Teen Patti Pro Review & Experience

Table games are one of the most popular categories around the world for various and as such, they can be found at households and online casinos. Teen Patti Pro is an online variant of Teen Patti which originated in Asia as a variant of Poker and is particularly popular in South Asia, especially India.

Characteristics of Teen Patti Pro

This South Asian card game resembles the popular poker variant, Texas Hold’em. However, there are a few variations in Teen Patti and even more so, in Teen Patti Pro.

For one, there are no blinds or ante. As is typical with Poker and its variants, a blind or ante must be placed to ensure players don’t always fold in the game. However, that won’t be because you aren’t playing against other players.

Unlike most online card games, you can only be the player, and as such, all bets made are on you as the player. However, in Teen Patti Pro, you can also bet the dealer. You can even bet on the outcome being a split! Although, you can’t bet on multiple outcomes.

There’s also the opportunity to place side bets while playing Teen Patti Pro.

How to play Teen Patti Pro in an online casino

All you need to do is visit the casino, click play for free or “demo” as the case may be and you will be offered free credits to play Teen Patti Pro for free!

If you want to play for real money, you must first register an account with the casino site. After that, deposit some amount of money that will be used to play the game.

Slot Symbol Values Teen Patti Pro

Teen Patti Pro uses the classic 52-card deck. Here is the ranking of card hands in descending order.

Special Symbols in Teen Patti Pro

There are only two special symbols in Teen Patti Pro.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

The minimum bet on Teen Patti Pro is 80 INR, and the maximum is 40,000 INR.

Conclusions about the experience of playing Teen Patti Pro

Teen Patti Pro is an interesting card game that is easy to learn. It’s simple and provides a fair win rate.


Is there a demo mode for Teen Patti Pro?

Yes! You can play the game for free at some online casinos.

Can I bet on the dealer?

One interesting feature of Teen Patti Pro is that it allows you to also bet on the dealer as well as the player.

What is the highest card sequence?

The straight flush, i.e. three kinds of the same suit in sequence.

Can I place side bets?

Yes, you can place side bets on the type of hand rank that will win the round.

Can I play Teen Patti Pro for real money?

Yes! You can play the game for real money at top online casinos.