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Top 3 Casinos to play for REAL Money
1 €200 + 100 FS
2 $1600
3 $1000

There’s a common misconception among Indian gamblers. Many people think that since online casinos are not legal in most Indian states, you can’t find a casino that would accept Rupees. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are plenty of Rupees casinos that server gamblers from India specifically. You can both make a deposit and withdrawal in INR, saving money on exchange fees.

Do you think that the only good casinos are EUR or USD casinos? You just haven’t seen a great INR casino yet! The odds are you’ve seen at least one international casino that you loved but didn’t realize that you can make a deposit in Rupees. We at CasinoHEX work hard to make sure about your opportunities in the money aspect of gambling.

Continue with the article, and you’ll learn everything there is to know about making deposits and withdrawals at casinos. You’ll also read a step-to-step guide on making a deposit in INR casinos.

Don’t think looking for INR online casinos is worth it? Read on, and you’ll see a list of benefits of these casinos. After all, finding a great casino that accepts Rupees is easy with CasinoHEX.

Where To Gamble For Rupees

1 $1600 Jackpot City 525+
    2 €300 + 50 FS 1xSlots 3231+
      3 $1600 Jackpots In A Flash 525+
        4 $200 Casino Epoca 550+
          5 $1200 Casinonic 1400+
            6 €1000+100 FS Lucky Days 1250+
              7 $1200+120FS Royal Vegas 500+
                8 100% up to Rs. 10,000 Showlion 250+
                  9 £200 Dafabet 150+
                    10 $200 Bet365 170+
                      11 100% up to $100 KTO 1200+
                        12 ₹10000 JeetWin 100+
                          13 $2300 BetSupremacy 1137+
                            14 $100 1xbet 1750+
                              15 500 MYR 12bet 602+
                                16 $500+50FS African Palace Casino 275+
                                  17 $5000 Indio Casino 269+
                                    18 $100 Royal Panda 685+

                                      HOW TO GAMBLE WITH RUPEES?

                                      Granted, you don’t see as many casinos that offer to make deposits with Rupees as you see EUR or USD casinos. It’s because many casinos are so big they don’t need to support multiple currencies. They know people will gamble there regardless of exchange fees. However, there are plenty of casinos that target our local gambling market. They let you pay and receive payments with Rupees, making your life a bit easier. Finding them is easy with CasinoHEX.

                                      WHAT ARE THE PAYMENTS METHODS FOR INR CASINO DEPOSITS?

                                      INR online casinos offer quite a variety of choice when it comes to making a deposit. After all, it’s in their interest to give you plenty of ways to make a deposit and make it easy for you. Here are the top picks when it comes to banking methods.

                                      The very basic option when it comes to making a deposit with Rupees is simply using your Visa or Mastercard. You don’t have to look for alternatives or think about how big the fees are going to be. Just take your credit card, type in the banking information into the safe payment gateway form, and your deposit is taken in instantly.

                                      Not keen on keeping your banking information in the open? There are alternatives. One of the best e-wallets you can use as a gateway is Skrill. After all, Skrill markets itself as a gambling payment system. Most Rupee casinos take it, so you won’t miss out at all if you pay using this e-wallet. The payment system supports INR payments, so there’s no need to lose money on exchange fees. You will, however, pay a 1.45% transaction fee and a 2% fee on Skrill deposits.

                                      Neteller is also a prime choice among INR online casinos. However, it has more issues associated with it. You can only use INR if you’re conducting a money transfer. For making purchases with your account, you’ll have to exchange currencies and pay a fee on top of it. You won’t be able to make a big withdrawal at first since it’s capped for new accounts. On the positive side, lots of Indian casinos accept it.

                                      PaysafeCard is another way of making a deposit in a Rupee casino. You can even use it as a discreet way of making a payment because you don’t need to get an account to make payments. All you have to do is just buy a prepaid card with a set amount of Rupees on it and use it as just as you would with any other debit card. When the money is gone, just get yourself a new one.

                                      EcoPayz is a more suitable alternative. It’s also a prepaid virtual card, but it supports INR. You can get yourself a debit card with Rupees and top it up any time without paying the exchange fee. You will have to pay a 1.5% fee on money transfers, though. Considering the fact you can pay directly in Rupees, it’s a great option.

                                      Lastly, you can always pay with Bitcoin. There are many INR casinos that accept BTC as well. Just filter our list of casinos by Bitcoin to see what casinos are available.

                                      Don’t see your preferred casino deposit option on our list? It’s not a problem. Even the less popular variants are represented in the world of Indian gambling. Filter our casino list by the payment option to see where you can make a deposit.

                                      HOW TO MAKE CASINO DEPOSITS WITH INR?

                                      The benefit of using CasinoHEX is that you’re not going to see any problems with making a deposit at any casino you choose. Pick any casino from the list, and you’ll make a deposit in Rupees smoothly. Here’s how you do this.

                                      First, you have to choose a casino. Don’t underestimate this stage. While we don’t list casinos that may defraud you, tastes differ. You may choose the first casino you see and then regret making a deposit because it doesn’t have enough table games to suit your needs. Browse the list of vetted casinos here at CasinoHEX, read a couple of reviews, and find the one you love.

                                      Then, you have to get yourself an account. It’s really easy in most places. All you have to do is come up with is a username and a password. Then, enter your email and verify it by clicking on a confirmation link that the casino sends you. You still have to undergo a KYC procedure since the anti-money laundering laws require it. It’s not hard at all, all you have to do is send the casino a copy of your utility bill. But that can be done later.

                                      Enter your account and go to the deposit section. You’ll see a list of deposit options there. Pick the right one from the list. Before you go for it, check whether there are payment options that give you bonuses. You may find that using another payment system will be more beneficial because of a 5-10% bonus.

                                      It’s at this stage that you can enter the bonus code. Most INR online casinos offer you to get some bonus money. The maximum numbers range from ₹5,000 to ₹20,000, so you can get quite a bonus to kick start your gambling with. Go to the “promotion” tab on the website to find out what bonuses casino offers. Enter the bonus code in the appropriate field and proceed.

                                      Depending on the payment method you chose, you’ll need to enter your banking information in the corresponding fields. For credit card payments with Rupees, you’ll need to enter a 16-digit code, the expiration date, and the CVC code from the back of your card. For prepaid cards like Paysafecard or EcoPayz, you can find that number on the website. If you’re using an e-wallet, it’s even easier. All you have to do is to enter your email and password.

                                      WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF GAMBLING WITH INDIAN RUPEES?

                                      Why make payments with Rupees if you can choose any casino and just convert your currency? Well, there are a couple of benefits to it.

                                      Gambling with Rupees saves you money. It may not be the biggest amount, but saving is better than spending, right? You can pay anywhere from 2% to 5% just to get your money exchanged. If you’re an avid gambler, you can be losing thousands of Rupees just on exchange fees.

                                      Often, you have to use third-party exchanges to make a deposit in a casino that doesn’t accept INR. Apart from having to pay an exchange fee, it may be dangerous. You never know if an exchange like this is 100% secure. With Rupee online casinos, you don’t have to worry about it.

                                      When you’re making a withdrawal, you lose double the exchange fee. You’ve paid it already, and now, you’ll pay it again when sending money from the casino to your bank account.

                                      Browse CasinoHEX list of INR online casinos, choose the one that suits your needs, and save money gambling!

                                      INR ONLINE CASINO DEPOSITS FAQ

                                      What advantages do I get if I use INR instead of USD?
                                      You may not be able to play at some online casinos since they only take USD. However, this doesn’t mean your choice in gambling is limited to INR casinos. All games that you can find at an international casino are available at INR casinos as well.

                                      If I choose Indian Rupees, won’t this limit my options?
                                      Not at all. You will be limited in the choice of casinos, not casino games. Browse our list of casinos to find the games you want to play, and pay with Rupees for playing them.

                                      Do online casino list and pay their entry bonuses in Rupees?
                                      Yes, INR online casinos show everything in Rupees. You won’t need to second-guess yourself when you bet since everything is shown in your currency.

                                      Do I still have to pay transaction fees with Rupees?
                                      Yes, you do pay transaction fees that your payment provider charges. However, you don’t have to pay exchange fees.