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Scratch cards were one of the first options when it comes to gambling in real life. Today you can still get one in your local store, scratch the surface and see your winning. But, we are more interested in online scratch cards. They are basically a virtual version of the actual cards we just mentioned. They also offer you a possibility to win a prize, easily if we can add and they are available literally anywhere these days.

Data regarding scratch cards that is collected across online casinos is impressive as well and there are many interesting articles on this topic. Almost 90% of gamblers have tried at least once this form of gambling and half of them have been using it ever since. Reasons for that are obvious. Using or playing with scratch cards online is extremely simple. You don’t have to memorize any symbols, to gather and improve a collection or anything similar. All you have to do is to, well scratch a card and you are done.

Although it sounds completely simple and in reality it is, there are a lot of facts you will need to know about scratch cards before you start scratching for the first time. All of the facts and all the points you will ever need to know will be revealed in the sections below. We have tested, analyzed and used various cards of this kind all in order to explain them completely.


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Your first experience connected with free scratch cards India will be exciting when you choose to play them at CasinoHEX. However, we also have a great offer for real money gamblers, who are looking for reliable online casinos. Check out our list of best online casinos in India and win big money with best scratch cards for real cash.


Scratch Cards Online India Casinos (+ How It Works)

Online CasinoMinimum DepositWelcome Bonus
Voodoo Dreams₹1500₹100000
Omnia Casino₹800₹30000

In order to understand what scratch cards are in the online gambling industry, you will have to understand what they are in real life first. As the name suggests, these are small cards, usually the size of a credit card that has various prints on them, such as a logo of the Indian lottery establishment of the prizes you can win by playing with the card. One part of the card is coated with a non-transparent coating. You will have to scratch it (hence the name) and you will see various symbols and icons. If you collect, for instance, 3 the same symbols you have just won a prize. The prizes vary significantly and they cannot be generalized. The lowest prizes include an offer to get the money back for the card you have purchased to replace it and get another one. All of you are probably more interested in more profitable rewards. They can include a specific amount of money or even a car. Add the fact these cards are affordable and you can get a better idea of how special and appealing they are.

Scratch cards are available in an online form as well. You will have to visit a casino (most of them do offer) with scratch cards online free feature and to start playing. The same rules and the same points as with the real-world scratch cards apply in this case scenario. However, gambling in an online form is slightly more appealing than in real life. A gambler can adjust the bet, can play using any device and also while on the go. His winnings will be added to his account and he can withdraw them or use them for other forms of gambling.

The entire process of using scratch cards can last for a few seconds and it is extremely simple. There are countless online establishments where you can play but all of them offer the same or at least similar gambling experience.

How to Play Scratch Cards?

Let’s imagine a scenario in which you are new to online gambling and you suddenly have realized that scratch cards are the thing you like. How to start playing? We will explain scratch card online games process in detail and cover all the points you will need to know, if you are a newbie or if you have played scratch cards a long time ago. Anyway, you will have to follow the steps listed below.

  1. Navigate to the scratch cards section of the casino where you are planning to play.
  2. You will see a page with a few buttons.
  3. Set the bet. You can use + to increase or – to decrease the bet you will use.
  4. Go to add a new card. A new card will be added to the page.
  5. Now, in some cases, you can use a mouse cursor or a finger if you play using a touchscreen to scratch the card. In other cases, you will have buttons such as reveal the card, scratch the card and etc. Click on that button.
  6. The symbols will be revealed.
  7. Winnings are added to your account.

There is no need to repeat that playing scratch cards is extremely simple. You literally have 4 buttons to press and the user interface of the casino will help you realize when you have won something. Other facts we can add here are also simple to understand. A gambler who play scratch cards online can win big time or can play for a longer period of time using smaller bets. It is up to you and all gamblers should place the most comfortable bet according to their budget.

Best scratch cards can help you win a massive prize which can be withdrawn immediately to your bank account or can be used to place another bet. All of this sounds very interesting and appealing. But, what if we can tell you that you can play with free scratch cards? More of this point later on. Read the source to know more information on this topic.

Tips for Playing

Playing scratch cards is simple, desirable and can be profitable. But what if we can enhance your experience even more? Yes, we can actually. There are a lot of tips players can use and all of the best ones will be mentioned and explained below. After reading this you can play all the scratch cards you like and maximize your winnings.

Try a game in free mode first

Even the best scratch games come with unique gameplay. What this means is that the possibilities are endless and you will have to understand the mechanics of each game before you start playing. Yes, they do have the same basics, but they also have a lot of unique and different features. Try a game in free mode first and then start betting real money.

Determine the budget

Although a well-known tip, it has huge importance. This tells you that all players should determine a budget which is the most comfortable to them. After that, you can find the best online scratch cards and the best casino. But, you can also find a casino which is just right according to your budget. It is more important tip than you may believe.

Don’t play online scratch cards when drunk

When you are drunk, you won’t be able to play the game correctly and you will lose more money. The same issue refers when you are not in the mood so keep that in mind.

Find a casino with an excellent bonus

Almost all online casinos will offer great bonuses, but some are better than the others. Always find the one that has a great bonus on the deposit and the scratch cards and you will be able to fin big time. It is like gambling with free money.

Read rules and regulations of scratch cards

Scratch cards may come with separate rules and regulations a casino offers so make sure to read this before you start playing. It will usually contain important and needed explanations.

Play a game you like

When we play a game or games that we, we are more focused on the details. This is needed for playing scratch cards and it is a game-changer. You will have a great time, learn something new and enjoy.

Try different games

You never know when you will find a new game that is extremely appealing to you and that will keep you busy for days. Try different games and you will find the one you like. Playing can be fun so use this advantage.

Use your winnings

If or when you win playing scratch cards, use the winnings and play more. If you are on a lucky strike, you will probably win even more money or other rewards.

Play at different casinos

Try as many online casinos as possible in order to find the game you like and to play various games. It is just a matter of time when you will find the best games of this kind and the ones that are paired with superb bonuses.

Always use promotions

All of these tips refer to the best scratch cards online India and they are obtained from professional gamblers from the same country. As such, use them with each gameplay and enjoy your winnings.

Free or Real Money

You probably recall that we mentioned a free possibility to play scratch cards. Now is the time to reveal this perk. The free scratch cards are available here on our website and all players have the ability to test and try any game regarding the online casino scratch cards completely for free. You need a few minutes of your time and nothing more. All major, popular and even rare games are available. You won’t have to provide any personal information in order to play them and you can learn about each game easily and within seconds. All of this is important in order to be able to play the game in the online casinos and actually win big time. Online scratch card games available here are safe and reliable.

Once you are ready to start scratch and win online we are here to help you once again. We have a huge selection of online casinos available and popular in India and all of them have been properly tested and approved by our personnel. Now you can find a safe online casino with stunning bonuses and stunning odds you have to scratch and win online big time. Yes, this applies to scratch cards as well.

We will continue to provide you with the latest and the best scratch cards free games at CasinoHEX and to guide you through the impressive gameplay. Keep in mind that scratch cards are extremely popular due to a reason and you can win big time if you know which game and where to play.

Scratch Cards FAQ

❓ What are scratch cards?
Scratch cards are literally cards in the real world or available in the virtual form that allow you to scrape the surface and win a reward by getting a specific symbol combination.
📌 How I can play scratch cards?
Scratch cards are available in any online casino. Just get a new card, click reveal and your winning will be added to your account.
🔥 Which rewards are available?
Scratch cards offer various rewards starting from a replacement card up to the million-dollar prize.
🎁 Do bonuses apply on scratch cards as well?
Yes, most of the real scratch cards games come with bonuses that casino offers to new players. It is like playing with real money for free.
🔍 Where I can play free online scratch cards?
You can find free demo games on our website. We also provide you with reviews of the best and the most appealing online casinos where you can play all sorts of scratch cards for real money.
🔸 Are all scratch cards the same?
No. They are more than just different.
⭐ Are scratch card casino games played by beginners only?
Yes and no. Most gamblers who play scratch cards are actually professional gamblers. Others play for fun and third are newbies who are learning about this gambling form.