OOTT Andar Bahar Review & Experience

The year 2020 saw Ezugi casino provider develop its first live casino game, OOTT Andar Bahar. This live dealer game is popular in many countries, especially India.

The names, “Andar” and “Bahar” mean inside and outside, respectively. The dealer distributes the cards into two different sides while dealing with players. The “inside” and “outside” cards will determine whether a player wins or loses.

Curious to know more about this live casino game? This piece provides all the required information about it.

Characteristics of the OOTT ANDAR BAHAR game

The casino game uses HTML5 and JavaScript web technologies. This enables it to fit into just any device’s screen. Simply put, web technologies make it a mobile-compatible game. With a 95.57% RTP rate, the game offers a fair chance to players.

Oott Andar Bahar offers a table game which is streamed live. The game is simple. It also makes the option of “side bets” available. To offer its players an exciting experience, the live game uses high-quality streaming devices to broadcast its gambling activities.

The demo version of the casino game gives players the leverage to master the technicalities of the game. This helps to reduce financial losses. Oott Andar Bahar is also filled with massive bonuses to enhance the player’s winning potential.

How to play the OOTT ANDAR BAHAR game in an online casino?

The dealer begins the round with a revealed card. This card is regarded as the “joker”. Well, it is not the regular “joker” of every card game. It is the value of the card that determines the round’s goal.

The dealer distributes the card deck into “Andar” and “Bahar” sides. The player must place his bet on the side that first draws the same value as the joker.

Slot symbol values in ​​the OOTT ANDAR BAHAR game

Being a card-based casino game, OOTT Andar Bahar does not use any symbol other than the regular deck of cards. However, a single deck of cards is used while playing the game.

Special symbols in the OOTT ANDAR BAHAR game

In this live casino game, there are no special symbols. This is because it is a card game, not a slot.

Minimum and maximum bets

In a typical game round, the player has two main bets to place. Here, the minimum wage amount is about 40 INR, and the maximum is 40,000 INR.

Players also have the option to place side bets as they desire. However, the maximum wager amount is lesser than the main bets. The maximum bet is set at about 8000 INR, and the minimum amount remains the same as the main bet.

Conclusions about the experience of playing the OOTT ANDAR BAHAR game

Most players consider this Andar Bahar cash game the provider’s most innovative live game. Though the live casino game is popular in India, it can be accessed in other countries.


Does the casino game have a demo mode?

Yes, Ooto Andar Bahar has a demo mode where games can be played without wagering real cash.

What is the game’s Return-To-Player Rate?

The RTP of the game is set at 95.57%. This shows that players have more possibility of getting their wagered amount back.

Are there any bonuses?

No. The live dealer game offers no form of bonus to players.

How can I access the game?

Players can visit any verified gambling site that has integrated the game into their available casino games.

Is it compatible with smartphones?

Yes. Players can access the game via smartphone devices at any moment.