online casinos in Considering you have visited our website, we presume you are interested in playing some cool casino games at the most reputable online casinos. And you are probably also wondering are there online casinos in India worth both your time and money. Look no further, as, in this article, we provide you with all you need to know about casinos operating in your country.

There are so many brands you want to explore, so we better get going! You’ll be playing your favourite games in no time!

How Many Online Casinos are in India?

There is no official data on how many casinos operate in the country. In fact, it is impossible to even make a rough estimate on the number of brands that accept Indian customers. But why is it so?

Unlike many other countries that focus on licensing, a process that helps them generate profit and provides insight into market trends, India issues no online gaming licenses. So essentially, if you are looking for a way to support a local business and play at a 100% Indian own-and-regulated online casino, don’t hold your breath. There aren’t any.

But don’t despair! There are plenty of other brands, mostly offshore companies who provide a thrilling and authentic gaming experience. How many casinos in India operate under international licenses? Countless. And best of all, new brands appear almost every day.

As a country with gambling in its roots, the number of active players is constantly growing. In 2018, there were 269 million online gamers. However, just two years later, that number skyrocketed to 365 million. It is believed to reach 510 million in 2022.

Such high numbers witness there is definitely enough demand for plenty of brands to get their slice of cake. And the more brands there are, the better choice you have!

How To Find A Good Online Casino in India?

If you are anything like other gamers, you want to play only at the most popular online casinos in India. It is hard for us to name any brands, as choosing the best casino in India online is highly personal. It’s like telling you what girl to choose to get married to!

Still, there are some basic guidelines that make certain casinos popular, and here we will list some of them:

  • Bonus – many customers consider bonuses to be the most relevant factor when choosing a casino. They are marketing incentives created by the company to convince you to sign up! Think of them as a welcoming gift!
  • Games – nowadays, online casinos provide more games than any land-based casino! As they are not limited by the size of the venue, online casino brands can add thousands and thousands of titles with a single click. And it shows! Most popular casinos offer thousands and thousands of releases by top-notch providers like Microgaming and NetEnt.
  • Payment methods – to win real money, you have to play with real money. And how do you do that? By transferring money to your casino balance. Make sure to use local payment methods based in India for cost-effective gaming.
  • Customer support – customer support is essential for a good user experience. They will help you with anything, from explaining how deposit works to providing info about the latest games that have been added.
  • Mobile gaming – desktop gaming is good when you are at home, but modern lifestyles make us move around town like never before. Always look for a casino that has a solid mobile platform optimized for smartphone use.
  • License – India doesn’t have an online casino licensing system, but many other countries do. The most popular casinos on our list have a special license provided by authorities, such as those in Malta, UK, or Gibraltar.

What are the Most Popular Online Casinos in India?

Even though it is impossible to name any brands that will work for you, most Indian players focus primarily on having great bonuses. The welcome bonus is a must, but don’t forget about deals for loyal customers, reload bonuses, and even special VIP programs, especially if you play high volumes.

While there are no guarantees in gambling, having more funds at your disposal shouldn’t be disregarded easily. Keep in mind to always look for a bonus with reasonable bonus terms.

Another thing that makes certain casinos popular among Indians are games. Indians love combining good slot and live tables, especially if there are teen Patti and Andar bahar available. While slots charm customers with elaborate storylines and side games, live gaming classics provide a more authentic gaming experience.

As always, we highly suggest you take a look at the list on our website. We reviewed all the most popular online casinos in India, so you will easily find the one that works best for you.

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