Andar Bahar casino game is one such card game that people love these days, and almost every casino offers it. But gamblers playing it for the first time are often unsure which strategies will work the best. They apply tricks that do not help. If you have been in the same phase, trust us, it’s not your fault. Even the expert gamblers have applied the wrong strategies in their initial phase of gambling. This helped them learn which tricks work and which doesn’t.

If you think that winning Andar Bahar is hard, we are here to prove you wrong. We have created this special Andar Bahar winning formula blog for you to share some awesome tips and tricks that most gambling experts follow. If you have never won in real money Ander Bahar, do not worry because now you can follow our tips and win like a pro. So without any further delay, dive into the details of Andar Bahar winning tricks now!

Andar Bahar Winning Tricks to Follow

Let’s first talk about those Andar Bahar tricks that you must follow while playing Andar Bahar India game:

Andar Bahar Tips to Avoid

Now that you know how to win Andar Bahar in a casino, you should know about the tricks to avoid. Certain strategies should not be used until you are playing Andar Bahar for a long time. Have a look below:

Andar Bahar Side Bets

Before we go into the side bets, let’s go through the tricks of the Andar Bahar betting. The rewards and odds are as follows if you want to place a wager on Andar or Bahar to win.

StakePay-outOdds in %

As a way to add some intrigue to an otherwise simple card game, Andar Bahar game side bets have been created. Now, let’s talk about Andar Bahar tips for side betting. This should come as no surprise to anybody who has played Andar Bahar game: winning the game depends heavily on RTP. Another approach is to pick Andar Bahar side bets with greater RTPs than the Andar or Bahar bets. The following types are at your disposal:

Bets on the cards that are being dealt out

Katti Andar Bahar has a side bet that allows players to wager on the total number of cards dealt before locating a card that is a match to the cut card.

One of the tricks is, Andar or Bahar must match the Joker card before this side bet may be placed. If you stake 6-10, for example, and Andar doubles your wager after seven cards are dealt to you, you will win. 8 groupings of numbers each have a unique RTP and payoff. Below, you’ll find a table with all of the tips you’ll need.

Cards DealtPayoutOdds in %
41 or morex1200.79%

Joker prediction side bet

It’s all about the joker card for Andar Bahar game’s wagers. If the joker card is a 5, for example, and you placed a side bet on below 8, you win the bet.

Joker Card StakePay-outOdds in %
Less than 8x246.15%
More than 8x246.15%

As you can see from these tips, Andar Bahar game has a wide variety of side bets to pick from. Those with a near 50/50 probability of coming true are considered the most favored. They’re as follows:

For this reason alone, the finest card Andar Bahar bets are often believed to be those that are most likely to come to pass. The fact that numerous Andar Bahar winning tips include these bets raises their profile even more.

Andar Bahar Final Verdict

We hope now you know the Andar Bahar tricks that you should follow. Remember, learning the right Andar Bahar winning strategy will take time and efforts. Also, you need to apply all the tricks one by one to see which ones work the best for you.

Try to brush your live Andar Bahar gaming skills with patience. Besides good strategies, hard work and intelligence are what you need to grab huge wins.

So which Andar Bahar strategy do you like the most? Please share with us!

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