UPI payments have become essential for the everyday lives of many Indians, yet sometimes it is hard to understand what this famous UPI really is, and more importantly, can you use it to play at UPI online casinos. Well, keep reading to find out!

UPI is an abbreviation for Unified Payments Interface, a special system created by the National Payments Corporation of India to reassure smooth and easy translation between the Indian banks.

The main focus is mobile payments, which are becoming so popular they are reshaping the world of not only mobile banking but the financial industry in general. This platform was first introduced in April 2016, and as of March 2019, there have been 142 banks involved in it, so if you have a bank account, there might be a chance you are already using UPI to handle your mobile transactions.

If you are interested in a UPI online casino, make sure to keep on reading so you can easily figure out whether this payment method is right for you.

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How to Use UPI in Online Casinos

Before we even tackle the topic of how to use UPI at online new casinos, it is important to understand how this payment method is not your standard credit card, e-wallet, or voucher. For this reason, the entire process might be slightly different than one would expect. Luckily, we created a nifty little guide that will help you figure it all out.

How to Sign Up

The most important part of the entire UPI experience is downloading the right UPI app from the app store. Considering that all phones have app stores installed by default, this will be a piece of cake. Download and install the app, and start creating your account. Fill out the registration form and make sure to connect your UPI with the e-wallet, or other payment methods you are planning to use. Depending on your bank, you might have to use a different app to make this connection:

Make sure to check with your bank what are your options, as it is simply impossible to list all of them on our website.


To make an online casino UPI deposit, you will have to have an account with a casino that supports this payment method. Don’t worry, there are plenty of them on our website. Once you log in, go to the Cashier and choose to deposit by clicking the button or the tab, depending on the UPI casino design. Next, enter the amount you want to deposit. From the list of available methods, choose UPI, and verify the payment with your VPA – virtual payment address. The payment will have to be authorized with UPI PIN. Now, considering the VPA and PIN are highly sensitive information, we would like to remind you to keep them safe and don’t share with your friends.

Some UPI casinos will also offer you to deposit by using a QR code. Simply scan the code with your phone and process the payment after the authorization.


The withdrawals are basically the same, only the money goes the other way around – from online casinos accepting UPI to your bank account. Once again, go to the Cashier and enter the amount you want to cash out. Then, choose UPI from the list of available methods. Verify the request just like you did your deposit (use VPA and PIN), and the money will be with you soon enough!

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit is the lowest amount you have to transfer to the UPI casino sites so you can play games and place bets for real money. It is determined by the casino, and not by UPI. So, despite the fact that UPI has incredibly low minimum deposit limits, most gambling real money sites will ask you to deposit around $5 or $10 to start playing real games.

Additional Fee and Withdrawal Time

From spring 2020, most banks introduced small fees ranging from Rs 2.5 to Rs 5, on person-to-person payments, in case a user makes more than 20 transactions per month. Also, keep in mind how the UPI casinos sometimes charge a small withdrawing fee as well. However, in most cases, these fees are only symbolic and won’t affect your payout significantly.

And when will you get your money? Well, most casinos give withdrawals up to 2 days of pending status until all the paperwork is prepared, and once you are done with your UPI gambling session for the time being. Then, it may take up to 5 days for the money to settle in your bank account. Keep in mind that withdrawal times aren’t depending only on the payment method, but also the day of the week, time of day, public holidays, and internal bank policies.

Pros and Cons

Online casinos that accept UPI are rather attractive, but what about the payment method itself. It is impossible to find one method that suits all punters, so we decided to create a simple list that will help you decide.



UPI in India

UPI is one of the most popular payment methods in India and one of the most common ones among UPI accepted online casinos. Available with more than 140 banks, in October 2019, UPI was responsible for more than 1 million transactions. Also, it has more than 100 million active users which makes it one of the most popular payment methods in India.

UPI is also incredibly popular with casinos simply because it covers a plethora of financial institutions (such as banks), as well as some e-payment methods (like PhonePe), thus meaning the gambling company can add multiple methods, all under UPI. This makes them more attractive to customers, as well as allows them to operate more efficiently. Considering the era of online gambling has just started in India, we can only expect the number of casinos supporting this method to grow which also means more variety and better deals for all punters in India. And in the end, that is something we all want. As one of the safest and most regulated ways to deposit, UPI is currently one of the most frequently used payment methods in all Indian casinos.

UPI Alternatives

Ok, so maybe UPI is not the right payment method for you. Luckily, we found some alternatives!

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1️⃣ Is UPI legal and safe?
UPI is not only legal and safe but is one of the safest and most reliable payment methods in India. It is established by the National Payments Corporation of India and used by millions of Indians each day. UPI is available with 142 banks nationwide which is another proof it is completely legit.
2️⃣ Is UPI supported on mobiles and tablets?
Yes, UPI can be used to make a payment on mobiles and tablets. It is a mobile-only system, thus meaning it can’t even be used on a desktop interface. Make sure to contact your bank to see what apps will work with your UPI. 
3️⃣ How many UPI casinos are there?
All the best UPI casinos can be found on our list that is constantly growing and shows no signs of stopping. We suggest you read all the reviews before making your final decisions because even though all the casinos listed are pretty good, you are the person who has the last saying in which one is the best. Compare bonuses, games, platforms, as well as payout times and customer support to have time of your life!
4️⃣ How much does it take to withdraw the money?
Putting a UPI withdrawal request takes just a minute or two, but it may take a bit longer for the casino to process your withdrawal. Due to some legal restrictions, it usually takes up to 5 business days for you to receive money on your account, but there are also companies that support much faster withdrawals.