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Every Indian gambler wants to play casino games online for real money. It’s a given that once you get accustomed to the games in free-to-play mode, you want to win real money. It’s what these games are for, and you get the most fun out of playing them this way.

Here at CasinoHEX, we provide Indian gamblers with the information they need to succeed in choosing the right casino. We review Indian online casinos professionally and give you all the details about them to make your choice really informed and based on facts, not on the ads these casinos display.

The first thing that pops up when you’re choosing an online casino to play at is the bonus. But online casino bonuses are more difficult to understand than simply the sum you see on display. Here’s a full guide on casino bonuses to help you be informed of your decisions.

Casino Bonuses For Indians 2024

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You may be curious as to why do casinos offer bonuses in the first place. Why would they spend their money to give you a chance to win? It’s straightforward. There are so many casinos out there that they’re forced to give out bonuses to incentivize players to join. The odds are that you’re going to stay at a casino for a while, so giving people a bonus ends up being a good decision. Here are the types of online casino bonuses you’re likely going to encounter when you’re looking for a good casino.

What is Match-Up Percentage?

When you enter a casino website and see the casino bonus, you’re amazed at how big it is. It says 70,000 INR, and you feel like you can get it all in one go. It’s not that simple. You have to look at the match-up percentage first. This sum represents not the actual bonus you get, but the maximum bonus. It’s the maximum sum you can get. The way the house calculates your online casino bonus is called the match-up percentage. Simply put, the casino matches your bonus. If the match-up percentage is 100%, you get your deposit amount as a bonus. If it’s 200%, you get twice the deposit sum. The sum of the bonus you get is capped at the sum you see in the advertising. Note that sometimes the deposit is split into three stages, with each having its own match-up percentage.


Sadly, you can’t get bonus money and make a withdrawal the next day. Otherwise, players would just make a deposit, get a bonus, and walk away with twice the money, no strings attached. This is why casinos implement wagering requirements to make sure gamblers give them some profit first.

The wagering requirement is the sum you have to spend on gambling at the casino before you’re able to make a withdrawal. It’s often given as a multiplier. A wagering requirement of x50 means you have to wager 50 times your bonus sum before you can make a withdrawal. If your bonus was rather big, it could take months before you can make a withdrawal fair and square.

There are almost no casinos without wagering requirements, but some are significantly lower than others. While many casinos ask you to wager 50 times the sum, some offer lower requirements, closer to x35. Some unique casinos offer wagering requirements as low as x10. You should go for these casinos if you want to make withdrawal faster.

The other option you can take if you want to escape the wagering requirements is to find a casino that allows you to split bonuses and regular funds. These casinos let you bet with online casino bonuses separately. This means the wagering requirements only apply to the bonus money, not your actual deposit. You can make a withdrawal of the wins you earned on the real money deposit at any time.



Online casino bonuses can get pretty messy if you start researching them. It gets even harder when you try to compare the bonus systems of different casinos. Here at CasinoHEX, we’re determined to help you with that.

We review casinos on a professional level and employ people from all vocations in the gambling industry. Our experts take a more in-depth look into how casinos function and present you with the information you need to understand whether you want to make a deposit at a specific casino.

Follow our tips, and you’ll find the perfect casino for you.

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1️⃣ How do I choose the best online casino?

Hex online casino provides players important information to choose the best online casino for Indian players. The type of bonuses, wagering requirements, match-up calculation, and gaming site experiences are some of the factors to consider in choosing the best online casino.

2️⃣ Which casino offers the most lucrative bonus on Hex Casino list?

Hex Casino’s list includes top online casinos with lucrative bonus offers. Topping the list include 1xBet casino with ₹10,400 welcome bonus, Genesis casino with ₹30,000 welcome bonus plus 20 free spins. Casino Days and casino Labs also offer up to ₹20,000 & ₹30,000 welcome bonuses respectively.

3️⃣ Can I get up to ₹30,000 bonus on Hex Casino gaming sites?

Yes, players can get up to ₹30,000 welcome bonus or even more. However, you need to understand that the welcome displayed is the sum of possible bonuses you can accumulate after registration. The match-up bonuses for the first to the fourth deposits are what make up the total bonus displayed.

4️⃣ What is the difference between regular bonuses and free spins?

Most casinos on the Hex Casino platform will offer new subscribers free spins plus other bonuses when they sign up. Welcome bonuses are dependent on the amount you deposit on the casino. For instance, a 100% bonus means you will get a $50 bonus if you deposit $50 on the casino. However, free spins aren’t tied to your deposits but you must deposit to get them.

5️⃣ How do play to win real money on Hex Casino?

Hex Casino only presents you with the information that leads you to the best online casino. Check the recommendations on Hex Casino and choose your gaming platform based on the data provided. Once you find a casino that suits you, create an account on the platform, deposit to start playing for real money.

6️⃣ What is the wagering requirement?

The wagering requirement also known as the playthrough requirement is the amount you must spend in a casino before withdrawal bonuses. It is often in multiples of the bonuses the casino gives. The wagering requirement can be as low as 10x, 15x, or as much as 50x. A 10x wagering requirement means you must bet 10 times the value of your bonus before withdrawal.

7️⃣ Where can I get no deposit bonus?

Some casinos would offer players no deposit bonuses to try out games on their site. All you need to do is register on any casino on our list that offers this bonus to be credited. If you end up not liking the site, you have nothing to lose since the funds you spent is free money.