallet. You can always lose your luck and lose your money. But apart from that, gambling at Indian online casinos you can find on our list is completely safe. We vet all casinos before showing you the information about them and make sure they’re secure.

                      Can I win real money at online casinos?
                      Yes, that’s the point! You bet real money and win real money. Choose high-payout online casinos to win more.

                      What popular banking methods there are at online casinos?
                      You can always use the common way of making a deposit at an Indian online casino, wire transfer or a credit card. If you’re more careful about making a payment, use AstroPay, Entropay, Neteller, or Skrill. If you’re being extra considerate about online security, look for casinos that take Bitcoin.

                      Can I use my smartphone or tablet to play casino games?
                      Yes, you can play most casino games on your mobile device. Look for mobile casinos on our list to find the ones that are the most optimized for it.

                      What do payout percentages mean?
                      The payout percentage is the number that represents the average amount of money you get back from the slot in the long run. This means if the payout percentage is 95%, and you don’t win really big, you’ll get 95% of your bets back if you just keep gambling.

                      Can I wager in Rupees?
                      You can, but not all casinos allow wagering in Rupees. Some need you to exchange for EUR or USD first. Look for INR casinos on our list to save some money on exchange fees.