Teen Patti Review & Experience

Teen Patti is a popular casino table game that closely resembles poker. It has soared in popularity in the online casino space, with many casinos now offering different game variants.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Teen Patti by Evoplay and acknowledge you with the characteristics of this version, how to play it, and information related to betting limits.

Characteristics of Teen Patti by Evoplay

Evoplay launched this virtual Teen Patti game in 2019, a simulated version of the popular card game. Similar to other Evoplay offerings, the graphics are neatly designed in beautiful green and golden colours, and the game has been given an excellent energetic soundtrack.

This game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards with the jokers removed. At the start, players are dealt a three-card hand. The game aims to beat the dealer with a better value hand. A cool thing about this poker variant is that players can also bet Blind.

Aces are ranked the highest and can be used with 2 and 3 only to complete a sequence; the resulting series ranked the highest out of all combinations without an Ace. 2’s or Deuces are ranked the lowest.

The game has an RTP of 97.47%.

How To Play Teen Patti by Evoplay in an Online Casino?

Players must first decide an ‘Ante’ bet’ within the mentioned limits. Now, you will hit the ‘Deal’ button and three cards are dealt on the player’s and dealer’s side. The player can ‘See’ the cards or play ‘Blind’. If you play blind, the blind bet equals the ‘Ante’ bet, and your cards will remain face down.

When you finally reveal the cards, you can either ‘Fold’ or make a ‘Bet’ depending on the value of your cards. The highest value hand wins the round.

In a tie between the player and the dealer, the ante and the bet amount are returned, but be prepared to lose the blind bet.

Payouts Teen Patti by Evoplay

A win in Teen Patti is based on ranking your card values. We have discussed these nuances below.

Minimum & Maximum Bets

The minimum and maximum bet amounts for Teen Patti by Evoplay are 100 INR and 4400 INR, respectively. The available chip size is 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, and 0.5.


New players can try out the demo version of Evoplay Teen Patti, readily available at many online casinos, to understand the rules and controls.

Developed with HTML5, it can be readily loaded on small screens of mobile and tablets for players who wish to enjoy this poker variant on the go.

Overall, Evoplay has done good work with this version of virtual Teen Patti. The game is easy to access, with a great user interface and interesting gameplay.


Can I Play Teen Patti by Evoplay For Real Money?

Yes, it can be played for real money, and skilled players can win cash payouts.

Can I Play Teen Patti by Evoplay on Mobile Devices?

Yes, the game is created in HTML5, which makes it compatible with all modern smartphone devices.

Can I Play Teen Patti For Free?

Teen Patti by Evoplay can be played for free at many online casino sites which offer a demo version of the game.