Is there an online roulette strategy to win gameplay each time you go to the table, or should we leave everything to luck? Even when facing off against a computer or random number generator, you can do some things to boost your chances. Then, imagine applying these roulette strategies against other players in a live casino or a physical one.

Experience in the game is the best foundation for building a solid strategy. Nevertheless, you don’t need many years as a player to implement the best strategies for roulette in this article. While you have tricks on one side, don’t forget to breathe in and be confident.

Doubts and uneasiness will lead you to losses even before the game starts. Let’s step in and explore the winning roulette strategy you should keep a close eye on. Then you'll be confident to take on your next game like a boss.

Does this Tricks Guarantee a 100% Win?

No trick will guarantee you a win every time you play the game. You are better off looking the other way if anyone tells you they have a foolproof strategy. Instead, we have tricks and practices to improve your chances and ensure you lose as little as possible.

Sometimes, you need luck to beat the random number generator. Online casinos have gotten smarter over the years, and there are several roulette rules and variants today. Other times, you could face a better player in the game.

In the end, the key is recognizing a losing streak and calling it quits. You will find this advice among the winning strategy for roulette games in this short piece. With that in mind, we can explore the best practices to ensure a high success rate whenever you play.

The Best Roulette Strategy You Can Use

Regardless of what trick you pitch your tent with, apply caution when betting. The ball's spin is entirely random, and you can only predict where it will fall. It is best to minimize your losses as much as possible. Here are the best roulette strategies you can try:

Martingale Strategy

First and foremost, only use this trick if you have sufficient funds. It is risky, as every new bet puts you up for a heavier loss than the previous ones. High rollers can comfortably use it for a few wagers without experiencing immediate losses.

This strategy of roulette advises you to double your bet after a loss or stop betting after a winning wager. By doubling your stakes, you can cover your previous losses if you win. However, the big question is how long you can hold out before hitting a win.

Let’s assume you have INR 150 to play the game. With this practice, you want to start with as little money as possible. So, let’s say you start with INR 10, which is one-fifteenth (1/15) of your bankroll.

If you bet on a red number and win, you will get INR 10 (1:1 payout). Other bets on the roulette table have a higher payout. For example, single-number wagers pay out 35:1.

Losing that bet is where the Martingale strategy of roulette steps in. You will double it for the next round (INR 20). If you win, you will make INR 20, which covers your previous loss of INR 10.

This trick continues until you land a win. You will run out of your bankroll if you lose up to the fourth round, where you’d have to bet INR 80. So, if you don't have the bankroll, you should avoid using this roulette strategy to win the game.

The D’Alembert Strategy

Martingale’s approach carries a high risk. The D’Alembert tactic is the way to go if you want lower risks and a longer runway. By runway, we mean how long you can preserve your bankroll.

Applying this roulette strategy to win the game will result in small wins if it pulls through. That is because it involves a more modest approach and is a money management technique.

The primary goal is to keep you in the game for as long as possible. Moreover, the more bets you have left, the better your chances. So, let’s assume you start with a bankroll of INR 150.

If you bet INR 10, you have two options depending on the outcome. For a win, D’Alember suggests you decrease your bet by a single unit. Take that unit to be INR1, and your next bet would be INR9.

On the other hand, increase your wager by a single unit (INR 1) if you lose. That means you will bet INR 11 in the next round.

The table below illustrates this strategy more, with a unit stake of INR 1.

BetIf you winIf you lose

Even if you eventually win with this strategy, it won’t cover your losses. You could reverse it and increase wins and decrease losses.

The Fibonacci Betting Sequence

This strategy introduces significant risks to the game. It raises successive bets, and only those with a reasonable bankroll can fund it. If you don’t have the funds, try other, less demanding roulette tricks in casino betting.

The Fibonacci sequence shows that a new number is the sum of the two before it. So, we will get the following if we start counting from zero:

You can see how much you will need to sustain this strategy. Let’s assume you have a bankroll of INR 100. If you followed the second sequence, you would have a balance of INR 30 at the sixth wager.

Because the numbers in this sequence quickly add up, you should start with a low wager. Then, you can progress to the next number if you lose. That will slow down your expenses.

On the other hand, your next bet after every win will be two numbers back. So, you will wager INR20 if you win at INR50. This little introduction reduces your burn rate.

You can minimize the risk of losing by going for the color bets. If you have the bankroll, trying other high-paying bets can be rewarding.

The James Bond Tactic

Although it shares the name of the famous movie character, this strategy carries none of the complications. You have a simple practice that attempts to cover as much ground as possible. It involves spreading your bets on as many outcomes as possible.

The logic is that the more outcomes you cover, the better your chances of winning one. Does it work all the time? No, but you will have a better standing than if you placed one wager.

You can bet on an even or odd number, colors, single numbers, columns, groups of numbers, etc. However, you need a sizable balance to bankroll this tactic.

The results can be overwhelming, especially if you hit a single number that pays out 35:1. Splicing your bets too small will give you little winnings. Contrarily, using higher ones increases your burn rate.

You must strive to achieve balance with this strategy. Even at that, don’t expect your wagers to always come through.

Labouchere strategy

This tactic begins by deciding how much you want to win and splitting that number into small bets. Let’s assume you want to win INR 150. Then, you can break it down into the following:

Your first stake will be the sum of the two extreme numbers (10 and 10). You can cross them off if you win that round. Otherwise, add the bet to the right end.

Using the Labouchere roulette strategy to win the game can result in heavy losses. Hence, don’t chase losses if you have a losing streak. Stop betting once you have a losing bet after a winning streak.

Tips for a Strong Strategy

The Martingale system is the best roulette strategy, as a single win covers your previous losses. However, you need deep pockets to fund it. The above strategies work more as bankroll management techniques.

A few other things can boost your chances of winning the game. They include the following:


Roulette is a game of chance, and no strategy guarantees a win. What many of them do is manage your bankroll for an extended session. As a result, you have more chances to land a win.

Two things are essential when picking a roulette strategy, your playing style and your bankroll. Players with a higher bankroll can accommodate the riskier strategies. If you don’t have the bankroll for higher bets, go for a modest one.


Which roulette strategy guarantees a 100% win?

No roulette strategy guarantees a 100% win. The best they can do is to manage your bankroll or give you a chance to cover your previous losses if you win.

Will the Martingale strategy work on other bets besides odd/even number and color bets?

You can use the strategy on other bets, but it’s best to use it where you have the most chance of winning.

Can I use software to increase my chances?

Many Software often follow different strategies and help decide the next bet. However, they do not guarantee a win on the next spin.
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