Rummy is one of the most popular card games, that comes in many variations. Beloved by children and their grandparents, business professionals, and gamblers, it is also a common party staple all across India. Considering the tremendous variety of online rummy, in this article, we will focus primarily on the type called the Indian rummy and its most popular variations.

We understand how Indian rummy games are very versatile, and almost every household tends to add some small changes to the game, but with our focus on online rummy sites and rummy as a casino game, this detailed guide will be most useful for online punters.

Best Indian Rummy Casino List

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Online Rummy

Rummy is one of the most popular card games in the world, and it is beloved due to its dynamic and matching opportunities. While nowadays you can play an incredible number of variants, it is believed they are all inspired by the Mexican game conquian, which was inspired by Khanhoo. Khanhoo’s influence is still visible today, as it is one of the first games that features discarding and replacing cards.

The modern rummy, as we know and love today, is believed to be created in the early 1900s, by Elwood Baker from New York, who made gin (yes, the alcoholic drink) a stake. So, the first games of modern rummy were heavily influenced by rum, gin, and other shots that served as a stake. Gin rummy is still the most played variation in the UK and USA, while European prefer the German Rummy, also known as Romme.

Indian rummy has unknown origins, but we can conclude it was brought by the British, and that it first became popular in ports among sailors (just like most other casino games). Also, like most other games, through the centuries it experienced many changes and adaptations to fit the need and state of mind of its players. Nowadays, Indian rummy supports anywhere from two to six players and can be played with several decks of 52 cards. In case there are up to three players, you play with 2×52 cards, and in case there are more than four players at the table, you play with 3×52 cards (or three decks). At the very beginning, all players get 13 cards, and they can start playing!

But why do Indians love online rummy so much? Rummy is considered to be a game of skill, unlike traditional casino games that are labelled as games of chance. Rummy takes patience, knowledge, and focus, as well as good management skills, because let’s be real, sometimes it’s hard to organize all those cards in your hand. Rummy is, just like poker, one level above all other card games.

Best Online Rummy Sites in India

Rummy game online can be found at any decent online casinos new site available to Indian punters. But how to tell the best rummy sites from the bad ones? And how long does it take to figure out what casino will work for you? Well, you can start by googling and doing your best to find a site to play online rummy. This might take a week or a month, depending on how lucky you are.

An easy alternative to this is checking out the list of the casinos CasinoHEX reviewed for you. Our team of professionals has a great experience in playing not only rummy but other games as well, which allows them to review online rummy sites in India from the user’s point of view. All new casinos in India recommended on this website are thoroughly tested and deliver relevant and concise information about:

We made finding some cool rummy games online as simple as it can be, so make sure to check out the best rummy sites in India. We can’t recommend you a single website, as every player has their own set of criteria they consider to be important when choosing a casino. And while we do review all gaming sites depending on the elements listed above, the fact remains how some players are more ready to forgive a bad choice of bonuses and no deposit registration bonus, in case they are getting over 1,000 games and vice versa.

How to Play Indian Rummy?

As previously mentioned, Indian rummy can be played with 3-6 players, and with 2-3 decks of 52 cards. In the beginning, all players get 13 cards. The game uses Jokers as well, and they can replace any card in the meld. Melds can be sets or runs. Sets are three or four cards of the same value but in different suits, e.g. four Jacks of diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs. Run is the combination of at least three consecutive cards in the same suit, e.g. J, Q, and K of hearts.

In case the deck of cards you are playing with has no Joker card, the dealer draws a single card from the deck and places it under the remaining cards – all cards with the same value become Jokers.
The main goal of the game to get as good of a run as possible, preferably with no Joker cards. Runs with no Jokers are pure runs and those with jokers non-pure or impure. Once done, the player has to declare a rummy, but only when:

Once declared, and the declaration is valid, all players count their cards. The main goal is to have the lowest number possible, but remember that only the person that has a valid declaration gets 0 points (is the winner). The maximum number of points is 80, and cards are valued as follows:

Now, this is where rummy strategy comes in place. In optimum circumstances, you would make a valid declaration on time, but in case someone does it before you, you can be left with a bunch of high-value cards that will only add to your points. You can find more about rummy strategies later, so keep reading.

Indian Rummy Types

If you are reading the rules we listed above, and believe we are wrong, we reassure you we aren’t, albeit we admit there are so many variations present, that they can make your head spin. Online game rummy is present on all the best Indian rummy sites, and it would be wise to consider different variations before joining the table.

Pool Rummy

A version of classic 13-card Indian rummy, in which players must pay a small fee. The fee helps in creating the prize pool. This game can be considered as a tournament-style rummy as players get eliminated each time they reach either 101 or 201 points, depending on the variant. So basically, you can play multiple good hands but still be kicked out of the game if your numbers don’t speak for you.

Deals Rummy

Deals rummy is a slightly different variation, as all players get a certain amount of chips at the very beginning of the game. Also, the number of deals is predetermined, and at the end of each deal, the winner gets all the chips from the pot. The winner is the player with the most chips after all deals have been played.

Points Rummy

The variation of Indian rummy in which players play for points. Every point has a real cash value. So, for instance, one point can be worth 10 INR. The player that makes the first valid declaration gets the amount calculated as follows:
(total points by opponents)x(dedicated real money value)= total winnings

Raise Rummy

Raise rummy is very similar to points rummy, but with one major difference: with every round (or other selected interval), the value of point increases. This type of rummy operates the same way as poker does with blinds. The period can be a single hand, two hands, or 1 minute, 5 minutes, etc.

Legal Sides of Playing Rummy in India

According to The Public Gambling Act (1867), rummy is considered to be a game of skill, rather than a game of chance, which makes it completely legal in both online and offline casinos. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll walk down the street and find a brick and mortar menu offering it, as land-based casinos are legalized only in certain Indian states. However, this does mean you can play with your friends for money, without being scared, the police will come banging at your door.

When it comes to Indian online rummy, as expected, things get slightly complicated. First, with 36 territories, India is a huge country with complex legislation on all levels, including the regulation of online casinos and online rummy. While there are only two states that ban all forms of online gambling altogether, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, most others allow online casinos to operate in grey zones. What does it mean for you as an online rummy player? Well, there is zero chance you will be able to play at a gaming site that holds an Indian license, but the authorities won’t stop you from offshore licensed establishments. We strongly recommend relying on casinos with Malta Gaming Authority, Government of Curacao, Government of Gibraltar, and United Kingdom Gambling commission licenses, for the maximum safety and protection.

To conclude, rummy is not illegal or banned in India. Yet, whether it will be available to you online or in brick and mortar casinos – it all depends on where you live. However, in most states, you can play online rummy as you like and whenever you like, be sure you do so with a good online casino and not the first gaming house you encounter online.

Tips and Strategies

As a skill game, rummy can be quite demanding, especially for beginners. It requires focus, concentration, and good memory, as well as the ability to sort out the priorities on time. For this reason, we created a list of useful rummy tips and strategies.

Playing Rummy Virtual or Live

As with many other best online cash games in India, rummy is most enjoyable when you can see your opponent. Yet in the times we live in, we are often forced to spend our time isolated at home. We are either too busy to meet with friends, have to travel for a visit or are recommended to stay at home due to dangerous viruses and pandemics. So, how to enjoy rummy from the comfort of your own home? You can choose to play either virtual or live rummy.

Live rummy is available exclusively at live casinos online. It is live-streamed from special gaming studios or real casino venues. Virtual rummy uses an HD interface, similar to that in video games, and deals cards based on the RNG.

But what is the best rummy gaming type for you?

Live Rummy

Live rummy is as real as it gets. This type of game relies on advanced streaming technologies to reassure you can view all actions in real-time. The dealer is located in a special venue or studio and deals cards while being recorded with multiple cameras. All their actions are streamed to you with no delay. Furthermore, they frequently feature live chat which gives the entire experience a rather realistic and authentic feel. For instance, you can comment your hand with your peers, cheer for the dealer, or share disappointment. That way, the live rummy table becomes a place where you can mingle with friends. And trust us, many punters who play together at live tables, agree on the time and date of the next session, thus building lifelong friendships.

The main downside of live rummy is that you must have a solid internet connection or mobile data plan as even the slightest technical difficulties can ruin the gaming experience.

Video Rummy

Video rummy is more similar to classic video games, or for instance, video poker. The player enters the playing platform, sets the bet size, and plays against the algorithm. The algorithm is equipped with an RNG, so the cards you get and the cards the computer gets are completely random. Sometimes, to provide better user experience, the game design features other, imaginary tables at the desk.
Generally speaking, there are two types of video rummy:

Real Cash Rummy vs Free Rummy

If you prefer to play casino on your phone, you have probably noticed a whole bunch of rummy apps and games available. Also, many casinos offer free demo play. So, where is the catch?

Before we start explaining, think why you play rummy in the first place. Some punters want to kill some time while playing cards, and there is nothing wrong with that. Such players can easily spend their lifetime playing rummy for free, either via gaming apps or free demo casino rummy. Demo games are especially recommended for beginners who still have difficulties in acting fast and applying all the rules required, so they are a good starting point for all new rummy fans out there.

But, if you are here for the thrill, and want to get some extra cash or some major winnings, you are probably into real cash rummy. After all, to win real cash, you have to play with real cash. Simple as that. All casinos we listed on the website support both demo and real cash games, but keep in mind how live casino games can not be played with virtual money.

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Beforehand, I was a dealer at a small casino in Reno, but have decided to take my life to India, and my passion for the gambling industry online, and this position is the perfect opportunity to share all the tricks of the trade.

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1️⃣ Can I play Indian rummy on my mobile phone?
Indian rummy is a very beloved mobile casino game, and you can play it with most online casinos recommended on this website. All you have to do is make sure you have a smartphone, a working browser, and enough mobile data (or a solid internet connection) to access your favourite rummy games. Some casinos might even offer you a mobile playing app that needs to be installed on your phone after you register.
2️⃣ What are the most popular Indian rummy varieties available online?
Indian rummy comes in several variations, but the most relevant ones are raise rummy, points rummy, deals rummy, pool rummy as well as the classic rummy. Keep in mind that most of these variants have their specific rules, so always double-check whether you are sitting at the right casino table.
3️⃣ Is online rummy regulated and legal in India?
First, all types of rummy, including online rummy, are considered to be games of skills. They are regulated on a national level with the 1867 Act, thus meaning this game is not considered gambling per se. However, when it comes to online rummy, most Indian states don’t consider it to be either legal or illegal as they leave the regulation to the offshore authorities. We always advise you to play with licensed and regulated gaming sites to avoid any difficulties in the future.
4️⃣ How many players can join the rummy table?
Rummy requires 3 to 6 players, except for video rummy you can play against the computer algorithm. Live casino rummy will inform you of the number of available seats at every table. Before joining the table, you will have to choose a nickname that will be displayed in the live chat. The live chat feature is most commonly used to talk to other punters at the table.

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