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Scratch cards were one of the first options when it comes to gambling in real life. Today you can still get one in your local store, scratch card to win cash. But, we are more interested in online options. They are a virtual version of the actual cards we just mentioned. They also offer you the possibility to win a prize, easily if we can add and they are available anywhere these days. Read further to know more.

Best Casinos with Scratch Card to Win Cash

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Data regarding the scratch card games that are collected across online casinos is impressive as well, and there are many interesting articles on this topic. Almost 90% of gamblers have tried scratch card to win cash and half of them have been using them ever since. Reasons for that are visible. Using or playing with scratch cards online is extremely simple. You don’t have to memorize any symbols, to gather and improve a collection or anything similar. All you have to do is to buy scratch cards online and you are done.

Although it sounds completely simple and in reality it is, there are a lot of facts you will need to know about money scratch card games before you start scratching for the first time. All of the facts and all the points you will ever need to know will be revealed in the sections below. We have tested, analyzed and used various cards of this kind all in order to explain them completely. Your first experience connected with free scratch cards in India will be exciting when you choose to play them at However, we also have a great offer for real money gamblers, who are looking for reliable online casinos. Check out our list of best online casinos in India and win big money with the best scratch cards for real cash.

Free Scratch Card Games

What Are Scratch Cards

scratch card games in India

Win Cash App Sites with Scratchcards

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In order to understand what scratch card games are in the online gambling industry, you will have to understand what they are in real life first. As the name suggests, these are small cards, usually the size of a credit card that has various prints on them, such as a logo of the Indian lottery establishment of the prizes you can win by playing with the card. One part of the card is coated with a non-transparent coating. You will have to scratch it (hence the name) and you will see various symbols and icons.

If you collect, for instance, three the same symbols, you have just won a prize. The prizes vary significantly, and they cannot be generalized. The lowest prizes include an offer to get the money back for the card you have purchased to replace it and get another one. All of you are probably more interested in more profitable rewards. They can include a specific amount of money or even a car. Add the fact these cards are affordable, and you can get a better idea of how special and appealing they are.

Scratch cards are available in an online form as well. You will have to visit a casino (most of them do offer) and to start scratch and win real cash. The same rules and the same points as with the real-world scratch card games apply in this case scenario. However, gambling in an online form is slightly more appealing than in real life. The scratchers can adjust the bet, can play using any device, and also instantly while on the go. His winnings will be added to his account, and he can withdraw them or use them for other forms of gambling.

The entire process of playing scratch card games online can last for a few seconds and it is extremely simple. There are countless online establishments where you can play but all of them offer the same or at least similar gambling experience.

How to Play Scratch Card Games?

Let’s imagine a scenario in which you are new to online gambling and you suddenly have realized that scratch card games are the thing you like. How to start playing? We will explain scratch card online games process in detail and cover all the points you will need to know, if you are a newbie or if you have played scratch cards a long time ago. Anyway, you will have to follow the steps listed below.

  • find scratch cardsNot every online casino has scratch card to win money, but those listed on this page do. So choose your favorite from our list of best casinos with scratch cards and click ‘play now’. From there, you will be taken to the casino to get started.
  • create accountTo create an account click ‘register’. You will need to provide personal information such as your name, address, and contact details. These may also need to be verified before the account is fully opened. Here’s where you will set a username and password.
  • make depositNow it’s time to add some funds. Head over to the banking area to select your chosen payment method such as a credit card or e-wallet. Enter how much you want to spend and click submit. The funds will appear in your balance within just a couple of seconds.
  • chooseTo find the scratch cards, head over to the games lobby. They may have their own scratch card section or they could be categorized under instant wins. Finally, click ‘launch’ to launch the game on desktop or mobile.
  • enjoyThe specific rules will vary by game, but the aim of a scratch card is to find matching symbols. You can select to scratch off the card manually by clicking on each area, or auto-reveal for even faster thrills. Good luck and enjoy!
  • How to Play Scratch Card Games?
  • 5
  • Time: 7 minutes
  • Supply: Sign Up and Deposit
  • Tools: Personal details, banking method, casino with scratch cards

There is no need to repeat that playing scratch card games is extremely simple. You literally have 4 buttons to press and the user interface of the casino will help you realize when you have won something. Other facts we can add here are also simple to understand. A gambler who play scratch cards online can win big time or can play for a longer period of time using smaller bets. It is up to you and all gamblers should place the most comfortable bet according to their budget.

Best scratch cards can help you win a massive prize, which can be withdrawn immediately to your bank account or can be used to place another bet. All of this sounds very interesting and appealing. But, what if we can tell you that you can play with free scratch card games? More of this point later on. Read the source to know more information on this topic.

Unlimited Scratch Card Variations

scratch cards online variations

Scratch card games are no longer simple cards you buy for spare change at your local gas station, but exciting and thrilling games that sometimes combine several casino genres. In this part of the article, we won’t focus on different themes and topics that appear (like panda scratch cards and pirate scratch cards) as that would be a total waste of space, but will rather focus on different types of games, depending on how the scratchcard is played. Of course, these days, all cards can be played manually and automatically, so you can choose just to press the button and reveal fields, or move the cursor by yourself to discover the prize.

Tips for Indian Players

Playing scratch cards is simple, desirable, and can be profitable. But what if we can enhance your experience even more? Yes, we can actually. There are a lot of tips players can use, and all of the best ones will be mentioned and explained below. After reading this, you can play all the scratch cards you like and maximize your winnings.

Real Money Scratch Card to Win Cash

We reviewed online casinos with scratch card games to find the best casino brands for our visitors. You probably recall that we mentioned a free possibility to play scratch card games. Now is the time to reveal this perk. The free scratch cards are available here on our website, and all players can test and try any game regarding the online casino scratch cards completely for free.

You need a few minutes of your time and nothing more. All major, popular, and even rare games are available. You won’t have to provide any personal information to play them, and you can learn about each game easily and within seconds. All of this is important to be able to play the game in the online casinos and win big time. Online scratch card game selection available here are safe and reliable.

Once you are ready to start scratch and win real money online, we are here to help you once again. We have a huge selection of online casinos available and popular in India, and all of them have been properly tested and approved by our personnel. Now you can find a safe online casino with stunning bonuses and stunning odds you have to scratch and win online real cash big time. Yes, this applies to scratch cards as well.

We will continue to provide you with the latest and the best scratch cards free games at CasinoHEX and to guide you through the impressive gameplay. Keep in mind that scratch card games are trendy due to a reason and you can win big time if you know which game and where to play.

Online vs. Standard Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are very convenient, yet many players still prefer to purchase them at kiosks, gas stations or stores. We can’t deny it, classic scratch cards have a lot of charm!

However, there are a couple of distinct advantages to purchasing an online scratch card. First and foremost, any online casino has an unlimited supply of the scratch card you prefer. Unlike at a kiosk, it is impossible for them to run low on the supply, as cards are virtual.

Then, we have bonuses associated with scratch card gaming, one of them being the cashback. Namely, in this type of bonus, you get back a percentage of the lost money. The most you can get at a gas station is a sympathetic smile.

Let’s not forget to mention, that you can also install a scratch cards app. In such apps, you get access to a ginormous selection of scratch cards of all kinds. Donut-themed, classic 3×3 cards, elaborate 10×10 cards that look like bingo tickets – the choice is up to you!

Still, understand that not every app is a good scratch cards app. Some of them simply don’t support real money gaming. That is why it is better to focus on real and regulated online casino sites that pay real money in case of winning.

There are many reasons to play your scratch cards online, and now, it’s time to see if there is any strategy to it!

Win Money Online Scratch Cards: Strategy and Tips

Scratch cards are, in their essence, a pure game of luck. It is impossible to say or predict what the colourful foil or virtual cover hides until you remove them. Even so, every single player can easily improve their chances and find a winning scratch card.

Here are some tips to implement in your sessions:

Read the Game Reviews

Truth be told, finding scratch card game reviews is not easy, but they do exist. Spend some time reading them, to find out what games provide a better experience. You don’t want to spend your precious time and money on dull and boring cards that look straight out of 1995, do you? After you have picked a few favourites, proceed to the next step.

Read Game Rules

Most players think that scratch cards have no rules. You simply purchase the card and then scratch it. It should be that simple! Well, it is and it isn’t. The most basic cards still operate in that way, but modern online scratch cards can elevate the experience. Read the rules to learn all about winning combos, RTPs, special boosters, free tickets, and everything else that might come in handy when trying to earn some cash.

Play the Free Demo

Utilize the free demo mode to your advantage. You might not win sensational amounts, but you will get a better grasp of what the game looks like, and whether it is the one for you. On top of that, you’ll learn all the game mechanics before placing any real money at stake. Better safer than sorry!

Adjust the Betting Amount

Most cards have a price set by default, however, many of them have a couple of betting options they offer. This means you can spend more or less, all depending on how finely you tune your bet.

Cautious with Pay-to-Play Features

Nowadays, games might offer you to pay a few extra coins to activate a special feature. Be careful with them, because it is easy to overspend when you pay for extra perks!

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1️⃣ What are scratch cards?

Scratch cards are literally cards in the real world or available in the virtual form that allow you to scrape the surface and win a reward by getting a specific symbol combination.

2️⃣ How can I play scratch cards?

Scratch cards are available in any online casino. Just get a new card, click reveal, and your winning will be added to your account.

3️⃣ Which rewards are available?

Scratch cards offer various rewards starting from a replacement card up to the million-dollar prize.

4️⃣ Do bonuses apply on scratch cards as well?

Yes, most of the real scratch cards games come with bonuses that casino offers to new players. It is like playing with real money for free.

5️⃣ Where can I play free online scratch cards?

You can find free demo games on our website. We also provide you with reviews of the best and the most appealing online casinos where you can play all sorts of scratch cards for real money.

6️⃣ Are all scratch cards the same?

No. They are more than just different.

7️⃣ Are scratch cards only for beginners?

Yes and no. Most gamblers who play scratch cards are professional gamblers. Others play for fun, and third are newbies who are learning about this gambling form.
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