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The game of Video Poker has long proven its popularity amongst man casino lovers. It ranks as one of the few games with a high Return to Player (RTP) and, therefore, a lower house advantage. Overall, this enhances the chances of gamblers to enjoy the game while having increased chances of making money. While the game started in the physical casino, technology has ensured that a combination of its original form and the digital world ensures its availability on online casinos.

Indian casino game lovers will be quite happy also to hear that the game of online video poker is indeed available at their disposal. The ultimate aim in this game pitting the player against the computer is to have the best form of possible combination of cards once the drawing process has been completed to win. There are also some progressive jackpots to be won, which significantly enhances the chances of making huge profits in considerably smaller stakes.

In this article, we seek to discuss various aspects of video poker in India, including the selection of the best online casinos to play such a game, explaining the methods of play, providing some tips applicable, and answering some few FAQs applicable. We have gathered a list of the best and trusted casinos that can be utilised to play the game of video poker in India. So, come along and let’s know more about video poker in India.


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1 ₹30,000+20FS Genesis Casino 946+
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  • Entercash casino
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4 ₹10,400 1xbet 1750+
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6 Exclusive ₹120,000 Royal Panda 685+
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The Best Online Casinos to Play

The first essential step to follow when attempting to play the game of video poker is to know where to play the game! For this, the customer requires to use the best online casino to play. At CasinoHex, we make this process easier by selecting only the best casinos and providing such a shortlist. But how do we come up with such a list, one may ask.

The shortlist of the best online casinos for video poker is derived from using a set of defined criteria, which allows for the systematic analysis of the various associated factors. We look at factors such as:

  • Licence – No casino is worthwhile playing on when it doesn’t have a legal licence to operate. We check the registration and validity of the licence. We only shortlist casinos which comply with this.
  • Security – We want you to feel secure when depositing funds or entering personal details on the casino website. We check and verify the casino web page’s security to ensure that they are compliant with SSL requirements.
  • Bonuses – players would want to get favourable bonuses that enhance their chances of making profits. We select the casinos with the best bonus offerings and accompanying wagering terms.
  • Payment methods – We also realise the complexities of some payment methods when in Indian territory. We, therefore, check the options of deposits/withdrawals and only shortlist ones with favourable ones.
  • Mobile accessibility – this is the 21st century, where technology is always evolving. Mobile gambling is indeed upon us, and it is equally important for casinos to provide such an option. We select casinos that also provide the best mobile gambling services.

CasinoHex takes time to analyse these only to make a shortlist of the best, tried and tested casinos that meet the above criteria. Examples of such include 1xBet, Voodoo Dreams, Dafaplay, and many others. These casinos are highly recommended to play online video poker on.

What is Video Poker?

This is a common question for those willing to invest their time and money in learning such. Online video poker is a card-based online game involving a standard deck of 52 cards from which cards are drawn during the gameplay process. There are some other variants where, to spice up things, a Joker (wild card) is also available.

The gameplay involves a few simple steps, but let that not fool you. There is some required strategy in mastering the game and making the most optimum choices given by obtaining circumstances. The game process begins when the dealer draws cards. A total of 5 cards are drawn during the process, and these cards may or may not form a required hand pattern. The player then has a choice to discard/change the cards on hand or to suit them if they deem it necessary ultimately. This requires a bit of skill and a mix of instinct to establish the best course of action.

So what card combinations win during a video poker game online? Well, there several card combinations that will result in a player winning. They are summarised as below:

  • Jacks or better pays x1
  • Two pairs pay x2
  • Three of a kind pays x3
  • Straight pays x5
  • Flush pays x6
  • Full House pays x9
  • Four of a kind pays x20
  • Straight Flush pays x40
  • Royal Flush pays x250

Video poker reigns supreme over its physical casino counterpart in the sense that a player can have multiple hands, can play for practice in demo mode, and the games can be played from any location and any time. There are some customers we know have a preference to play video poker for free.

How to Play Video Poker

The game of online video poker may appear simple, yet it requires some strategies to maneuver across it successfully. We present a series of step by step explanations that can be used by punters to play this game. We also present appropriate strategies that may be employed when playing the game.

Step by Step Instructions

The following steps are involved in playing the game of online poker. Players mostly prefer the option of playing against the machine rather than other players. The player may also select some hands.

  • Select the size of bets – before any other steps can be done, it is important first to establish the size of bets one intends to place based on the available bankroll. The game of online video poker involves the placing of wagers in coins, and the player should establish what coin size they intend to use before any next step.
  • The first draw process – The machine deals a total of five cards to the player – The player will check the cards and establish whether they meet winning criteria before taking necessary action in the second step.
  • After the first dealing process, the player has the option of exchanging cards that not desired. If they do not wish to change any cards, they may select the hold button.
  • Once the player selects the deal button, any discarded cards are replaced by fresh ones.
  • The outcome of the game is based on the hand-selected by the player. Players are paid out according to criteria mentioned earlier such as Jacks or Better, and other criteria.

Game Strategy

While the game is simple on face value, there is an amount of strategy that is required to be utilised to make sure sustained winnings are realised. The online video poker strategy comes into place once the first card draw process has been done because of the cards on hand. The strategies can be properly practiced when one is playing free video poker. The strategies to be considered by punters involve the following:

  • The Flush – When a punter is presented with a flush after the first draw has been done, they should hold on to the cards as any exchange would jeopardize any further chances of winning. It is only recommended to act when the outcome of a Royal Flush is possible. A case in mind is when one is holding a King, Queen, Jack, Five, and Ten. To win a Royal Flush, one must replace the Five only.
  • Royal Flush – If one has a Royal flush after the first deal, then they should hold on to the cards as an exchange reduces the chances of winning.
  • Straight flush – In the case than a player has a straight flush, again, they should hold on to the cards as any exchange will further jeopardize the overall chances of winning.
  • Bankroll – it is important to manage the bankroll and maintain discipline when making stakes.
  • Low pairs – It is important to keep low pairs should they come out in the first card dealing process. It is generally better to have a pair of low cards rather than risking exchanging them with no predictable outcome.
  • Jacks or better – The appropriate strategies, in this case, include holding to four cards should all four lead to a straight or a flush. The player should also hold on to their cards in the case that the hand after the first deal has three cards to a royal flush

Video Poker in India

Now that we have learned about the gameplay and appropriate strategy, it is important to take note of the legality of playing the online video poker game in India. Is it legal? Is it allowed? Indeed, Video Poker is legal in India. While India has some laws which prevent local casinos from offering their services to residents, no law explicitly prohibits offshore casinos from offering the game services to players who are based in India. However, the best way is to use casinos that are recommended on the CasinoHex website.

Main Types of Video Poker

There are various variants of video poker online available from online casinos, and each brings about slight variants to the gameplay. We have narrowed down the main available variants as follows:

Deuces Wild

By far, the most popular variant of online video poker, Deuces Wild is based on a standard deck of 52 cards as is with other games. However, to spice things up, players have an option to select what the 2/deuce cards represent (making the wild symbols), ultimately making the game simpler due to this customisation. The odds are also lower to reflect such a change. There are also appropriate strategies that can be utilised to enhance one’s winnings.

Double bonus

The double bonus video poker is another variant of online poker that has great potential for winnings. This version involves the unlocking of two bonuses for selected four of a kind cards in hand. The game has a slightly higher variance when compared to its counterparts, such as Jacks or better. However, while there is a bigger gap between wins, the wins when they do come by having huge returns.

Triple play

For gamblers with a preference of higher risks and more thrills, then this is the ideal online video poker game for them. The game involves three hands at a time, increasing their exposure, fun, and ultimately potential returns.

Jokers Wild

Another variation comes in the form of the Jokers Wild video poker. In this game, the Joker is a wild card, and gamblers may choose whichever symbol they desire to be represented by it. The total number of cards involved in this game is therefore 53, i.e., a standard deck of 52 cards and one joker card.


This variant of online video poker involves many hands that can be played at a single time. Players may select up to 25 hands at a single time, which offers superiority over land-based video poker that only allows a single hand. The risk is higher, and so are the returns when wins are hit.


We have covered most of the applicable items when playing video poker online for real money. What tips can be used to maximise the winnings when playing this game: The punter may take the following tips:

  • Be aware of the variant – as explained earlier, there are variants of the online video poker game. The punter needs to be aware of the variant they are playing as each game differs in rules and appropriate strategy. The variants are discussed above.
  • Max coin bets – To maximise on potential winnings, punters may apply maximum coin bets to get the highest value from the wagers placed.
  • Bankroll management – A golden rule of gambling is to implement proper bankroll management. While the above tip recommends betting on the maximum possible coins, it is important to use proper bankroll management and apply stakes as fractions of the total bankroll. Never lump any stake!
  • Pay structures – Linked to the first point, the player needs to understand the pay structure of the online video poker they are playing. This allows them to make informed decisions when placing the bets.
  • Maximise on winnings – the player should select a variant of video poker that has the highest possible amount of winnings. This includes the options of a double bonus video poker.

Mobile online video poker

The world is evolving pretty fast, and we have seen a continuous increase in mobile device usage. Players would want to make use of mobile devices to access their favourite video poker games. Mobile devices can be used to play the online video poker game through the option of using a browser or downloading an application. The latter is preferred in some cases as it provides quick access to the gaming platform; there is a possibility of receiving notifications and bonuses as well. Well, a drawback would be the requirement for additional storage space for the installation of the application.

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Video Poker Online FAQ

⭐ Can I use my casino bonus on video poker?
It is indeed possible to use the casino bonuses that are awarded for new and existing customers to play video poker online. The exact mechanics of each promotion vary from casino to casino, and punters need to go through the terms and conditions to establish the applicable conditions for each particular casino. Some required wagering terms have to be met before any withdrawal can be made.
⭐ Is it legal to play online video poker in India?
Yes, it possible to play the game of online video poker on an online casino while in India. While the regulations do not allow for local operators to accept wagers, India gamblers can place bets legally using mostly offshore casinos. The users need to cross-check that the casino meets the minimum criteria required to ensure they receive the best service.
⭐ Where can one find a good casino to play video poker?
Finding the best casino to play online video poker is not too complicated at all. There is a set of criteria that tests the casino according to various parameters. Luckily, for Indian gamblers, we make the process simpler by using these criteria to make a shortlist of only the best casinos.
⭐ Can I play online video poker using a mobile phone?
It is indeed possible to play the game of online video poker and its variants using a mobile device. We have made a selection of some of the best casinos that allow users to access using mobile devices. The game can be played by using the mobile browser or through making use of a mobile application. The mobile application allows for faster access to the casino and is preferable when it is available. Additionally, there are enhanced graphics, particularly when using flagship devices such as iOS and Android ones.