Teen Patti game is a popular card game amongst gamblers, especially in India and other regions in Southern Asia. It is most definitely a game of chance and luck.

However, if you have met a Poker player, you must have heard that Poker is not played with luck but requires skill. Being called the Indian Poker, Teen Patti too can be played to win using skills more than luck. Since you are already interested in cracking the code to the pot again and again, here is all you need- the 3 Patti tricks to win!

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1. Study The Rules

One of the most basic Teen Patti tips is to learn the rules and, if necessary, by heart them. Since Teen Patti involves betting, it is important to know all the possibilities of the game and especially the ranking of the cards. Besides understanding what is happening, learning Teen Patti rules allows you to build the skills needed to win the game.

2. Start With Small Bets

3 Patti is a long game that requires multiple bettings, which means more risks. Also, the current stake raises with each bet. You must start with the smallest bets. That way, you can safely gamble for more time, see other players fold, and get more opportunities at winning.

3. Learn The Poker Face

Practice the straight face. Since your money is involved in the game, it isn't easy to not show emotions or reactions on your cards. But the skill of winning the game is not about knowing how to get good cards in 3 Patti; it is to bluff convincingly.

4. Play Blind

Teen Patti is the Indian version of Poker, and hence players tend to take many tips and tricks from the game to apply here. One of the most common Teen Patti tips inspired by Poker is playing Blind. Besides the smaller betting amount, it lets you study your competitors better. Since you can't see your cards, you focus on the other players' expressions and their bets to figure out their hands before playing Chaal.

5. Memorising Cards

One of the most challenging Teen Patti tips is memorizing the cards or rather the game. It is a difficult skill, but people with a great memory get an advantage. If you follow the game and keep memorizing the cards that have been played, you can calculate the probability of your opposition having higher hands than you.

6. Take Advantage Of Free Games

There are several online websites and mobile apps for Teen Patti games. Instead of gambling with your real money, learn and practice for free. Besides understanding the ranking and moves, you can work on your skill by practicing the Teen Patti tips.

7. Fold

Do not ever hesitate to fold, especially when you are in doubt. Playing with bad hands can be a risk, especially when you are a beginner and have not mastered the game yet. However, it is always better to lose some money than risk large losses.

7. Do Not Reveal Your Confidence With Your Bets

It is not just your expressions that you need to control but also your bets. Sometimes the confidence of having a good sequence can lead you to bet more which gives away. It isn't good because firstly, there may be a competitor with better cards, and secondly, you will lose on winning more if people fold early.

8. Study The Other Players

Do not miss the chance to study your opponents, especially when they first see their cards. Also, keep a close eye on their moves and reactions at every step. Teen Patti is more about reading people than having the best cards. One of the important 3 Patti tricks is to remember the winner is not always with the best cards. Instead, the winner is the one with the better Teen Patti hands than the last player.

9. Use The Sideshow

Suppose you and the player sitting next to you who placed the bet before you are both playing Chaal, utilize the Sideshow. Of course, you have to be confident in your Teen Patti hands first. Winning in the Sideshow can influence the game of other competitors, which can work in your favor.

10. Set Your Limit

Setting a limit for betting is important in gambling, irrespective of the game you play. There is no point in losing all your money in one day just to get the satisfaction of winning. Understand that some days are not yours and concentrate on acing the more.

11. Keep Your Eyes Open For All Opportunities

Teen Patti is an interesting game because of its changing dynamics. You will notice raising bets in one moment and everyone folding in the other. Be ready for opportunities because these are the times when you can win despite having an average card sequence.

12. Practice

If you want to learn how to win in Teen Patti, you must practice. All the 3 Patti tricks require finesse which can only come from a lot of practice. So play smart and learn to fold. The urge to win can be addictive, but it only stops you from understanding the game better and increasing your win rate. And let's not forget there is money involved!

Several of you may be looking for tips on how to cheat in Teen Patti, but you couldn't find it in the tricks above. It is because there is none. You may peek into the person's cards sitting next to you, but that is not always possible and cannot be considered reliable. Also, because there are 5-8 players, knowing one person's cards will not help. Therefore, learning the skill is the only way to increase your winning chances, which requires practicing all the Teen Patti tips.

Furthermore, several of the tricks are valid for online players as well. While you may not see the faces of your opponents, you can see their bets and the cards that get played. Once you learn to apply the tricks, it does not matter which medium you choose to play Teen Patti.

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