The online roulette game remains the most popular form of entertainment in casinos. Although initially expensive to play, online gaming sites have brought it to casual players. Roulette rules sit at the center to guide the gameplay and ensure unity across the board.

Like other casino games, you must know the rules of roulette before placing real-money bets. Anything outside of that is a recipe for failure. Learning how to play roulette begins with the equipment before expanding into the gameplay.

We have different variants of this game, each adding extra spice to the flow. They have a few roulette game rules that are peculiar to them. Hence, walking through all the steps is essential to enjoying the option and profiting from your real-money bets.

The Equipment

Everything you will ever learn about roulette gameplay ties back to the equipment on the ground. Different variants have slight changes to the primary play area, thus changing the roulette rules. So, we will walk through what you see on the table before dropping down to the rules.

The primary area contains the numbers 1 to 36. All the bets are a combination of these numbers, and you can only combine them according to the rules of roulette. Also, the layout for them is unchanged in all the variants.

Below the numbers, you will find different labeled boxes as follows:

The colors could be different depending on the casino or variant. Other labels, including 2 to 1, stay below the three major columns of numbers. So, you have 12 rows as the primary play area.

A single zero can stay above the numbers you have in European Roulette. You can also have single and double zeros, changing the roulette rules.

All the numbers, including the zeros, reflect in the wheel that carries the ball. All predictions or roulette bets depend on the result of the wheel's spin. Bet on the correct number, and you will land a win.

If you are a beginner, you can stand back and observe how roulette is played. Then, you will learn a few things quicker than you would be trying to learn while playing.

Getting Set for a Round

The rules of roulette begin before the dealer spins the wheel. Physical variants have a similar setup to the online versions, but there is more ease. First, you can stay anywhere; some actions don’t apply to digital variants.

Here are the rules of roulette game before you start:

Identifying the Winning Number

The ball may settle on a particular number before the wheel completes the spin. Once that happens, the dealer will place a marker on the winning number. You will win if you bet on that number.

Then, the dealer will pay out the winner (give the corresponding value in casino chips). You will receive the payout if you win. The table will clear out, and the dealer will take away all the chips involved in betting.

Rules of Using the Casino Chips

Casinos give out chips in different denominations, just as you would with physical cash. Sometimes, they will write the number on the body to signify the amount. Other times, you must rely on the colors to identify them.

The typical colors include green, black, red, blue, yellow, and orange. We cannot list out the values of these colors because they are casino-dependent. One operator may take red to represent INR 10, while another might regard it as INR 50.

Whichever case you find yourself in, understand what denominations the chips carry. This will allow you to place precise wagers, just like you would with real money. Nevertheless, online roulette does not have this feature, as you can see your stakes on the screen.

Different Variants and Rules

Apart from the bet types, different roulette variants have slightly varying rules. The difference in the layout calls for an alteration to the ground gameplay. With that in mind, we have the following rules peculiar to them:

European Roulette

This version has one zero and is the most popular because the house has less advantage. The added zero takes the number of outcomes to 37 instead of 36. So, all your bets will be on predicting the results.

You cannot bet on zero, but its appearance changes the rules. If the ball lands on zero, the dealer will lock all even-money wagers, including red/black and odd/even. You will lose half the value, but you can pick them up or leave them on the table for the next spin.

If the second spin still lands on zero, the bets are lost. This rule defines European roulette.

American Roulette

The American variant adds double zeros to the wheel and table. As a result, you have 38 outcomes on every wheel spin. Landing on zero is where we have the primary difference.

Casinos that feature this variant have a higher house edge because of the double zeros. That is how they remain profitable enough to host the game.

Also, the layout of the numbers on the wheel differs from European roulette.

You will lose any outside bet if the ball lands on 0 or 00. However, even money bets will have the same outcome if the ball lands on either zero. The only disadvantage is the addition of the double zero.

That increases the risk and lowers the payout compared to American roulette. American roulette is not popular in online casinos.

The En Prison Rule

Some roulette rules allow players to reclaim their bets if they lose them. You can only use the “en prison” rule on even-money wagers. If the ball lands on zero, the casino offers two approaches:

'La Partage' Rule

This rule shares many similarities with the En Prison guideline. However, there is no option to reclaim your bet on the subsequent spin. You will lose half of the wager going into the next spin.

Other Unspoken Rules in the Game

Apart from the more pronounced roulette rules, the game has a few things that control the gameplay. They are as follows:

The Odds and House Edge

All roulette bets carry unique odds, determining the payout if you win. The highest are the straight-up or single-number wagers, with odds of 36:1 in European roulette and 37:1 in the American version. You will get a payout of 35:1 if you win.

The house edge keeps the casino operational as they take out a specific percentage. You have 2.70% for the European version, while the American variant has a house edge of 5.25%. The difference is due to the double zeros in the latter.

Casinos pay out all bets after deducting the house advantage. As a result, it is one of the most fundamental roulette rules when placing bets.


The game begins with bet placements on the table. Once complete, the dealer stops collecting wagers and spins the wheel. Winning bets are paid out while the losing ones are cleared from the table.

While that is the simple rule of the game, the presence of zero adds a few things. You will lose your bet if the ball lands on zero in the European variant. However, you can reclaim the total value by allowing it to stay locked for the next spin.

Once on board, understand the betting range. Then, get your chips and place them over the numbers to bet.


Can I announce my bets?

Physical casinos only allow the announcement of specific bets, and you must call them out by name. These wagers don’t require the placement of chips on the numbers, as the dealer already knows the combination.

Does French roulette have special rules?

First, bet announcements are more common in the French variant. The house edge is also the lowest among all the versions, at 1.35%. En prison is another rule peculiar to French roulette.

Can I bet during the wheel spin?

The casino will stop accepting wagers before spinning the wheel. Listen to the dealer for the announcement.
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