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Blackjack or twenty-one is a highly popular game in real casinos all over the world. But online casinos also may offer you to play it. Blackjack is a digital variation of the game. In a real casino, a person would be gambling against a dealer. In the online version, a gamer play against the machine.

The gamer has two main aims – to win against the dealer and to get money on your bet. A player will win if he scores 21 or more than the dealer has. It may seem obvious that a gambler has to surpass the dealer. But mind that if you have more than 22 you will fail immediately. In this article, you will find the most important information about how to win

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The main theory of blackjack’s origin comes from a Spanish game called twenty-one. Miguel de Cervantes – the author, who wrote the legendary Don Quixote, also mentioned twenty-one in his novel in the 1600s for the first time.

The name “blackjack” comes from the US. Earlier casinos used to attract new gamers by 10 to 1 benefits if they have the ace of spades, and “blackjack,” jack of spades or clubs. Nowadays, the combination of an ace and a ten or a face card is still – blackjack.

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You have to know general rules and main strategies to win. Here you may find out the basics.


In this game, the main aim is to win against the dealer. For reaching it, the gambler has to gain more points than him, but not more than 21. Scoring 22 means that you failed and lost your chance to win in this game.

How do you count points? It’s a piece of cake. Number cards count as their pip value. Face cards give 10 points. Ace can stand for 1 or 11.

After placing all bets, the dealer starts dealing cards to all the gamers. You can stop it at any time. The dealer acts last. Players may see one of his cards only. It is a kind of privilege for the dealer. But, there are a lot of things which may be an advantage for the players.

For example, if you hit 21, you get paid 3 to 2, which is 2.5 times your bet. If you hit 20, it means that probably the dealer won’t be able to beat your score. He is also required to hit cards until he reaches the value of 17.

Gamblers may double their bets in online blackjack if they are winning during the game, and get more payout for it. Some particular actions that are only allowed to gamers also may help you to win or save money that you won previously.


Online blackjack is a game of odds, but it also depends on your own decisions and actions as a gamer. In spite of being on the top during the game, you can’t win if you continue to get new cards when you already have 21 or 20. Here some options when it is time to blackjack.


Online blackjack is played with a deck of 52 cards, that’s why it’s quite hard to get 21 at the beginning of the game. Usually, a player starts a lot of blackjack games with a low number of points. Gamblers hit in turns. This means that they ask the dealer for one more card.


When you think that you have good cards to beat anything the dealer has, you may make a choice to stand. Doing it you stop getting more cards and just wait when every player will stand. After the moment when all gamers stand, you show your cards and the dealer says the winning bets.

A lot of online blackjack strategies are focused on this action. If you continue to hit while getting closer to 21, you may lose everything. If you get more than 21, you will fail. And even if the dealer lost everything too, you are still bankrupt.

That’s why to stand or to hit are the hardest choices during the game. Read some useful information about online blackjack strategies to find out more.

Double down.

One more action which may help to get ahead during the game is to double down. You can increase your bet two times if you choose to stand after receiving one more card. If you think the hand is quite good and your chances to win are high, you can increase your winnings doing such things.

Mind that online blackjacks have different rules which let to double. For getting such valuable information read the rules and get the best tricks.


If the gamer gets two cards of the same value, he may split them into two hands. But in the majority of the rules getting 21 points in a split hand is not counted as a blackjack.


If you decide to hit, it’s impossible to surrender. Surrendering will lead you to loss of a half of a bet. A lot of gamers if they are sure that the dealer might have a blackjack or an upper hand. Different brands of online blackjack have different rules. Some of them may only let early surrender, before the dealer checks for blackjack. Others allow late surrender after the dealer checks his cards.

Take insurance.

Players may take insurance before the dealer shows the other cards if the dealer’s card is an ace. It’s a side bet that pays 2 to 1if the dealer has a blackjack. A lot of people advise not to take insurance, because you may spend more than win.


You may find different blackjack games on Indian online blackjack sites. They are made by different developers and may have a different number of decks. But the buttons of play are universal.


It’s not exactly a real button, because bets are made interactively. For example, some games let you have to hover over the chip you want to bet and click on your betting box to place it there. You need to do it with different chips till you get the amount for betting.

Clear bets

This button is available only when you push “deal”. It clears away all that you put on the table earlier, and you can begin again.


After making a bet, you press this button to get the first two cards.

Double down

With the help of this button, you activate the double down rule that lets you increase your bet if you decide to stand after one card. The rules may differ. Check the information about them before the game.


Pressing this button the dealer gives you an additional card.


Click on the button with a cross if you want to stand.


If you are going to split your hand in two, click this button. You may use it only if you have two cards of the same value.


Use this button if you want to put a side bet to have assurance against the dealer’s blackjack


If you want to cancel all your previous actions press this button. But be ready that in some games you have to pay for it.


For making the same bet again after the end of the game click it. Some online blackjacks have a “Rebet x2” button.


Online blackjack is a game of chance. Awareness of the choices is important for winning. Gamers have been trying to use mathematical theories for this game since the beginning. A lot of them were good and let win because of knowing their odds.

The house edge in blackjack differs depending on the number of decks that are used in the game. The deck is a kind of random number machine. The more cards are in deck the higher your chances. It is impossible to know how many cards in the game if there are six decks. That’s why a lot of casinos use the numbers. But you may count cards if in the game only one deck.

The rules also may give you some odds to win. For example in the range of rules where the dealer must stand on soft 17, the house edge drops by 0.2%. Also the number of hands the gamer can have while splitting or the double down rules, may decrease your chances.

It is only 0.5%. In comparison with 2.7%, that roulette has over the gamers, online blackjack is a fair game.

There are a lot of mathematical calculations when to hit or when to stand. For instance, your chances to go bust on 17 are 69%. However, the worst possible hand is when you have 10-6, and the dealer shows a 7. The possibility that you will lose everything is 70%.


In spite of the fact that blackjack is a game of chance, online blackjack can be learned. If you use the main strategy well, you can increase your chances to win. In this chapter, you will find out how to do it.


The first association when you hear a masterful blackjack player is how he counts cards. It may sound weird, but everybody may become good at it during some time.

Hi-Lo is the basic card counting system. Every time you see a card you add a value ascribed to it to your current count. Add 1 for value cards of 2 to 6, subtract 1 for 10s and Aces, and do nothing for the other cards. Every time when the players reveal their hands, count the overall sum of the round and add it to the running count.

The numbers show you the possibility of a good combination which you may use in the game. If the running count increases, you can make your bet higher. If it’s low, bet less.

But this is much more difficult for online blackjack players. This trick works well if in the game only one deck is used. If there are more decks, you can split the running count by the number of decks that have left.

But all this card counting procedure will useless if continuous shuffling methods are used in the game. In real casinos, a shuffling machine shuffles the decks in real-time. You can still try to notice what cards are going to have higher chances of being used together if you calculate what was put in the machine.

In online casinos, the cards are shuffled after every hand. It means that counting doesn’t give you a privilege, because the randomness is higher in such games. You may find a blackjack that uses only one deck to get all pluses of your card counting skills.


The choice when is better to stand and when to keep hitting will help you out regardless of the number of decks and the way of shuffling. The main trick is to play and to get a hand of 17 or more before standing.

If the dealer is showing an Ace or a 10, it means that your chances to win are very low. The odds of getting a blackjack is high, as there are more cards with the value of 10 than the others in the deck. The risk to go bankrupt is low.

If the dealer is showing 9, 8, or 7, their chances to divide are higher. You can stand on 17 but will be able to take a risk and bust and hit on 12-16. If the dealer shows cards even lower in value, you can stand on 13+.


Need more useful information for hitting and standing. Above we have prepared basic examples. There you may see a lot of tables that show you when to hit and when to stand. Try to play with it and find out what works well and what doesn’t.

Don’t forget always split 8s and Aces. There are lots of thoughts about what pairs should be split, but these two are submitted always. Two Aces give you two chances for blackjack, or at the very end two soft hands. Two 8s in one hand amount to 16, which is a weak hand with good chances of splitting.

Do not be risky if you want to get 19 or more. The chances to beat the dealer with 17 or even less. It increases when he’s showing 8 or less. Stand on 17 and wait for the dealer to bust.

A lot of gamblers think that insurance is the way in which casinos use to get money out of them. There’s 4 in 13 chance that the dealer gets a blackjack if he’s showing an Ace. It shows that you have 9 in 13 chances of losing your bet.

Choose the rules which will increase your chances and not that of casinos. For example, you may choose the option of the game where the dealer has to stand on soft 17, and that let late surrender to decrease the house edge.


Hit – get another card.

Stand – stay with the current hand and stop getting cards

Bust – a player goes bust if his total card value is over 21. He loses his bet even if the dealer goes bust too.

Insurance – A side bet prepared on the fact that the dealer may have blackjack.

Push – A stalemate, when you and the dealer have the same number of points. You win nothing but keep your bet.

Soft – A hand that is flexible, because it has an Ace in it.

Split – A player action that divides the two cards with the same value into two hands.

Double Down – Doubling your bet and getting one card.

Surrender – Refusing to play while keeping half your bet.

BSE: Basic Strategy Edge. This means you have better chances if you are using a basic strategy.

DOA: You can double down with any cards

D10/11: You can double down if you have 10 or 11

DAS: You can only double down if you split.

ESR: This means early surrender is not prohibited. You can surrender your hand if the dealer has a natural blackjack.

LSR: In late surrender, you can lose half your bet and surrender if the dealer has 21, but not blackjack.

H17: The dealer hits on soft 17

S17: The dealer stands on soft 17.

O/U: Bet over or under 13

RSA: Re-splitting Aces is allowed