online casinos in Why do gamblers gamble? For the money, of course! Even though not every gambler in the world got rich playing, the main intention of every player is to get his hands on some easy money. Yet, very few of them manage to score significant life-changing amounts. So, where’s the catch?

As always, it comes down to research and knowing your casino and your game. There are plenty of casino customers who took home big bucks because they knew how to handle the odds and score top payouts.

What is a Payout?

To put it as simply as possible, the payout is a percentage that the casino company gives back to the customers’ hands. As you know, customers can’t always win, but in many cases, they do. So, the payout would be the ratio between money played and money won by users of a certain casino.

Essentially, casinos with high payouts (meaning, better for you) give more money back to users. This is also why more people want to play there. Now, this is where it becomes tricky. If the company has a growing number of customers, it is often impossible to keep the same payout level. It will always fluctuate a bit. That is why they display average values, usually calculated on an annual basis.

How to Find Payout Levels?

Every game and every casino should have a payout percentage transparently listed on the website. Such information is usually accessible through a special link located at the bottom in the footer or is a part of terms and conditions or frequently asked questions. Here are some things you need to know to understand how payouts work!

What Casinos in India have Best Payouts?

Don’t worry, we are not trying to avoid answers to your question! As already stated, the casinos with the best payouts are always the most popular among customers. And now, we will tell you more about the top 3 casino brands with payouts so high, they will blow your mind!


9Winz is a relatively new, fresh, and bold brand on the Indian market that has gained a loyal following in no time. It features attractive games such as slots, table games, live tables, and game shows and a plethora of local payment methods. The payouts at this casino are better than at some fancy venues in Goa, plus the variety of the gaming portfolio is far more impressive. Read 9Winz review we prepared to know more details.


MelBet can also be considered the best payout online casino in India. Unlike 9Winz, MelBet is primarily focused on sports. If you are a sports punter and prefer cricket over slots at any time of day, this could be a good option for you. We compared odds available with MElBet, with all other bookies, and with a few minor exceptions, it usually offers far better odds than most others.

Genesis Casino

Genesis Casino is a star, one of the casino stars that shines brighter than others, especially when it comes to payouts! This site will deliver top-notch entertainment with fair payouts, whether you prefer slots, table games, or live dealers. Unlčike many other casinos, especially unlicensed ones that tend to manipulate random number generators, keep things fair and transparent.

Highest payouts casino games

One of the most important things you have to know is the payout your favourite game has. All pros and cons of gambling aside, the money you will win will more often than not depend on the title you play.

To help you understand this specific aspect of gambling, we created a small guide that is easy to follow.

Payouts in Games of Skill vs Games of Chance

Playing games of skill guarantees better payouts than playing games of chance? Why? Games of skill require knowledge, attention, and focus. The customer has greater power over the card dealt and the game in general.

Don’t trust us? Keep in mind the real science behind poker and real money blackjack, the two most popular games of skill. A skilful player can easily count cards and predict the next card. Poker masters can count cards and read the opponent and his behaviour, use intimidation tactics, and benefit from their knowledge.

There is no such control involved in games of chance, which brings us to slightly more unfavourable payouts. Still, other things affect payouts in games of chance, and we’ll discuss it in a minute!

Blackjack Payouts

Blackjack is one of the games with the highest payouts because players have way more control over the game. All types of blackjack have a payout higher than 99%, and the actual percentage can range from variation to variation and from casino to casino. This is why it is important to play with reputable casinos that don’t rig games – with such brands, the payout will never reach these impressive percentages.

Poker and Video Poker Payouts

Let’s start with peer-to-peer poker, the one you play against other poker fans from all over the world. As always, you get a small advantage if you know other people at the table: your friend that always raises too much or the one that starts to trash talk you in chat when bluffing.

However, in peer-to-peer cash poker, the payout is slightly smaller because of the rake. The rake is a “fee” that the casino takes for organizing the game. On another notice, the payout can depend on the rules of the house, especially if you play tournaments. For instance, some of them only feature bus-ins, and the winner goes home with 33% of the predetermined prize, regardless of the total sum house made.

Video poker, when played right, is one of the best games with the best odds and highest payouts. Video poker payouts go over 100% (depending on the variant) and are one of the few games where you can beat the house in the long term.

Roulette Payouts

Roulette is a simple game of chance that can deceive you. It has many variations, and some of them are better for you than others. If possible, stick to the French kind, and avoid American roulette. It is also important to mention how the payout per bet will depend on the type of bet you make. The payout is highest for bets with the lowest odds (single number wagers).

Slot Payouts

Slot payouts are all over the place! Most modern slots have payouts at around 96%, but there are significant differences in the type of slot. Classic slots, so-called fruity machines with just three reels, give you the highest chances, while progressive jackpots with massive prizes have astonishing payouts but also give you smaller odds of triggering them. It is up to you to choose the perfect combo!