European Roulette Review & Experience

Now you can play real money roulette online that will impress you and offer all the perks and features you can imagine. This is possible thanks to the European roulette online game developed by NetEnt. It is one of the most sophisticated and advanced games of this kind and simply gorgeous. There are a lot of facts we would like to reveal about the game, so without further ado, let’s begin.

Graphics, sounds, and gameplay

Online European roulette you can see here is HD game. HD stands for high definition, and you will know why this is important once you load the game. The wheel, animations, chips and the table are all clear and look like they have come from a modern PC game. The animations are above average as well, and they should help you have great fun while playing the game. The same thing can be said for sounds. They are clear, direct and they offer a suitable quality, compared to the graphics provided.

Playing the game is simple and straightforward. Once you load the game, you are presented with the roulette wheel and the table. Under the main section, you have chips that have to be selected. They range between 1 and 1000. This includes options such as 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, and a few more. You will click on a chip you want to bet, drag it to the table and place it on the corresponding bet. After that, click on the green button at the right and the wheel will spin. Wait for the outcome. Once spinning is done, the number on which the ball landed will be surrounded and blink on the table. Also, there are hot numbers located at the top right section, which can be used and appealing options for players.

NetEnt casino games are always above average in terms of quality and graphics. They are simply known as some of the most modern and the most sophisticated developments you can find in the online gambling realm. Their mission is to develop online casino games to such a level that a player doesn’t need to go to a mortar casino.

Almost every European roulette casino will offer you this game due to its popularity at this very moment. This also means that they will provide the main features we have listed above and the ones we will list below. Additional options we would like to add are all available on the main section of the game. For instance, on the left side, you can click on statistics, favourite bet, racetrack, and paytable. On the right side, you can use virtual buttons to cancel a bet, increase it 2 times, use the previous bet, and spin the wheel.

Betting options

Even our free European roulette version offers all the betting options as the full game. They are straight up, red or black, split, neighbour and street. All you have to do is to drag the chips and place them anywhere on the table, according to the bet you want to make. The main options here are 1st-12, 2nd-12, 3rd-12, and also 1-18 and 19-36. Red or black betting options are presented on the table.

We must add that there are no free bonuses or free spins in the game. However, they may be offered by an online casino where you are playing. European roulette free play is available on this very page. We have posted a demo version of the game, and you can use it to master the game completely. All that is needed is for you to load the game, place a virtual bet, and enjoy. You can play the game as long as you like, and there are no limitations. The game offers the same paytable and the same graphics, elements and supports the equal bets.

We recommend you to play European roulette for free at least a couple of times to get familiar with the game. Once ready, we will help you find the best European Roulette online casino where you can play for real money and win big time. It is fun, and it doesn’t need any special processes steps or anything similar.

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