Teen Patti is a popular card game in the Indian subcontinent played for betting and gambling in Teen Patti casinos. Originated from the English three-card brag, it is also called the Flush or Flash in some places. But no other country has a bigger fan base for 3 Patti than India, and why not! The variations in Teen Patti are simply mind-boggling. One can never get bored because of the variations that keep the normal Teen Patti entertaining and challenging and there are many ways of how to win Teen Patti.

But while it is a popular choice at house parties, hangouts, and other group meetings, the digital version of the game is equally fun, liked, and currently trending. You can play Teen Patti with or without a group and choose from numerous variations online which allows you to play an otherwise team game alone. The best part is despite the variations in Teen Patti the basic game remains the same. So it makes gamblers want to try a new variation for a challenge without learning a whole new game. And since you are here, it would be no surprise if you are a Teen Patti tash fan interested in increasing the excitement in the game.

teen patti variations

So, here is a list of Teen Patti variations you can try both offline and online to up your game!

1. Mufliss Variations

One of the easiest variations of 3 Patti games. Mufliss is exactly like the classic game only with a reverse hand. So, when you play Mufliss, you need to get the worst card to win the game. It means your lowest card becomes your highest card. For example, in the show of cards, King of hearts is higher than Ace of hearts, an 8 is better than 10, Jack is better than Queen, etc.

Also known as the Lowball, Mufliss should definitely be the first Teen Patti variation players try when bored of the regular game. Since the rules are simplest, it is easy to adapt for everyone.

2. Teen Patti 999

The name of Teen Patti 999 is in itself an indication of what the game is about. The variation requires you to get closest to the number 999 to win. So, the players lose interest in the royal cards and Ace for a change. While the royal cards count for zero, the Ace is 1. The suits are irrelevant in the game, so aiming for the highest number is the only goal.

For example, if you have K, J, 9, the cards become equal to 009. However, since the game allows you to change the order of cards, you can make it 9, J, K to call out 900. Hence, one cannot deny that all 9's of the deck in 999 become the most important cards in this Teen Patti variation.

3. Sudden Death

This Teen Patti variation is slightly different from the base game. The dealer shuffles the entire deck of 52 cards and deals them to the players equally. The players then put all the cards between their thumb and ring fingers and start dropping cards to the table one by one.

Anyone at any point in the drop sequence can call a 'STOP' which stops the process. Choosing from your hand, you have to place the highest-ranking card on the table for the bet. The last step is deciding the winner, where the cards are compared to see who placed the highest-ranking card and won the game.

4. Discard One

In this 3 Patti variation, the dealer deals four cards instead of three to each player on the table. After comparing the cards in their hand, the players have to discard one. While the game is about discarding the worst card in hand, many people play it smartly to confuse the other players. The discarded card on the table gives the other players a hunch about the rest of the cards in a player's hand. And hence the rest of the game of Discard One is played in 'Chaal'.

5. Plus Sign

Plus sign is another Teen Patti variation where the dealer, in addition to dealing three cards to each player, makes a plus sign on the table with five cards. The five cards in the plus sign become Jokers for the game, which means they can have any value. However, the Joker cards can be either from the vertical set or the horizontal set only in the plus sign. The dealer decides the direction of the Joker cards before dealing with the cards, which means you already know your Joker cards before the game begins. The rest of the game follows the rules of Teen Patti.

So, for example, the dealer decides the plus sign's vertical line as Jokers, consisting of 3, 5, 2 of any suit. So if you have 2 Aces and one of the Joker cards, say 5, you can call them out as three Aces, making it the highest hand.

6. Rotating Jokers

Similar to the normal game of Teen Patti, the dealer deals three cards to each player. However, one of the three cards is open while the other two remain closed. While the open card of each player is their private Joker, it becomes a Teen Patti Joker to everyone else the moment a player folds. The twist in the game is that you cannot use your card as a Joker anymore.

So, for example, you have Ace of spades and Ace of hearts as closed cards and can play open card as 5. If the first player to fold had an Ace of diamonds as the open card, your card sequence becomes 3 A's.

7. Auction

In the Teen Patti variation Auction, you can exchange your cards with another set kept for auction. So, besides dealing three cards to each player, the dealer makes two more piles of three cards for auction. One card of each pile is placed face-up in each pile for the players to see. Then, the players unhappy with their cards in hand can bid for one of the piles on the table.

The player with the highest bid can take the pile. While the player's old set is discarded, the bidding amount is put into the main pot. The game doesn't start till both sets are sold. The bidding is not compulsory – you can easily skip the auction if you feel you have better cards. Once sold, the game begins following the basic Teen Patti rules. However, the cards that were face-up in the auction piles become the Jokers of the game.

8. Pack Jack

In the 3 Patti variation pack jack, the dealer deals three cards to each player and three additional cards are introduced as the Jokers. So after dealing cards to the players, the dealer places three open cards on the table. These cards continue to be the Jokers till someone folds. Then the three cards of the player who folded become the new Jokers replacing the previous ones. The game continues similarly, with the rest of the rules the same as the classic Teen Patti game.

9. King Little

The name of the 3 Patti variation is a good way to remember the game. While the variant follows the normal rules of the classic Teen Patti game, there is a slight modification in the ranking of the cards. The Kings of all suits in the game become Jokers along with the smallest card in each player's hand.

So, for example, if you have a combination of 5, 7, and 2, the 2 becomes your Joker card. However, if one of the cards in your hand is a King, then you get two Joker cards. It means if the third card is a Royal or an Ace, you can easily show your cards as a trio and win the game.

10. Lallan Kallan

The next Teen Patti variation in the list is Lallan Kallan. The dealer in the game deals three cards to each player like always. However, the odd color card in each player's hand becomes a private Joker card. So, if you have two reds(Lallan) and one black(Kallan), your black spade or club card becomes your Joker and vice-e-versa. Also, if you don't get an odd color card, meaning if all your cards are of the same color, you get disqualified from the game and must fold.

11. Stud

This Teen Patti variation is similar to Stud Poker. The dealer deals each player three cards, of which two are face down and one face up. The closed cards are called the hole cards, while the open card is the street card. Besides this, the Teen Patti rules remain the same.

12. Kiss Miss Bliss

The dealer in the game deals five cards to each player. The players then can form Jokers following the Kiss Miss Bliss rule. Two consecutive numbers form a Kiss Joker, if you have two alternate numbers in a sequence, then it's a Miss Joker, and if you have a pair, you can form a Bliss Joker.

So, for example – 8, 8 forms a Bliss Joker; 3, 4 forms a Kiss Joker; 4, 6 together form a Miss Joker. Remember that the pair of cards act as one Joker card.

Furthermore, you have to discard one card after forming your Teen Patti Joker to get your three cards in hand. If you cannot form a Joker, you will need to discard two cards instead of one to get your three cards in hand.

13. Kissing & Missing

The 3 Patti variation is similar to the previous one. However, the dealer deals four cards to each player. You can use two of the four cards to form a Kissing or Missing Joker or discard one card to play the game. As earlier, the Kiss Joker requires a pair of numbers like 3, 3 or 6, 6 and the Miss Joker requires alternate numbers like 2, 4, or 3, 5. Also, the previous Joker cards can be of any color or suit. Furthermore, the players have to call and raise or in words play Chaal.

14. One-Eyed Jack

While the game follows the rules of regular money Teen Patti games, the rules change for the Jokers. The name of the game is indicative of which cards become the Jokers. Therefore, the Jacks of Hearts and Spades turn into Jokers. However, the Jacks of Clubs and Diamonds remain regular cards with no change.

15. Folding Joker Game

The 3 Patti variation in which the dealer deals four cards to each player. One card of each player remains hidden and is kept separately. Now, each player in the game has to show one of three cards that they have in hand to other players making it the Joker. So if there are three players in the game, there will be three Jokers. The hidden card becomes an additional Joker whenever someone folds. For example:

The suits and color of the cards do not matter in the game. It means that 3, 6, and 7 become Jokers of the game till one player folds. If Player 2 folds, then along with 3, 6, and 7, Jack becomes a Joker in the round.

16. In-And-Out

In-and-Out is a difficult 3 Patti variation. First, you have to decide on an Ante-bet amount. The dealer then deals three cards to each player along with three Teen Patti Joker cards on the table. Then comes the In-and-Out concept. Each player on the table then decides whether to stay in the game “to continue” or opt-out. To continue 'in' the game, the player has to put 1-2x of the Ante bet amount in the pot if they play blind. But, if they choose chaal, then the betting amount increases to 2-4x of the Ante bet amount. The cards of the player who chooses to opt-out become the game's new Jokers.

If the game continues with more than one player, they show their cards to compare. The best hand wins and collects the amount from the pot. However, the losers add the same amount. So, for example, if the winner takes 1k from the pot, losers have to pay 1k each to the pot. Then, the game continues to the next round until there is only one player who plays against the dealer.

When playing against the dealer, the dealer shuffles the remaining cards in the deck and takes three random cards. If the player 'in' the game has a better hand and wins the game, they take the money and close it. However, if the dealer wins, the money stays in the pot, and a new round is played. Furthermore, the dealer rotates with each round.

17. Temperature

The 3 Patti variation is very similar to the in-and-out game. The dealer deals three cards to each player along with three Jokers on the table. The players then show if they are in or out with a thumbs up or down sign. After choosing in and out a temperature card is drawn out of the remaining deck. If the temperature card value falls between A and 6, the player with the lowest hand wins the game. If the card is valued between 7 and K, the one with the highest hand wins. Besides, the other Teen Patti rules regarding bets for the losers remain the same as the in-and-out variant.

18. Closest To 555

Closest to 555 is similar to Teen Patti 999. The dealer deals three cards to each. Each player can exchange one card from the deck in each round in the first two-game rounds. While the value of all numeric cards remains the same, the Royals and Ace become zero. You can rearrange the cards in any order to be closest to the number 555, which can be more or less than the number.

So, for example, if Player 1 has 5, 3, K = 530 and Player 2 has 5, 6, A = 560, Player 2 wins the round.

19. Teen Patti Variation 3-2-1

The Teen Patti variation is played in three rounds. The dealer deals six cards to each player instead of three. Each player has to then distribute the six cards for three hands for three rounds. Since there is no rule for the arrangement of the cards, you can keep any card of your choice for any hand. While the first hand requires three cards to play, the second hand requires two, and the third round is played with a single card.

Since the rest of the rules in the variant remain the same, the player with the highest card value gets the upper hand and wins the round. You have to win at least two rounds to win the game and take the money from the pot. If none of the players win twice in the three rounds, the money remains in the pot, the betting continues, and so does the game for three fresh rounds.

20. 2 Cards Open

Each player is dealt three cards, two of which are face-up with one face-down. The bets are placed on the third card in the set. Also, no player can play Blind or Chaal in this variation.

21. Wild Draw

Wild Draw is one of the simplest 3 Patti variants where all the rules remain the same except the Joker. The dealer deals three cards to each player and then picks up a random card from the deck to show on the table. This random card becomes the Teen Patti Joker of the game. Also, the color and the suit are not considered.

22. Cobra

Cobra, also known as the Maatha, is a popular 3 Patti variant, even though the game is not played with three cards. The dealer instead deals one card to each player. The players deposit a pre-decided betting amount to the pot, and then together, they reveal the card by placing it on their forehead. So, you get to see the cards of other players but not yours. However, there are two conditions in the game. First, nobody gets to see their own cards, and second, no one can fold. The player with the highest card wins and takes all the money from the pot.

23. Draw

The Teen Patti variation starts with players depositing a pre-decided amount as a bet to the pot. Then each player is dealt three cards. However, the players can ask the dealer for a new card up to three times in each round. But, each replacement comes at a cost. The player asking for a replacement has to pay the pre-decided betting amount to the pot for a new card.

24. High-low Split

The pot in the high-low split is divided between the highest hand and lowest hand players. You can play the game in two variations Teen Patti, one is called a declaration, and the other – cards speak. In the declaration version, the players declare whether they are betting for the highest hand or the lowest hand. Then the players in the contest show cards, and the one with the highest or lowest amongst them wins the game and the pot. Alternatively, in cards speak, there is no declaration before the game.

Also, players in the High-low split are not allowed to fold before three rounds. They also decide on a limit of rounds, which is generally set between 6 and 10 that asks for a compulsory showdown. Furthermore, unlike other variations of Teen Patti, the showdown can be between more than two players.

25. Community

The Teen Patti variation Community is inspired by Texas hold'em poker and has two variations. While the dealer deals three cards to the players in the three-card community, you start with five cards in the five-card community. However, in both the variants, only two cards remain face down, the others become community cards.

So, you get one community card(face-up) in the three-card version and three community cards in the five-card version. However, after dealing the cards to the players, the dealer places three more community cards on the table. While players in the three-card variation can start the round, they can't in the five-card community game.

They have to choose one face-down card from the given and two face-up cards from the three given in the pile to create a hand of three cards. It means, irrespective of the variant you play, you get only three cards to play with at the end, one of which you can replace with one from the community cards on the table. Also, playing Blind or Chaal is not allowed in this variant.

26. Odd Sequence

The 3 Patti variation follows the rules of the base game. The only difference is in the sequence. While the normal Teen Patti tash game follows the normal sequence – 9, 10, J, Q, K, in the odd sequence game, it becomes 9, J, K or 8, 10, Q.

27. Teen Patti AK47

Another very popular variant, Teen Patti AK47, follows the same rules. However, the cards Ace, King, 4, and 7 of all suits become Jokers.

28. 1942 Love Story

1942 Love Story is a fun 3 Patti variation with peculiar rules. The cards numbered 1 or the Ace, 9, 4, and 2 become Jokers in the 1942 Love Story. But, that is not all. Speaking English during the game is strictly prohibited, and anyone breaking the rule goes out of the game.

29. Pairs Are Jokers

The dealer deals seven cards instead of three to each player. As per the game's name, the pairs are Jokers and you must have one to play. If you don't get a pair, you must fold. Furthermore, when there is a showdown, you have to choose the three best cards from your hand to show.

30. High Wild

In this 3 Patti variation, your lowest card becomes the Joker. If you have another card with the same number (lowest), it will be also considered a Joker. However, they are not considered pairs in the game, instead, they become separate Teen Patti Joker cards. So, for example, if you have 4, 4, and 8, you can call out a trio of 8's. However, if you have 3, 6, and 6, you will only have one Joker card.

Teen Patti Variations Final Words

By now, you must have understood that there is a lot to choose from when looking for 3 Patti variations. It can be both exciting and overwhelming. While some have low difficulty levels, others have high. However, if you are a new player, instead of looking for variants, focus on learning the basic Teen Patti first. It's not easy to take the challenge of playing and winning all Teen Patti variations with equal finesse. But once you are ready, you can jump in the challenge and declare yourself as the 3 Patti God if you win them all!

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