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Top 3 Casinos to play for REAL Money
1 €200 + 100 FS
2 $1600
3 $1000

Playing a casino game can be fun, but not as fun as winning really big in it. Let’s be realistic, it’s not about the game itself, it’s about the adrenalin rush you get when you risk your hard-earned money and wait for the slot to spin, for the roulette ball to land on your number, for the opponent to show his hand at poker. That’s what we, gamblers, want to feel after a long day of work.

Since you can’t enjoy a land-based casino in India unless you’re in one of the three lucky states, your only option is choosing a casino online. Choosing one can be even more challenging than picking a land-based casino. You may not know you’ve come to the wrong place until you get defrauded.

We at CasinoHEX are here to help you with making that choice. We hire people who love gambling and know everything about it. They take a closer look at every Indian online casino we add to the list to make sure it’s worth your trust.

Best Real Money Casino Sites India August 2019

1 €200 + 100 FS Baocasino 1821+
    desktop mobile casino
    2 $1600 Jackpot City Casino 525+
      desktop mobile casino
      3 $1000 Spin Palace Casino 650+
        desktop mobile casino
        4 $200 Betzest Casino 1100+
          desktop mobile casino
          5 €2000+200FS Casino-X 980+
            desktop mobile casino
            6 $800 CK Casino 210+
              desktop mobile casino
              7 €1000+100 FS Lucky Days Casino 1250+
                desktop mobile casino
                8 €1000 Spintropolis Casino 750+
                  desktop mobile casino
                  9 €300 + 50 FS 1xSlots Casino 3231+
                    desktop mobile casino
                    10 $1200 Casinonic 1400+
                      desktop mobile casino
                      11 €300, 500 kr, £25 ComeOn Casino 680+
                        desktop mobile casino
                        12 €200+100FS Mr Play Casino 450+
                          desktop mobile casino
                          13 £/€/$800, 8000 kr Platinum Play Casino 639+
                            desktop mobile casino
                            14 €200+100FS Karamba Casino 380+
                              desktop mobile casino
                              15 $5500 Golden Lion Casino 300+
                                desktop mobile casino
                                16 $200 Casino Epoca 550+
                                  desktop mobile casino
                                  17 $200 NextCasino 385+
                                    desktop mobile casino
                                    18 $750 Ruby Fortune Casino 375+
                                      desktop mobile casino
                                      19 $300 22Bet Casino 3631+
                                        desktop mobile casino
                                        20 $/€/CHF/C$/A$1000 Lucky Nugget Casino 650+
                                          desktop mobile casino

                                          PROS AND CONS OF REAL MONEY ONLINE CASINOS

                                          Gambling is not a magic way to make money. Sure, it’s good entertainment, but it has its ups and downs. Here are the pros and cons of playing at real money online casinos in India.

                                          ON THE POSITIVE SIDE

                                          A mobile experience

                                          Land-based casinos are great because you can relax and have a great evening for yourself. You can win some money, go to a show, and spend the rest of the night at a bar. What you can’t do is afford such trips often. You’d have to drive all the way to Goa, pay for the hotel, and pay for the gambling. That’s just too much for a common Indian who just wants to have fun on the weekend.

                                          Playing at an online casino is better if you want to have a more versatile and mobile experience. You can play whenever and wherever you want if you have an Internet connection. You’re having a bad day and need to cheer up? Get a beer, turn on some music, and win real money at a casino from the comfort of your home. You’re bored at work? Have a couple of spins of your favorite slot before the break is over. You have nothing to do until your flight arrives? Take your phone and enjoy winning.

                                          More choice

                                          Even the best land-based casinos in Goa can’t give you the choice of games to play that a mediocre Indian online casino does. The thing is land-based casinos only buy video slot cabinets from one manufacturer. Sure, they can feature 30 games to choose from, some even feature up to 50 slots. But that’s nothing compared to the variety you get at a real money online casino.

                                          Want to play a vintage slot that takes you back to 2005? Want to play a 3D slot that looks more like a movie than a game? Want to play a game that takes you on a journey instead just showering you with wins? You can do any and all of these at one of the Indian online casinos from our curated list.

                                          Unique products

                                          While land-based casinos remain a popular attraction and the best earners in the world of gambling, they’re often not the best ones in terms of diversity. The thing is online gambling is very different from playing casino games offline. In a Goa casino, you pay for the social experience. In an Indian online casino, you pay for the fun time.

                                          Since there’s no social component, fun is often measured in the quality of the game itself. This is why software developers spend so much time developing new, unique games for online platforms. A huge proportion of them is not presented offline at all.

                                          Live casino

                                          Despite not being able to give players the full-scale offline gambling experience, Indian real money casinos bring you the social aspect of it. You can enjoy the social aspect of a casino game from the comfort of your home. Place bets while talking to the croupier and other Indian gamblers to have a perfect evening.

                                          Fit for all budgets

                                          Do you have little money but still want to have a great time gambling? Many Indian real money casinos offer to place bets as small as one penny per spin. With 20 lines to bet on, you can wager as little as ₹20 a spin.

                                          If you want completely the opposite, you still can have it your way in an online casino in India. Look for casinos that have a high maximum cap on bets. In some cases, you can bet as much as ₹8,000 on a roulette spin. If you want to bet super high, go for live casino, often the maximum bet is way higher there.

                                          Free spins

                                          Everybody loves free stuff, right? The free stuff at Indian real money casinos is not just pleasant to have. It gives you the opportunity to test the casino before you have to make a deposit. Find casinos that have no-deposit bonuses. You’ll have the opportunity to take a look around the website and have a couple of spins at the most popular slots.

                                          Welcome bonuses

                                          When you’re choosing a real money casino, you have the possibility to get some bonus money on top of your deposit as well. In many cases, the deposit sum can be very tantalizing. Imagine seeing a $3,000 written in bold letters across the hero section of the website. Surely, you’ll rush in to give the casino your money before they back off on the offer.

                                          This is not the best thing to do. As with everything free, you have to check the conditions first. Most Indian real money casinos only give you a certain percentage of your deposit. The sum you see on the ad is just the maximum cap. For instance, the maximum cap is ₹30,000, but the match-up percentage is only 100%. This means you’d have to deposit ₹15,000 to get the full sum.

                                          In the nutshell, bonuses are great if you check the conditions first.

                                          Promotions and tournaments

                                          We, gamblers, are very much focused on competition. Indian real money casinos know that full well and offer you a range of fun activities ranging from gamification to regular tournaments. Love to feel like you’re the best? Go on and join a tournament to become number one. In many cases, it’s worth it too, since the monetary reward for topping the list of best players can be huge.


                                          Love the money, but don’t really want to compete with someone else? Well, there’s always the option of playing a real money slot that is a part of the jackpot network. You don’t have to do anything else except just playing the slot, and if you’re lucky, you can win an enormous sum. In some casinos, the biggest jackpot is over 200 million Rupees.

                                          ON THE NEGATIVE SIDE

                                          Nobody’s perfect. This is also true about Indian real money slots. Here are the downsides you may face.

                                          Problem gambling

                                          Everybody knows that gambling can be addictive, just like alcohol, coffee, and other fun things. Gambling gives you too much happiness hormones not to be addictive. Some people ruin their lives because of gambling. They sell everything away to get that huge win and lose it all. Does this mean you’re going to do the very same thing? It’s pretty unlikely.

                                          Most gambling addicts don’t become addicted because of gambling itself. Most have a problem they don’t want to deal with so they lose themselves in the game. If that’s something you feel you may be facing, sort out your problems first. All Indian real money casinos offer you the option of self-exclusion. Go for it, and fix your life before you start gambling again.

                                          If that’s not something you’re facing, browse our curated list of casinos, and get down to gambling!

                                          Rogue casinos

                                          The problem many people face when they’re choosing a casino online is not knowing what is a safe place to gamble. You can easily tell if a land-based casino is shady by just looking at it. With a website, it can be less obvious. This is why we at CasinoHEX help you make the right choice and review all real money casinos before they make it to our list. With us, you can be sure that what you’re choosing is completely safe and secure.

                                          It’s not like playing at a land-based casino

                                          Let’s be fair, online gambling will never be the same as land-based. You don’t have that social experience, that great feeling when you have all these attractions around you to spend the win on. It’s not just about winning money, it’s about winning money and having a good time.

                                          However, you still get the thrill and the adrenaline rush from playing at online real money casinos. This is why they’re so popular these days.

                                          HOW WE REVIEW REAL MONEY ONLINE CASINOS

                                          Choosing a good real money casino comes with a lot of difficulties that may not be obvious from the start. We are here to talk about these difficulties and give you insider information on Indian casinos. CasinoHEX employs gambling industry experts who take a deeper look into casinos before they’re added to the website.

                                          Here’s what criteria we use to review casinos.

                                          DOES A CASINO ACCEPT INDIAN PLAYERS

                                          You know that there are no real money casinos that are registered in India. That is unless you’re lucky enough to live in Sikkim. If you’re not, it’s much easier to play at a foreign casino. Many casinos that cater to Indian players are registered in the UK, in Gibraltar, Malta, or Curacao. This doesn’t mean every casino will accept an Indian player. We find you the ones that do.

                                          BACKGROUND CHECK

                                          Many websites claim they have a registration in the UK, but some of them turn out to be lying. We conduct background checks on each website to make sure they provide correct information and were never caught doing anything shady.

                                          LEGAL TERMS

                                          You may be surprised by the fact, but many rogue casinos use their legal terms to defraud players. For instance, you file a withdrawal claim, and the casino refuses you because you broke some weird rule you never heard about. You’ll never see your money.

                                          It can be difficult to understand all the implications of the legal terms. We do it so you don’t have to.

                                          BONUS SYSTEM

                                          As you already know, the bonuses are great only when you know all the details about how the bonus system works at the casino. This is why CasinoHEX experts study each casino to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.


                                          The experience of playing a casino is as important as the games it hosts. You can fall for a great choice of games only to realize you can’t play at this casino because of a bugged mobile client. Our experts check the casino for you to make sure everything is working well.

                                          CONSISTENT PAYOUTS

                                          You can’t enjoy a real money online casino if you can’t make a withdrawal. This is why we make sure the casino you choose is going to pay you fast.

                                          QUALITY SUPPORT

                                          You don’t often think about support, but it can prove vital in that one moment you really need it. Feel free to choose any casino from our list because all of them have great customer support.

                                          WHAT TYPES OF GAMES THERE ARE IN AN ONLINE CASINO

                                          Real money online casinos offer a huge variety of games. Here’s what you can find.

                                          TABLE GAMES

                                          People have been playing table games for the longest time. They’ve been around for millennia before slots, and even before the very idea of a casino appeared. Now, the best forms of table gambling are available for you at any real money online casino in India. From roulette to blackjack, you can enjoy this classic form of gambling from the comfort of your home.

                                          CLASSIC SLOTS

                                          Slots are the most popular casino games right now. Each casino offers a different choice of slots, but all casinos have them. You can look for casinos that have games from specific game manufacturers at our website.

                                          PROGRESSIVE SLOTS

                                          Are regular slots not enough for you? You can increase your chances to win by a huge margin if you choose to play progressive slots over the regular ones. Each bet, no matter how small, gives you a small chance of winning a jackpot. Isn’t that great?

                                          LIVE CASINO

                                          Real money online casinos can be a great way to experience gambling, but many of us still prefer land-based casinos. If you can’t go to a land-based casino, try the compromise version, online live casino. You’ll experience the same thrills and joys of gambling with others, but you don’t have to leave your room to enjoy the experience.

                                          Real Money Casino FAQ

                                          It’s a real money casino. Should I pay to participate?
                                          You don’t pay a dime for joining a casino. In many cases, it’s the other way around. You can get a no-deposit bonus just to check out the place.

                                          Is my deposit secure in an online casino?
                                          It’s true that some casinos are rogue and only want to defraud you. Here at CasinoHEX, you won’t find casinos like that. Choose a casino from our list, and your deposit is going to be safe.

                                          Are games at an online casino for real money fair or rigged?
                                          Again, some shady casinos do rig their games. You won’t find those here. We check every casino thoroughly before we add it to the list.

                                          What is RNG?
                                          RNG is the random number generator, the mechanic behind all casino games. It’s the thing that ensures the outcome of each spin is not rigged.

                                          Are there any deposit and withdrawal limits?
                                          Few casinos have a limit on deposit. Often, it’s the transaction gateway that sets that limit. Many casinos, however, have a system of maximum daily withdrawal in place. Read individual casino reviews to find out how much can you withdraw.

                                          A casino with real money is offering a no-deposit bonus. Doesn’t that look suspicious?
                                          Not at all. Indian real money casinos compete hard against each other, so it’s in their interest to offer you a way to check out the casino free of charge.

                                          What are the payout percentages?
                                          The payout percentage is the percentage that shows an estimate of how much will you get back if you keep gambling. If the percentage is 96%, you’re going to get 96% of your bets back even if you don’t win big.

                                          Can I download casino software from the App Store or Google Play?
                                          Most of the apps that are available in the App Store or Google Play are free-to-play and don’t allow you to make a withdrawal. Go for the apps you can download from the website itself.

                                          I have a banking or other problem at an online casino. What do I do?
                                          Contact the support immediately. All casinos on our list have great support, so your problem will be resolved quickly.

                                          I can’t find withdrawal policy in my casino. Can I just figure it out later?
                                          You’d better not. If you don’t, you can face a lot of problems with withdrawal later. Read CasinoHEX reviews to learn more about the withdrawal policy at your casino.

                                          Will my money be safe?
                                          Yes, as long as luck doesn’t leave you. As for security, all real money casinos you see on the list undergo a background check.

                                          How does withdrawal work?
                                          In most Indian real money casinos, you have to file a withdrawal claim and wait for it to be processed. It’s required by the anti-money laundering laws and is a common practice. It won’t take more than 48 hours, normally.

                                          I was looking for a land-based casino game in my casino, and couldn’t find one. What’s wrong?
                                          Not all casinos feature land-based casino games. Filter our list of real money casinos by “live casino” or your preferred table game to see your options.