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With the rise of online roulette in India, every player can easily enjoy the sound of the roulette wheel being spun.

Roulette remains one of the most popular games in online casinos in India. How to play online roulette in India? What are the rules? Strategies? Don’t bet on black quite yet, as we have all the answers you need!

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Play the Best Online Roulette in India

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How to Choose The Best Online Roulette Casino?

Choosing the best online roulette casino is not as simple as it seems, but thankfully, with our help, you will find plenty of options to pick from. The easiest way to settle for a casino is to take a look at our lists. We have many online roulette sites listed just for you.

All of them have been scrutinized and reviewed by our team of professionals. They apply a strict level of criteria, thus making sure you are getting balanced and unbiased information at all times. You’ll be playing with your new favourite casino in no time.

real cash roulette

But, if you wish to find that site on your own, we won’t leave you hanging. Instead, we will let you know all about the criteria we use when rating online roulette casinos. Are you ready? This is what to focus on!

License and Safety

Playing safe is one of the highest imperatives in the online gambling industry. An online casino might be fun, but unless it is licensed and approved by respectable authorities, it is no good. CasinoHex promotes only online casino sites with valid licenses, ready to play by the book.

Okay, but how does the license affect you? Well, as a rule, online casinos with licenses that support real-money online roulette, will have to follow a strict set of rules regarding how they offer their roulette games and manage accounts. Therefore, you’ll be much safer, than with an online casino without a seal of approval.

Even so, one should never neglect the technical aspect of online casino gaming safety. Look for online casino sites that have all the latest security protocols and endorse safe gaming practices. If there is a 2FA login, even better! All sites we recommend adhere to all these rules and are safe to play with.

Variety of Roulette Games

The main reason why you are reading this article is your interest in online roulette in India. Despite your passion for spinning wheels, balls and red and black, it is also good to play at an online casino that has an admirable selection of casino games of all sorts. Why? Because when you get tired of online roulette, you’ll want to play something else!

Modern online casinos available at CasinoHEX India all have thousands and thousands of online casino games, ready to be played with a single click. Besides relying only on real money online roulette in India, online casinos also have a splendid selection of slot games, progressive jackpots, table and card games, live casino games, bingo, and sometimes even sports.

Variety is the key to successful gaming, so don’t be afraid to switch things up. With great online casinos and successful gaming studios, you will have the time of your life each time you play.

Roulette Casino Bonuses and Promotions

We all know the best roulette games are fun, but it is often bonuses and promotions that convince the player to sign up with a particular brand and play online roulette for real money in India. It goes without saying, bonuses make the online casino world go around, and Indian players can’t get enough of them. That’s why each and every review you find on this site will also focus on online roulette bonus deals.

Online bonuses can take all shapes and sizes you can think of. There are deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. New Indian players are frequently greeted with a welcome bonus. Sometimes, gamers may receive free spins, or play online roulette with a free bet. Additionally, there are loyalty programs and VIP clubs. And yes, you can even receive cashback!

Don’t get mesmerized by the offers you receive, but keep a cool head and always check bonus terms. That’s what our team also does!

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Real money roulette can be played only after you make a cash deposit. This is where payment methods step into the spotlight. We are always happy to see a plethora of payment methods laid out in front of the gamer, so they can decide what works best for them.

As a rule, online roulette gamers like payment methods that are fast, cost-efficient, reliable, and trustworthy. Many of them will give an advantage to cryptos over fiat payment methods, just like there are gamers who prefer local payment methods over global ones.

The online roulette casinos we promote all live up to the highest expectations. Not only do they support many payment methods, local and global ones, crypto and fiat ones, but they have realistic and user-friendly payment policies. The limits are reasonable, and fees are manageable. What is left to wish for? Mobile gaming, you say? No worries! We’ve got you covered!

Roulette Mobile Gambling

Mobile gaming is nowadays essential to having a good gaming experience. Some might even say it is synonymous with it. With the rise of smartphones, and our addition to screen time, mobile casinos online have found their spot on the market, and we dare to say a very prominent one. That’s why every casino you’ll find on our list has a superb mobile platform.

You can enjoy mobile gaming via mobile sites, or special apps designed to enable gaming with just a few taps on the screen. The online roulette casinos we rate have reliable mobile platforms, equipped with all the same roulette games, bonuses, and features as the desktop site. You won’t be missing out on anything, but you will gain so much if you opt for them.

With mobile casinos, you can play online roulette in India no matter where you are, and what time of the day it is. Your favourite casino games will never be more than a click away.

Roulette Casino Customer Support

So, you play online roulette and see yourself as a hotshot. Hold your horses, and be ready to contact customer support if needed. These guys will always be by your side. Live chat, email, and phone are the most common means of communication, but there are also online casinos relying on WhatsApp and Telegram. Talk about being modern!

Despite all that, online roulette sites should be noted good customer support is available 24/7. Also, it should be friendly, and knowledgeable about all things casino. It should really be a service you can rely on, and that will provide you with precise and honest information, and even offer you a solution, especially if your favourite roulette online games are not loading!

Navigation and Design

We can all agree, you don’t want to play online roulette at a casino that is a total mess, to begin with. Looks don’t make a casino, but navigation plays a large part in your overall roulette-playing experience. A streamlined and user-friendly approach is a must.

We always aim to find casinos with great libraries, organized in all the best possible ways. We want you to play online roulette, or any other game for that matter, without having to scratch your head or ask for help.

How to Play Online Roulette for Real Money in India?

Real money roulette is the most popular type of online roulette there is. essentially, you place real money bet, hoping to win a real money payout. That’s what gaming is all about! Although online roulette is famous for being a game of luck, it would be wise to get familiar with it.

Like most games, real money roulette is a game with rules, and if you don’t know them, you might feel like you’re stuck. We all know that is not a particularly good feeling, so CasinoHex team prepared a short and sweet guide to help you understand what the roulette game is all about.

We are aware of the fact that real money roulette comes in different variants. For now, we’ll focus only on essentially, and once you get that, we’ll discuss different variants. Are you read to learn how to play online roulette? Let’s go, then!

Roulette Equipment

All online roulette variations use the same equipment. Players are not allowed to touch the equipment. In an online roulette casino, that won’t be an issue, but it is good to keep this in mind if you ever enter a brick-and-mortar gaming site. The only person allowed to touch the equipment is the croupier. They will be present even in live roulette.

Online roulette is played on a special table with a chart on it. The chart displays different kidneys of bets you can place while playing real money roulette. Another rudimentary element of the roulette game is the wheel. The roulette wheel has black and white fields, as well as green zero fields, depending on the variant.

The last, but not the least, element in the roulette game is the ball. The croupier will release the ball, or the ball will drop down automatically from a contraption. It has to settle in one field for the round to be over.

Roulette Bets and Payouts

Online roulette is a game famous for its colourful array of roulette bets and payouts. Generally speaking, most online roulette casino games support 3 kinds of bets:

Outside Bets

Outside bets are wagers placed on large groups of numbers. They never include 0, nor 00. Essentially, you don’t bet on one number, column or row, but on a group of numbers.

Payout 1:1 is available with the following bets:

Payout 2:1 is available with the following bets:

The biggest advantage of this type of gambling is that you bet on many numbers at once, thus providing you with greater odds for hitting a win. Still, the win will never be as substantial as with some other types of online roulette bets.

Inside Bets

Inside bets are famous for having the best payouts in roulette. In the betting process, you are staking money on one or more numbers, usually in close proximity to each other. Let’s take a look at these real money roulette options:

Racetrack Bets

Racetrack bet is normally available only in online roulette games at live casino. It is not featured in every single online roulette game you’ll encounter, so read the roulette game description before playing, to be sure the casino offers it.

In this case, you are betting one of the three:

Each segment contains certain numbers included in the bet. The numbers may vary, depending on the online roulette variant you play.

Online Roulette Gameplay

When playing online roulette, you will first have to decide how much you want to bet. In online roulette, you don’t handle real chips, but virtual ones. Click them until you are satisfied with the amount. Sometimes, you’ll have to think fast, as the croupier will close the bets after a while.

The next step in the roulette game is up to the croupier. They will spin the roulette wheel in one direction, and the ball in the opposite, dropping it onto the roulette wheel in a very specific manner. Everyone has to wait for the ball to settle.

Once that happens, the croupier will announce the winning number, the winner, and the new round will begin. Online roulette is a relatively fast-paced game, you better be ready to keep up with it.

Online Roulette Games Variations

Have you got it all figured out? Good, because it is time we move on to explain different kinds of online roulette. Before we start, keep in mind roulette game providers have great imagination, and are often instructing unorthodox concepts to the basic online roulette game.

This results in very specific releases, that can be categorized as neither here nor there. For example, there are online roulette variants that involve only really low bets, as well as VIP roulette tables that ask for hundreds of dollars.

real money roulette

Still, we managed to gather an impressive number of roulette variants one could encounter in their gaming sessions. Plus, all of them are supported by the best online casinos we promote. It’s time we see what online roulette games are all about.

European Roulette

European roulette is the base of many other online roulette games, and arguably the most popular online roulette variant there is. the main secret behind its popularity is the low house edge, at a measly 2.63%.

This version of online roulette is played with a roulette wheel containing 37 positions. 36 are reserved for numbers from 1 to 36, and one is reserved for a single zero. The roulette game supports all the types of bets we previously mentioned, but racetrack betting is supported only on selected titles.

American Roulette

American Roulette is slightly more challenging. The online roulette player has to face pretty high house odds – 5.26%, which is twice as much as in European roulette. What makes American roulette bet special, is that you can bet not only on 0 but also on 00.

Yes, we know what you are thinking, and you are not wrong. The American roulette wheel has 38, and not 37 fields. The numbered positions also include places from 1 to 36, but there are also zero (0) and double zero (00).

French Roulette

French roulette is the original version of the game. It was founded in court, as a way to entertain the aristocrats. Nowadays, it is played regardless of status and enjoys significant popularity. The house edge in this online roulette variant is very similar to that of European roulette and is around the 2.7% mark.

The main distinction between this and other types of roulette is the table layout. It is slightly different and may include words in French. Other than that, the rules boil down to the same basics.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is a game developed by Evolution. The popular live dealer games provider created this distinctive game to make live roulette even more fun.

In this type of online roulette, Indian players are greeted not only with basic bets, but also extra chances to win with added Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts. The table has an unlimited number of seats, meaning you can play online roulette along with your peers from all over the globe. Visually stunning, and with massive payout potential, it is one of the most popular live roulette versions out there.

Mega Fire Blaze Roulette

Another popular version of live online roulette is the Mega Fire Blaze Roulette by Playtech. Again, it takes a fun twist on the evergreen genre by adding new elements to European roulette, one of them being the potential payout of 10,000x the bet.

Bonus rounds and special bets are what make this game one of the most thrilling online roulette games at any live casino. Make sure to give it a go!

Auto Roulette

Unlike many other online roulette games, auto roulette doesn’t require the presence of a croupier. The rounds are announced and executed by a special contraption that releases the ball and does the countdown to the new round.

This roulette game has many fans, but also opponents, as some like to think there should always be a human touch involved. To each their own.

Speed Roulette

Speed roulette can be any kind of online roulette, as long as the game is played at a fast pace. For instance, the dealer gives Indian players around 20 seconds on average to place their bets. In speed roulette, it may be only 10 seconds, or even less.

This game is definitely not for those with the faint of heart, nor for those who can’t handle keeping an eye open at all times. Regardless, adrenaline-seekers will surely love it.

Play Mobile Roulette for Real Cash

Online Roulette CasinoBest for:Welcome Bonus
1xBetAt all. Our top#1 right now₹7500
Voodoo DreamsSign-up Bonus₹100000
DafabetLive Roulette Providers₹8000
GenesisRoulette Variations₹30000
Lucky DaysMobile Roulette₹100000
Omnia CasinoFast Payouts₹30000
MyChance CasinoDeposit Options₹40000

It is no secret that Indian players like to enjoy their favourite online roulette titles on their mobile phones. The mobile casino is no longer a novelty, but a necessity, and one can easily understand why. It gives you access to enjoy online roulette no matter where you are, and what you do, as long as you have an internet connection.

Also, we feel obliged to mention that high-quality mobile casinos where you can play online roulette, will have the same selection of roulette games and bonuses as their desktop counterparts.

Roulette Mobile Casinos

Mobile sites are a kind of mobile platform that requires no installation or downloads. You can play roulette mobile version on any device, without restrictions. All you need are:

This kind of online roulette gaming has many fans, as well as opponents. The fans argue it is the simplest and most straightforward way of gaming. Others argue it is not as safe as mobile apps.

Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong with playing on a mobile site, as long as you follow the basic internet safety rules. Keep your password a secret, and don’t use public Wi-Fi, and you’ll be okay.

Roulette Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are very popular among gamers who prefer to do everything with just one click. Before you start using the interface, you will have to download the app and install it on your phone. From then on, once you log in, all your roulette games, balance, deposits, and withdrawals will be available to you with a single tap on the screen.

The main downside of this method is that it takes time to be set up. Additionally, some Indian players might not have the knowledge to do so. Ultimately, you may have to update it every once in a while. Meanwhile, this truly is the easiest and most convenient way of playing roulette online.

Live Roulette

Playing roulette at a live casino site is the closest thing to playing it in a brick-and-mortar venue. The only difference is, you are not physically present at a casino, but the dealer is. Surrounded by multiple cameras, a professional croupier will drop a ball on the roulette wheel, after the bets have been closed. Once the round is over, they will announce a new one!

One of the main benefits of live casino roulette is that you can play roulette without visiting a gambling venue. Realistic, available 24/7 and streamed from fancy studios it is one of the most glamorous types of gambling, that features all the bets we listed above.

The live roulette repertoire grows with every new online roulette release that hits the market, and trust us – there are more than we can count. Some of the most popular online roulette variants in Indian roulette live casinos are:

Best Roulette Casino Software Providers

Playing casino roulette would be impossible without reliable software providers. Namely, these companies are the ones creating new roulette games and variants to keep you at the edge of your seat. All of them have their distinctive style, and approach to this evergreen classic.

Even so, any reliable roulette game must follow some of the basic rules:

To help you comb through the forest of online roulette suppliers out there, we created a list of the brands that are considered to be the best ones:

Evolution Gaming Roulette

Evolution is one online roulette brand you don’t want to miss out on. Specialized in live gaming, this company supports all the most basic online roulette variants, and then some. Standing behind the most thrilling games on the market, such as Lightning Roulette, Evolution is a true trendsetter, and a brand with the power to shift the market.

The main disadvantage of Evolution is that it doesn’t support traditional roulette games, relying on random number generators. It’s all about going live!

Pragmatic Play Roulette

Pragmatic Play is a casino gaming studio with an excellent selection of both RNG games, and live casino roulette games. Famous for its design, Pragmatic Play always manages to step things up a bit.

Although it still has some work to do to reach stellar status, Pragmatic Play is a good way to do so. Its live roulette repertoire is simply phenomenal and full of surprises, especially more recent games, such as PowerUP Roulette.

Playtech Roulette

Playtech is a name that needs no introduction. As one of the most famous online gaming suppliers in the world, it has a portfolio to match. Whether you enjoy RNG games or want to play live casino games, Playtech will deliver.

What makes this supplier so interesting is the fact it is not afraid to get wild and adorn its roulettes with more features than you can imagine. It is not rare to see live casino roulette, inspired by a popular online slot, with a massive progressive jackpot bonus attached to it. Does it get any crazier than that?

Play’n Go Roulette

Unlike the brands we mentioned above, Play’n Go is a gaming provider relying only on RNG roulette games. Enjoy their European Pro Roulette and enjoy the advanced version of a popular classic.

One of the main advantages of playing Play’n Go games is the fact it is well-represented on the Indian market. Almost every casino on our list has its online roulette games listed.

NetEnt Roulette

NetEnt, the bad boy of casino industry, is pretty alive and kicking in the world of table games, as well. Start your playing journey with a brand standing behind Roulette Advance, and the three most popular variants – European, American, and French. Dressed to impress, these games are worth their weight in gold, especially if you are a beginner, looking for a gamer with a slower rhythm.

Online Roulette for Real Money in India

One of the main concerns when it comes to playing the thrilling game of roulette is whether it is legal to play or not. As usual, things in India tend to get more complex than necessary.

As you probably know, gambling in India is mostly regulated by The Public Gambling Act of 1867. The year, when the law stepped into power, tells you everything you need to know on how it sees online gambling. It doesn’t. Unsurprisingly, Indian authorities have found no reason so far to regulate online roulette or any other game for that matter.

Still, some states are putting significant effort into creating a solid regulatory framework. So, if you want to know if online roulette is legal in your state, check with your local authority.

With that out of the way, we have to say online roulette is one of the most popular games in India. Casino customers are always looking forward to new variants and ideas coming from reputable software providers.

Best Online Roulette Payments in India

To play for real money, you have to make real money deposits. And when playing for real money, you get to make real money withdrawals! In this case, online roulette is no different from any other game!

Before we tackle the methods one can use to play roulette online, let’s focus on different aspects of payments we find important. Indian casinos support a whole range of fast, cheap, safe, and reliable payment methods. All of them allow making transfers in IR, thus allowing you more successful budgeting, and staying away from exchanges that come with fees, and unfavourable rates.

The most popular depositing and withdrawal methods include:

It is impossible to say which payment method is the best, as every gamer has their own preferences and ideals. As a rule, e-wallets and cryptos are much cheaper and faster than bank wire. Still, bank wire and banking cards are safe, reliable, and accepted by all casinos, even if they come with some fees attached.

Play Online Roulette Free Games

All this time we’ve been talking about real money roulette options, but what if you don’t have, or don’t want to spend money on gambling? There is still a way to enjoy this thrilling game, but remember, they won’t support any real money wins. They are fun, but only for so long.

Two options to play free online roulette are:

Roulette Apps

Online roulette gaming apps can be easily found on many websites, and app stores. One thing that distinguishes them from real money gaming is the fact you don’t have to pay for it, unless you are willing to make in-game purchases.

The entire gaming process boils down to playing with virtual coins, diamonds, or lives. Each day, the game will reward you with a new amount of in-game currency, and if you want, you can always buy more. Although you spend real money and real-time on this game, it will never pay you real cash in return. For this reason, we see no appeal in such gaming.

Demo Casino Roulette Games

Meanwhile, almost every online casino will offer you a demo mode. It looks and feels like a real game, but the money you’ll be using will be virtual. Therefore, you won’t be making any real money wins. Still, you will gain precious experience you can’t get in any other way.

Playing demo roulette is something all responsible Indian players do. They simply spend some time focusing on roulette rules, and applying strategies, without risking any real money. Once they are ready, they proceed to real money gaming.

Online Roulette Strategies to Win Real Money

Roulette is a game of chance, but as such, it still has a lot of strategies and roulette winning formula players apply. Before we continue to discuss them, know that they should serve only as guidelines, or as a way to develop your signature playing style, and don’t promise anything.

Martingale Roulette Strategy

The main premise of the Martingale strategy is to progressively increase your bet amount, after every losing bet. That way, once you hit a win, it will cover all the losses in the past. This particular roulette strategy is very risky and is mostly applied by Indian players with unlimited budgets, who don’t mind making big bets.

The vast majority of average gamers would struggle to keep up with it and remain within budget. Yet, those with money and time to engage in it, have nothing but words of praise for it. The most effective way to use the Martingale system is to only bet on even-money outside bets.

D’Alembert Roulette System

Similar to Martingale, the D’Alembert system is also focusing on even-money outside bets. The main difference is that instead of doubling the bet, the player adds only one unit of currency to the new one, hoping to partially cover the losses at some point. It is more affordable, but not more reliable. Online roulette is a game of luck, but give this strategy a go if you feel like it.

The Fibonacci Roulette System

The most reliable of all online roulette strategies, the Fibonacci system, is based on Fibonacci's number sequence. Essentially, your bets should be created by adding your last two bets together. For instance, you bet $2 and then $3, so the third bet should be $5, and the fourth $8.


Is online roulette available in all casinos in India?

For the most part, yes, online roulette is available at the majority of online casinos in India. Still, keep in mind, some casinos may have more roulette games than others.

How can I tell a good roulette casino from the bad one?

A good roulette casino will have a good variety of roulette games, as well as plenty of bonuses, payment methods, and of course a license. Find the best ones on the Indian market by checking our lists and reviews.

Can I play roulette online for free?

You can play roulette online for free by using the demo mode in games that support it. However, that way you won’t be able to trigger real money wins, just like you can’t win anything in roulette apps not supported by online casinos.

What is the best online roulette casino game?

The best online roulette casino game is the one that suits your style. Generally speaking, European and French roulette and their variants give you the highest chances to trigger a win a beat the house.
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