Understanding the Teen Patti rules is the most important step of gambling in the casino game for both online and offline players. Since real money is involved and there can be major losses, you must know the beginner 3 Patti rule before betting. While it is often compared with Poker, the Indian version is quite popular in southern Asia and offers several variations. However, the basic rules remain the same with slight variations.

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Beginner 3 Patti Rule

Teen Patti card game played on a table with a deck of 52 cards and no Jokers. You will need a minimum of 3-6 people to play the game. While the online version or a casino offers a dealer from their side, players can choose a random dealer amongst themselves and rotate the opportunity when playing elsewhere.

Tin Patti Rules- Setting The Ante Bet

Ante Bet is the Boot amount, a pre-set amount that every player needs to put in the pot for playing the game. The Ante Bet is generally set very low as the amount becomes the stake price for the first player, which rises with the development in the game.

How To Play 3 Patti?

You officially begin the game once you put the Ante Bet into the pot. The dealer shuffles the card in front of the players and then deals three cards to each of you face-down. Face-down cards mean that the cards face the table, and hence no one can see who gets what cards, including yourself. After each player gets their cards on the table, follow the steps given below:

Teen Patti Game Rules Step 1- Decide To Play Seen Or Blind

Playing blind in the game means you will not see your cards, and they will remain on the table face-down. But if you choose to see, you can pick your pile up and keep them in your hands. Also, you can choose to become a seen player anytime in the game but cannot go back to playing blind. This step is important because the betting rules for the seen and blind players are different.

Teen Patti Rules Step 2- Start Betting

The current stake is an important terminology and would keep coming while discussing the rules of Teen Patti. The current stake is the last betting amount which raises with every bet depending on the type of players. Look at the below points to understand and remember the rules regarding betting easily: Current Stake for 1st Player- Boot Money or the Ante Bet amount becomes the current stake for the first player irrespective of playing seen or blind. It does not mean that the first player can start the game without betting. The ante bet is not counted as a bet. Instead, the amount of the ante bet is considered the current stake. It means if you are the first player, you will have to add the same amount as your first bet to the pot.

Betting Condition for Blind Players- If you haven't checked your cards yet and playing blind, your betting amount requirement is the current stake.

Betting Condition for Seen Players- If you have seen your cards already, your betting amount can be the current stake, or it's double, which means 2x of the current stake. The betting requirement depends upon the previous player. If they were a seen player, you bet the current stake. But in the case of a blind previous player, your betting amount becomes 2x of the current stake.

Teen Patti Rules Step 3- Fold

If you are not confident about your cards and winning, you can fold or pack your cards and leave the game. You do not get your betting money back; in any case, it remains in the pot for the winner. Any player at any stage of the game can fold to save themselves from more losses.

Teen Patti Rules Step 4- Continue Betting

The betting continues until only one or two players are left to fold. If only one player is left, they become the winner and take the pot irrespective of their Teen Patti sequence. However, if there are two players in the game, the betting continues until someone requests a show.

Teen Patti Rules Step 5- Show

Here, the Teen Patti of the two players is compared to see who has a better card. The person with the better sequence wins the pot. However, the player betting for show loses in case of a draw or tie. Also, players cannot request a show until there are only two left in the game.

Rules For Teen Patti Betting

The bets in the card game can be of three types.

Teen Patti Rules For Ranking Sequences

While learning how to play Teen Patti game, learning about the ranking of sequences becomes important. Otherwise, you will never know your chances of winning the game over your competitors. Here is the list of sequences in the decreasing order of their ranking. The trio, Trail, or Set- Three cards of the same value. Three Aces is the best sequence in Teen Patti, followed by the trios of other high-ranking cards in decreasing order.

If you notice, you will see that the 3 Patti rules never consider the ranking of suits. It is because the winner can only be decided by order of sequence. However, in the rare cases of a draw, the comparison shifts to the ranking of the cards.

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