Imagine how excited we would be if there were a surefire roulette winning formula for the game. It will be revolutionary as we punch the “spin” button until we rake in mega profits. Notwithstanding, we can only call mathematics to our aid to give us an edge during gameplay.

Instead of spending our energy finding a “magic trick,” we can put our heads into understanding a few online roulette calculations. The game’s mathematical nature pops up when you realize there is no 50/50 chance of picking the correct number. So, here is how we will approach this sought-after topic and take a shot at cracking the roulette formula.

Our first stop is understanding how the odds, payouts, and probability correlate during gameplay. Then, you will know how to structure your bets for maximum gain in the long run. Here is our approach to crafting an online roulette winning formula.

Winning Odds are Not Winning Probabilities

The first thing you should be aware of is that the odds of roulette are not the same as the winning probabilities. They are often smaller than the actual likelihood of an event occurring. Nevertheless, both parameters are essential roulette statistics to know.

So, what do the odds in the game signify? Let’s address roulette probability before coming to the odds. You will have a clearer view of the latter if you come from the former.

Take a coin flip as an example. The probability of landing a head or a tail is 50%. Throw a die, and the likelihood of landing the numbers changes. In mathematical terms,

Probability to win = number of winning ways / (ways to lose + winning ways)

In a coin flip, the probability of landing on heads is 1 / (1 + 1), or 0.5. Similarly, landing a six on a dice throw equals 1 / (1 + 5), or 1/6.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can extend our understanding of roulette. Let’s assume you make a straight bet on 32 in European roulette. Your chances of winning will be as follows:

Probability = 1 / (1 + 36), which is 2.7%.

The probabilities are your chances of winning in roulette gameplay. However, they are not the true odds. Both parameters are essential for a solid roulette winning formula.

Odds Point the Way

The concept of a roulette winning formula differs from a roulette strategy when playing. Both aim to maximize your chances, but the former also considers the house edge. Remember that the casino will still make money off your bet.

Casinos structure the odds of a game in a way that makes them a profit on each wager. It is a clever but necessary implementation, as the casinos need funds to host the game. The house edge is expressed in roulette percentages, as you will see later.

Let’s see the winning odds before proceeding with this roulette winning formula. Here are some roulette bets and their winning odds:

The standard formula for calculating the odds on roulette wheel is the number of winning ways divided by the number of losing ways. You can also get the figure from the probability as follows:

The roulette winning formula depends on a deep understanding of these parameters. Think beyond hitting the mark on your first spin or a few more down the line. Instead, focus on your entire gaming session.

The Payout

It is time to take a run at the payout for roulette bets. Casinos offer slightly lower odds to ensure they profit from the stakes. The table below shows the payout for several roulette bets.

BetPayoutReverse winning odds
Black or red1:11.056/1
Even or odd1:11.056/1
Any dozen2:12.08/1
High or low1:11.056/1

You can see from the table above that the casino payout is slightly less than the reverse winning odds. Note that the reverse odds are the same as the winning ones but in reverse.

These details look sketchy, and you may wonder how they add to a roulette winning formula. Everything will make sense in the subsequent section. Understanding how the odds, probability, and payout all come together is essential.

We know that each wheel spin depends on luck. Neither you nor the casino can influence the result. Hence, the best you can do is to realize how much you spend compared to your wins.

Understanding the House Edge

The house edge is the ultimate parameter determining your gaming session's profitability. Yes, the payout is crucial, but it is better to minimize your losses. Remember that roulette follows no pattern and is solely dependent on chance.

You can calculate the house edge from the odds and probability. We took the time to illustrate how you can get these parameters. Nevertheless, casinos will always pay out accordingly.

The general formula for calculating the house edge in roulette is as shown below:

For a random straight bet on 12, the house edge in European roulette will be:

Why Does the House Edge Matter?

You may look at the house edge and think you will only lose a little from betting. Take an INR 100 bankroll at the start of a gaming session. 2.7% of that will be INR 2.7.

While it looks small, never think about the house edge in the short term. It will likely catch up to your bankroll once you play for an extended session. Hence, you should segment your gameplay into a few rounds per session.

Some might even say that players have no chance of winning in the long run because of the extra “0.” What you need to stay away from is continuously pouring in your bets in a single session. The losses will accumulate and eventually catch up with your bankroll.

In roulette, your starting bankroll does not matter. Instead, you should pay attention to the total bet.

Will Betting Progression and Streaks Work?

Most roulette strategies are betting progressions using different systems. However, they will not work because each bet on the wheel is an independent event.

You will get the same odds and payout on your next wager, provided it is the same as the previous one.

A pattern can keep your bankroll safe or help you win enough to compensate for your losses. Don’t get us wrong. Adopting a betting progression can be positive in the short term.

However, the house edge will eventually catch up to your bankroll. There is nothing you can do about that except hope for luck.

Don’t assume that winning streaks work. The probability of hitting the same number reduces with each successive spin. Hence, it is rare to hit the same number three times in a row.

You can have the same result a few times after several spins. Still, time and chance affect all the outcomes. You can have the same number consecutively.

The Roulette Winning Formula – What You Should Do

Any effective formula recognizes the need to keep the house edge at a distance. That is important since it tends to increase and eventually catch up to the bankroll.

You can do the following to stay afloat while playing roulette:


Which bets pay the highest in roulette?

The straight or single-number wagers have the highest payout in this game. You will get 35:1 if you win.

Does house edge affect the game results?

The house advantage shows how much you will lose in the game. It tends to catch up to the bankroll during extended gaming sessions.

Can I use a roulette winning formula?

Consider the bets, odds, payout, and house advantage when playing the game. Go for the figures that will maximize your chances.
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