Teen Patti Champion Review & Experience

Want to gather insights on how Teen Patti Champion by MPlay works? Check out this Teen Patti Champion review and know the bets you can place, the payout you can get, the winning pairs, and your overall interaction with the game.

Characteristics of Teen Patti Champion by MPlay

Teen Patti Champion is a classic card game developed by MPlay. It’s played with a traditional deck of 52 cards. It is a simple game of poker using all the basic rules of conventional poker.

You must beat the dealer with the best hand according to the pre-determined hand rankings. Doing that will yield you the corresponding payout. The game is compatible with laptops, desktops, and mobile phones.

How to Play Teen Patti Champion by MPlay in an Online Casino?

The game will start by placing a wager and hitting the ‘Deal’ button. Tap on the chip and then the centre of the screen to place a bet. Hitting the Deal button will display the three cards deciding your hand ranking.

You aim to get the best hand against the computer and win the corresponding payout. You can re-bet or double your current bet to set your bet quickly.

Payouts in ​Teen Patti Champion by MPlay

Before playing Teen Patti Champion with real money, you must understand the value of winning hands. In total, there are five kinds of hands in this card game.

Pair- Two cards with the same value out of three cards.

The highest paying hand is Straight Flush which pays you 60 times your initial bet while getting Pair means winning 2 times your stake. You should at least have a pair to win.

Here are the payout details:

Pair 2x
Flush 5x
Straight 6x
Three of a Kind 30x
Straight Flush 60x

Minimum and Maximum Bets

The minimum bet in Teen Patti Champions is 100 INR, while the maximum bet you can place is 50K INR. The chips of all the available bets are already shown on the screen, and you have to tap on the chip to select it.


MPlay did a good job by designing a simple yet engaging poker game with easy-to-understand rules. All you have to do is set the bet and wait for your luck to bring the winning card combinations. Even though there is no glitz and glam theme here, you will love to play it for its simplicity and uncomplicated nature.


Which hand pays the most in Teen Patti Champion?

Straight Flush pays you the most with 60x of your initial bet.

What are the strategies that can be used to play Teen Patti Champion?

Teen Patti Champion is not a game of strategies and planning; it’s a game of chance. The only strategy you need is to place your bets wisely. Don’t place huge bets; you might want to double your bets when you’re on a winning spree.

Can I play Teen Patti Champion on mobile?

As the game is designed using HTML technology, it’s compatible with leading mobile OS, and you can play it anytime and from anywhere.

Where can I play the Teen Patti Champion demo?

You can play the Teen Patti Champion demo at any of the leading online casinos in the UK. Make sure you pick only reliable and licensed sites to play.