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Top 3 Casinos to play for REAL Money
1 ₹30,000+20FS
2 ₹70,000+50FS
3 ₹10,400

From our findings, they are more than 14,000 blackjack websites on the internet. Imagine the staggering number of websites providing blackjack games for real money. Finding the best online blackjack real money games will become a challenge if you are not guided. That’s why you have us! You will not only discover how the find the blackjack online games for real money, but we will also show you some effective winning tips.

Almost all the blackjack website we visited claimed to be the “best”. You can imagine how difficult it will be for a beginner to truly find the best. For your information, some of the blackjack websites see you as a cash machine. They are not interested in making your stay at their website memorable. So it is very important to choose the best of them all. If you are a beginner, never mind, we will also be discussing how to play this amazing game for real money online.

Best Online Blackjack Sites For Real Money

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1 ₹30,000+20FS Genesis Casino 946+
  • boku casino uk
  • ecobanq casino
  • ecopayz casino ico
  • Entercash casino
  • entropay casino
  • giropay casino
2 ₹70,000+50FS JeetPlay 1250+
  • american express casino
  • AstroPay logo
  • bitcoin casino ico
  • ecobanq casino
  • ecopayz casino ico
  • google pay casino
3 ₹10,400 1xbet 1750+
  • AstroPay logo
  • bitcoin casino ico
  • boku casino uk
  • ecobanq casino
  • ecopayz casino ico
  • Entercash casino
4 ₹90,000+100FS CasinoRoom 1000+
  • mastercard casino ico
  • neteller casino ico
  • paysafecard casino ico
  • skrill casino ico
  • trustly casinos
  • visa casino ico
5 ₹20,000+150FS 10CRIC Casino 1600+
  • AstroPay logo
  • bitcoin casino ico
  • ecopayz casino ico
  • mastercard casino ico
  • neteller casino ico
  • skrill casino ico
6 ₹30,000 Royal Panda 685+
  • bitcoin casino ico
  • ecopayz casino ico
  • giropay casino
  • mastercard casino ico
  • neteller casino ico
  • paysafecard casino ico
7 ₹7,700 Melbet 2352+
  • AstroPay logo
  • bitcoin casino ico
  • ecobanq casino
  • ecopayz casino ico
  • entropay casino
  • mastercard casino ico

Best Casinos with Blackjack Online Games for Real Money

CasinoWelcome BonusNumber of Blackjack Games
Twin Casino₹2000022+
Omnia Casino₹3000010+

A few years ago, the number of online casinos that offered real money blackjack was very small. Then it was easy to locate one online ad start playing. Presently, that’s not the case; with the boom in the casino industry, there are so many casinos on the internet. We shall list basic tips that will help you find the best casinos that offer blackjack games.

Apart from playing real money blackjack on a licensed casino online, they are other factors that you have to look out for before you sign up. For example, the payment methods offered to deposit and withdraw funds should also be taken note of.

Remember that you may likely have a few questions to ask, so reliable customer care should also be available. Also, don’t forget to check out reviews, this will also be helpful. Although most reviews on the internet are biased; thorough research will disclose the best.

What about the software developers? They also play a major role in ensuring that the games on the casino are not manipulated. The software developers are responsible for building games, designing, and so on. So if they are not trusted, they will only develop games that will rip the players pocket off.

We recall mentioning that a casino offering blackjack should be licensed; some of the best licensing agencies for online blackjack for money are the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA), and the Government of Curacao, and so on. Just to add, the Swedish Gambling Commission (SGC) has a good reputation too. Although their casino market is relatively new, they are doing a good job.
Below are key factors that will help in finding the best blackjack casinos online:

  1. Licensed casino
  2. Reliable customer support
  3. Compatible mobile platform
  4. Redeemable bonuses
  5. Secure, safe and fast payment options
  6. Trusted software developers
  7. Welcome bonuses with low wagering requirements
  8. Numerous variations of the real online blackjack games

Although these features listed above may appear common with most online casinos, not all have them. For instance, a lot of the so-called best casinos that offer blackjack for real money may not have responsive and reliable customer support. Don’t forget that this is the only avenue to communicate with the casino if you have to.

You might not understand the importance of customer support until you have issues with withdrawing your winnings. Always lookout for a casino that has customer support that is available 24/7. You can also communicate with some casinos through their social media handles. Some also have a toll-free telephone number. Keep an eye on such casinos.

Advantages of playing online blackjack with real money

If you are a first-timer, you may be wondering why you should play blackjack online for money. Apart from the huge prizes available online they are other advantages too. Although the benefits are numerous, we shall limit ourselves to the most important.

Friendly to Newbies

If you visit a land casino to play blackjack for real money , the way cards are shuffled by the dealer, may make you believe that is a difficult game to play.
Blackjack is very easy to understand, especially if you play online.
Most players are opting for the online version of blackjack because it makes playing very easy. For instance, most online casino blackjack websites have demo versions on their website. This will let you have a feel of what is to come when you play for real money. You can experiment a few tricks on the demo version without losing any more. Apart from this, there are a plethora of tutorials online on how to play this game.

Promotion and bonuses

Who doesn’t like promotions and bonuses? Online casinos these days practically sway a lot of players to their websites with huge bonuses they offer. In some cases, you will receive huge cash prizes after you have deposited a couple of Rupees. Do you know that you can earn points that will translate into real money? These are some of the advantages of playing blackjack for real money on the internet.


Imagine you win a jackpot while playing blackjack for real money on a land casino; the entire neighbourhood will be aware. However, the same cannot happen if you play online. Such information will be to your knowledge and the casino website.
Also, there is this pressure when you play on land casinos than online. While you can sit in the comfort of your home to play a blackjack game without any distraction, the same cannot be said when playing on a land casino.

Live Dealers

Before now, what was available were virtual dealers that are programmed to carry out a particular function. They are so many casinos that have live human dealers. Real live dealers and not virtual dealers! You can interact with the live dealer online.
Is this possible? Yes, it is. All you have to do is pick a live blackjack game and start playing. You just need a Wi-Fi connection. You can also interact with other players on the table.


Playing blackjack online is more organized than playing for real money on a land casino. The results are more accurate. The loses and winnings are displayed on the side of your browser to avoid any doubt. Also, a record of all losses and winnings are archived; including the amount spent.
There is no doubt that most casinos are employing various technologies to enhance players’ experience than land casinos. Online casinos are gaining more momentum than the land casinos in this regard.

Payouts, house edge, and stakes

Searching for online casinos that have the highest payouts, low house edge, and stakes are very easy compared to doing the same thing on the land casino. It is even more difficult if you are playing on a land casino without a competitor.
Online casinos offer a lower house edge, high payouts and low stakes. There are so many casinos with one penny as their payline. The reason is that the competition online is fierce, they are so many blackjack variants.


It’s no news that playing blackjack online is more fun and interesting. The graphics and themes are often impressive. Their sound is also appealing. Online casino tends to replicate the same energy on the land casinos online with all these features.

Easy to cashout

With the various banking methods provided by top casinos, it makes cashing out very easy after playing blackjack. All you need to do is request payment through any of the banking options on their website. Your winnings will reflect in your bank account within a short.


As far as accessibility is concerned, playing blackjack online is preferable. It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or not, you can play blackjack from anywhere. Playing blackjack while you are travelling will make the journey fun and short. Just pick up your tablet or any other mobile device login and start playing.
What’s the need for dressing up in a fancy suit, when you can just wear your boxers and enjoy your blackjack at home?


The rules when you play online blackjack are more flexible compared to the brick and mortar casino houses. So this simply means that you have a better chance of winning games online.

How to play online blackjack

The rules of this game vary a little online. The reason is not farfetched; it’s because of the various variants that are available online. The various blackjack variants will be discussed shortly. For now, let’s focus on how to play this amazing game. The next thing you have to do after registering with an online casino is to make your first deposit, pick the blackjack variant you want and start playing.

The standard card for real money blackjack is 52- card decks. Each of the denomination is assigned with a point value. From cards, 2 to 10 are worth their face value. Cards like a queen, king, jacks are worth 10 points each. Depending on the live dealer, the ace may be valued as 1 or 11. The main objective of the player is to draw cards that close to 21 points without going the point value of the dealer’s cards.

Rules for playing blackjack online

If the point’s value of your card exceeds 21, then you will automatically lose your bet. Also, you have to stake your bet before you draw your cards. The minimum and maximum bet vary depending on the variation you are playing. However, start with the lowest bet then increase it gradually. The reason why this game is so popular is that the odds are in favour of the player than the house. It is also played with 6 to 8 52 card decks. However, some variation use one deck or 48 cards Spanish deck.

Let’s take a look at the popular terms used while playing this game:


This term is used if a player wants another card. If the total point value of your cards is lower than 21, just call for more cards. While playing online, simply click on the hit button for the live dealer to draw a card.


If you don’t want to receive more cards, just tap the stand button. In some cases, it is called either “stick” or “stay” in some variations.

Double down

By clicking this button, you are simply requesting for more cards and also increase your bet after you have received the first round of cards. In some cases, the rule is that after you hit this button, you will have to stand. Some games will not accept any increase lower than 100 percent from your initial bet.

Splitting pairs

If you have two cards that match (for instance two 3 cards), you can split them up. Upon splitting them, you can place extra bets. You can do this at least twice. Sometimes it will not exceed three times. Meanwhile, Aces cannot be split more than once.


You will receive this offer when an ace card appears on the dealer’s hand. You can add an extra bit to your previous bet. A ten card for the dealer will mean a natural blackjack and this will earn you 2 to 1. On the other hand, assuming the dealer’s card is not ten, you will lose the insurance bet.


Just like the name implies, if you surrender after viewing your first two cards, you will give up half of your bet. You can easily opt for this option instead of outright losing. In our opinion, this is better than the insurance option.

Variations of Online Blackjack for Real Cash

The internet is engulfed with various online blackjack real money games. However, these blackjack games have some differences in their rules. Going through the rules will help you choose the type that suits you.

Let’s highlight a few games with their various rules:

  • Vegas Strip Blackjack: It has 4 decks per game round. Players can split up to 3 hands; thereby increasing your chances of winning more money. The only disadvantage here is no surrender and no resplitting rule.
  • Atlantic City Blackjack: Most of their rules favour players. Here late surrender is permitted. Nonetheless, they make use of 8 card decks so it may difficult to count cards.
  • European Blackjack: The dealer draws a second card after you have defined a course of play. This rule is very attractive; especially for professional players.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack: Here the first two cards the dealer will receive will be faced up. Players are not permitted to split or double down.
  • Spanish Blackjack: Here 48 decks are used thereby increasing the edge in favour of the casino. However, they offer amazing bonuses to mitigate the house edge.

Odds in Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is a game of chance. Awareness of the choices is important for winning. Gamers have been trying to use mathematical theories for this game since the beginning. A lot of them were good and let win because of knowing their odds.

The house edge in blackjack differs depending on the number of decks that are used in the game. The deck is a kind of random number machine. The more cards are in a deck, the higher your chances. It is impossible to know how many cards in the game if there are six decks. That’s why a lot of casinos use the numbers. But you may count cards if in the game only one deck.

The rules also may give you some odds to win. For example, in the range of rules where the dealer must stand on soft 17, the house edge drops by 0.2%. Also, the number of hands the gamer can have while splitting or the double down rules, may decrease your chances.

It is only 0.5%. In comparison with 2.7%, that roulette has over the gamers and online blackjack is a fair game.

There are a lot of mathematical calculations when to hit or when to stand. For instance, your chances to go bust on 17 are 69%. However, the worst possible hand is when you have 10-6, and the dealer shows a 7. The possibility that you will lose everything is 70%.

Tips and tricks of playing blackjack

Just like every other casino game online, you need to get acquainted with some tricks to win a real money blackjack game. Some players are making a living playing real money blackjack online.

Tip one: Always take note of the cards and numbers on deck

We are not encouraging counting cards because it is illegal especially when you are playing on a land casino. More so, it hardly works when you are playing online. However, paying close attention to all the cards that have been dealt will let you know the odds of getting a certain card.
It gets easier when the card the dealer has to shuffle reduces. Although the card is shuffled at every single hand, you can still predict the card that may be a draw if you pay close attention. It is even easier if you are playing a single deck.

Tip two: Use the Oscar strategy

This is the easiest way to play real money blackjack online game. It doesn’t involve counting cards at all. Oscar system advocates that players adjust the amount staked depending on the outcome of the game. Below is a breakdown of the Oscar system:

  1. When you win a hand, increase your bet by adding a chip
  2. When you lose, stick to the same amount you staked
  3. Don’t increase your bet more than a chip

Tip three: Play games with liberal rules

When you go to the online blackjack games for real money section, you will discover that they are various types of blackjack. Pick the one with liberal rules. You must read the terms and conditions too.

Tip four: Stay away from the insurance wager

This tip is straightforward. Don’t play an insurance wager no matter how enticing it may be. Frankly speaking, insurance wager sucks. Although the winning is high, the odds of winning are very low.

Tip five: Don’t get distracted by other players.

Don’t border about what other players on your table are doing. Their decisions will not affect the outcome of your bet. This is not a team sport, so focus on your cards.

Tip six: Avoid chasing losses

This is also known as progressive betting. There is no assurance that you will win all your money back when you increase your bets after a loss.

Tip seven: Stay away from tables that reshuffle after a card is drawn

Tables that continuously shuffle their cards will give the casino an advantage. You may not be able to predict the card that may likely be drawn. Just to add, play on a table that has so many players. This will reduce the edge the blackjack online casino casino has even when the cards are reshuffled continuously.

Tip eight: Stay away from booze

Some people may want to replicate the brick and mortar casino feeling while they are playing online too. However, drinking and online blackjack gambling are like two different sides of the coin. Drinking while you are playing a blackjack casino online doesn’t make you a better gambler.

Online Blackjack Glossary

Hit – get another card.

Stand – stay with the current hand and stop getting cards

Bust – a player goes bust if his total card value is over 21. He loses his bet even if the dealer goes bust too.

Insurance – A side bet prepared on the fact that the dealer may have blackjack.

Push – A stalemate, when you and the dealer have the same number of points. You win nothing but keep your bet.

Soft – A flexible hand, because it has an Ace in it.

Split – A player action that divides the two cards with the same value into two hands.

Double Down – Doubling your bet and getting one card.

Surrender – Refusing to play while keeping half your bet.

BSE: Basic Strategy Edge. This means you have better chances if you are using a basic strategy.

DOA: You can double down with any cards

D10/11: You can double down if you have 10 or 11

DAS: You can only double down if you split.

ESR: This means early surrender is not prohibited. You can surrender your hand if the dealer has a natural blackjack.

LSR: In late surrender, you can lose half your bet and surrender if the dealer has 21, but not blackjack.

H17: The dealer hits on soft 17

S17: The dealer stands on soft 17.

O/U: Bet over or under 13

RSA: Re-splitting Aces is allowed

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FAQ About Playing Blackjack Online

❓ What does “hit” mean on a real money blackjack game?
This simply means requesting another card. When you are playing online with real cash, just tap the hit button and the live dealer will add another card to your hand. Don’t forget that the value of your card is not supposed to exceed 21 points. So tap the “hit” button wisely.
❓ Is it legal to count cards when playing real money blackjack online?
Although it is illegal when you are playing in a land casino, it is legal when you are playing online. However, it is near impossible to use this trick online. Online casinos reshuffle the deck after a card is drawn.
❓ Will I win blackjack online with any of the popular strategies?
These strategies are developed to help players win. Learn to stick to the one that works for you. Strategies aimed at reducing the house edge. However, no matter how the strategy may sound, there is no guarantee that they will work all the time.
❓ Is winning at a real money blackjack game online down to luck or strategies?
Their no two ways about it, winning at any online casino game including blackjack is down to luck. Most of the popular strategies don’t work online. Some experts believe that the so-called “winning strategies” are marketing strategies aimed at luring people to play the game. However, you can improve your chances of winning by honing your skills.
❓ Is real money blackjack games rigged?
Any reputable online casino will not rig the results of their blackjack game. That’s why it is advisable to play on a casino that is regulated by an independent authority. Reputable casinos make use of randomly generated numbers. This will guarantee fairness and ensure that results are not rigged.
❓ Does using progressive betting strategy win bets on a real money blackjack online?
The progressive betting strategy encourages players to increase their bets after each loses. This approach does not guarantee that you will recover all your loses. This pattern or strategy may lead to bankruptcy if caution is not applied. Don’t use any strategy that will encourage chasing loses.
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