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This section of the CasinoHEX website is devoted to online baccarat. This game requires both luck and skill from you, which makes it even more engaging than blackjack. It’s not nearly as demanding as poker, though, so it’s a perfect choice for players who want to use their skills in the game, but not be overwhelmed by its difficulties.

Is online baccarat something you’ve always wanted yo try but always avoided it because you feared it’s too complex. Well, now you have the chance to enter the world of online baccarat. We’ve gathered all the information you need to know about it excel in this article. It includes the basic rules of the game and some pro tips for betting and playing. You’ll also find a list of casinos where you can play online baccarat so you can try your new-found knowledge as soon as you get it.

Our Collection of Baccarat Games


The basics of online baccarat are simple enough to be accessible by novices. The rules are not as convoluted as those of bridge, and the game does not demand you to read faces as poker does. There are just several things you have to know to understand the game.

There are two hands and three ways to bet. The hands are Player and Banker. Even if there are multiple players in the game, there’s only one Player hand. But the Player hand is more of an abstract opponent’s hand than your hand specifically. This means if the Player hand loses, you, the player, don’t necessarily lose.

You can bet on either hand or Tie. You win if the hand you bet on wins. If you bet on tie, you’ll get 8 to 1 payout, but they happen very rarely so it may not be worth the risk.

After you place the bets, the dealer deals cards to both hands and puts them face up. That’s pretty much it if one of the hands already has the winning number of points

Baccarat is played with a deck of 52 cards. Cards from 2 to 9 are worth the face value, aces count as 1 point, and all the rest are not taken into account. The goal of the game is to get closer to 9 than your opponent. If the total value of a hand is more than ten, we disregard the first digit when counting the points. This means if one hand has 9 points, and the other has 18, the latter loses.

When the total of a hand is lower than a certain number, the dealer takes another hand. The rules for drawing additional cards vary, but most variants of baccarat would stand on 7 and higher, and take a card if you only have 5 points. When a hand has 6 points, it depends on the opposing hand.


Baccarat has been around for over 150 years. Naturally, during its existence, it has accumulated a huge number of regional variants. Here are the most widespread types of online baccarat you can find in Indian casinos.

Punto Banco. Punto Banco is the variant of Baccarat that has become classic in most casinos. The name means “Player Bank” from Spanish, but the game itself originates from the US. All the rules described above apply here. The dealer uses 8 shuffled decks of cards to make sure you can’t count cards.

Chemin de Fer. A French variant of Baccarat nicknamed “The Railroad” is quite different from the original game. Here, the players represent the Bank and the Player, taking turns. Starting from the player on the right from the dealer, players get to hold the bank and place bets for this entity. Then, the players proceed to place bets to cover the Bank’s bet. The bank is then passed on on the oval-shaped table, making it look like a train going in a circle, hence the name Chemin de Fer.

Baccarat en Banque. Baccarat en Banque is somewhat similar to Chemin de Fer. The table is split into three hands, the Bank, who sits opposite the dealer in the middle, the left, and the right parts of the table. This makes the overall number of bets you can make 4.

Super Pan 9. This variant of Baccarat is specific to LA. The deck is stripped to 36 cards, and each player gets three cards instead of two.

Three Card Baccarat. This Asian Baccarat also uses three cards and only one deck. Choose this type if you want to be able to count cards to make your betting more spot on.


Baccarat is a very luck-based game, which means most of your wins are due to chance, not skill. But knowing the basic tips for betting will make you win more. Here’s what you have to be aware of.

Don’t bet on Tie. Tie may pay a lot, but the odds are not worth it. You’re over 40% likely to win if you bet on either Player or Bank. The Tie bet only wins in 10% of plays.

Banker bet is the safest. Betting on Bank is the safest decision you can make. It’s a bit more likely to win than the table than the Player bet. But it the casino knows about it, and this bet may have a commission on it. Normally, it’s around 5% and it’s taken regardless of the win.

Bet on Player if the commission is high. If there is a commission and it’s way higher than 5%, you’d be better off betting on Player.

Play Martingale. Martingale strategy is a common one for even odds games. While Baccarat is not exactly that, doubling your bet will make sure you get your money back in the long run.

Play flat if you’re on a budget. Winning while betting double the lost wager requires you to have a lot of money to spare. It may take a long time to recover your bet, and if you lose all the money in the process, you end up losing it all. If you don’t have a big budget to work with, you’d be better off wagering the same bet over and over. It will take more than one win to recover the funds lost, but you’ll get there.

Practice for free. Don’t go all-in in a real-money Indian casino when you’re fresh to the game. Practice for free at CasinoHEX to make sure you get proficient at the game before you wager real money.


The history of Baccarat is mostly lost to time. One of the first mentions of the game dates back to the 15th century. It’s said that the first man who played the game was Felix Falgurien, an Italian national who used a deck of Tarot cards to play it. However, France is challenging that story, claiming that it was in France, that the history of Baccarat started. It has some truth to it because “baccarat” means “zero” in Italian and French. It relates to the face cards costing zero points.

The game that was very similar to Baccarat was very popular among French aristocracy in the 16th century. It had to survive in underground gambling dens soon after being banned at the end of the century.

It was when it was adopted by the US in the mid-20th century that it became popular across the globe. It was played at the casinos of the Las Vegas Strip, and it signaled to everyone this is what gambling should look like. Even Flemming’s Casino Royale scenes were meant to be James Bond playing baccarat, not poker. It was changed in the film since poker grew more popular by the time the movie was shot.


The problem of Indian gamblers who want to enjoy baccarat is that you can’t play it legally anywhere except Goa or Sikkim. Here’s why it may be better to play it online.

No additional costs. You’d have to travel dozens of kilometers to get to the state where gambling is legal, get a hotel, and some food on top of paying for gambling. While playing online baccarat is only going to impose the cost of gambling on you.

Convenience. You don’t have to plan the trip, which makes you tied to your job schedule. Playing online baccarat is easier because all you have to do is get your phone or laptop and play. Got a free evening? It’s a perfect opportunity to spend it gambling.

It’s simple. Baccarat is a simple game, and playing it online makes it even more simple. You make it even more simple by playing it online. The betting is simplified so you only need to press a couple of buttons to set up a bet, and you can handle it from there in full auto mode.

You don’t miss on the social aspect. Want to get the most out of gambling? Play in live casino mode to chat with like-minded people from India and from all around the world as a beautiful croupier takes your bets.


If you’re set on playing online baccarat in India, CasinoHEX is about the best place you could have found. We make it easier for you to find great casinos to play baccarat at. The problem many Indian gamblers face is that it’s hard to find a trustworthy casino that would hit every checkbox.

You need a casino that has online baccarat, a decent casino bonus, takes bets in INR, and won’t defraud you. It’s easy to find a casino that matches one of these requirements, but not all of them.

We make it easier for you and create a list of Indian online casinos for you to choose from. Browse the list by your preferred game or payment method, and you’ll find dozens of casinos you can check out.