JioMoney is one of the most popular payment methods in India, so no wonder so many players decide to play at JioMoney casinos. Smart, simple, and secure digital payments are a must-have in this day and age, and this provider delivers exactly that – depositing and withdrawing before you can even bat an eye. If you want to find out more about why casinos and JioMoney go together like peas and carrots, make sure to keep reading our useful guide that covers all the topics you can think of!

How to Use JioMoney in Online Casinos

Before we tell you how to make a deposit at JioMoney casino, allow us to say something about the payment method. This payment method was founded in 2016, thanks to joint efforts of Reliance Industries and State Bank of India. Currently, it is accepted at more than 50,000 online and land-based establishments, including casinos. You can also easily use it directly from your mobile phone, thanks to the mobile app.

How to Sign Up

To make a deposit at some of the popular JioMoney casinos, you will have to activate the account with the payment provider first. Simply download the app from the app store, and then follow instructions to install it. Then do as follows:

That’s it. Basically, the signup with JioMoney is as simple as signing up with any other website!


Before you even think of topping up your balance at JioMoney casinos, you first have to fund your JioMoney account. This can be done directly by online bank transfer, credit card, or debit card. all you have to do is make sure you enter the information properly and submit the payment.


JioMoney withdrawals are always dependable on the minimum withdrawal set by JioMoney gaming sites. In most cases, the minimum withdrawal at JioMoney casinos is the same as a deposit or twice as much. Here’s how it goes:

Minimum deposit

The great news is that there is no minimum money transfer with JioMoney, but keep in mind that most JioMoney casinos will ask you anywhere between $5 and $20. Of course, there might be some cheaper or more expensive sites.

Additional Fee and Withdrawal Time

JioMoney won’t charge you any additional fees, but your casino could, so make sure to check out its payment policies. Furthermore, keep in mind how the withdrawal time can depend on several factors: