parimatch casinoPlaying at a casino is more than just enjoying your favourite games. In fact, having easy, breezy deposits are one of the main imperatives for the casinos of the 21st century. In this Parimatch deposit guide, find out everything about the top-up process, from payment methods to available limits.

Let the games begin, and let’s have some fun!

How to Deposit Money in Parimatch

There is nothing worse than joining a casino with an unnecessarily complex deposit process. Needless to say, such practices can make players turn their back to the casino, even if they have already signed up. So, how to deposit money in Parimatch? Easy and seamless! And how do you withdraw? Find out more about that topic in our Parimatch withdrawal review.

The entire process can be completed in less than 5 minutes, as it takes only a few steps to wrap it all up and start placing real money bets.

The final step in the guide of how to deposit Parimatch can’t be described precisely, as it depends on the payment provider. Most certainly, it will involve:

Parimatch Deposit Methods

The list of Parimatch deposit methods leaves little to be desired. The operator added plenty of payment options, both fiat and crypto-related. As always, choose the one that works for you, and one that feels familiar. However, you can also draw a wild card and use a method completely different from any you are using in everyday life. The world is your playground!


E-payment methods are very popular for making a deposit on Parimatch online casino, especially for Indian gamers. The list includes:

The Parimatch minimum deposit for these methods is around 500 INR, which is very budget-friendly. However, keep in mind that some of them may have significantly higher limits. All of them are operating without any additional transaction fees, and money will be with you rather quickly, ready to be played on top-rated games.

Banking Payment

banking payments may not be as popular as they used to be, but for many, they are still considered to be the ultimate payment method. Safe, reliable, and available worldwide, they guarantee a great depositing experience at Parimatch.

Banking payments at Parimatch include:

The biggest advantage of these methods is the competitive minimum deposit limit, much lower than many other methods. Depending on the card you use, it may be as low as INR200, but we’ll get to that later! Processing times are also favourable, ranging from a couple of moments to 5 hours.

Although banks aren’t as popular in India as they are in other parts of the world, consider these methods if you wish for a reliable, trustworthy and 100% secure payment provider.


And now, for cryptos, the payment method that has been all the rage in India for longer than a decade. If you are wondering how to deposit Parimatch by using this method, the answer is simple – just like you would if you were using any other method.

Cryptocurrencies you’ll find at Parimatch are:

Obviously, Parimatch added only the most important cryptos to the list, ones that will be recognized even by casual crypto enthusiasts. They all support instant processing times, and quite favourable minimum deposit limits, so consider them if you want something that is as fast and efficient as it is cheap.

Local Indian Payments

Before we proceed any further, it is important to say this is not a category per se, but a category we created to help you navigate Parimatch deposits. Naturally, the best choice for any Indian gamer would be to choose a method available in India, and preferably, operated by an Indian company. It is an added level of trust that can’t be beaten.

So-called Indian payment methods at Parimatch Casino include:

The reason why you should consider these payment methods is that they feel familiar and are easily accessible to all Indian players. The chances are, you already have some of them in your pocket.

Minimum Deposit in Parimatch

So far, so good? Perhaps it is finally time we discuss the minimum deposit in Parimatch. It is no secret players want to get the biggest bang for their buck, so let’s take a look at the minimum deposit limit.

Before we start, know that different methods may have different minimum deposit limits. These limitations are necessary to keep the entire banking process efficient for both you and the casino.

This is what the minimum deposit is for different payment methods:

The minimum deposit required ranges, so make sure to look into processing times and availability of a certain method before settling for it. Additionally, don’t forget to keep in mind that for the majority of bonuses, you’ll have to deposit more than the bare minimum. Stay reasonable and never load more money than you can afford to spend!


How long does a Parimatch deposit process take?

To complete the Parimatch deposit, you will need to spare only a minute. However, it is likely that, will certain payment methods, you’ll have to wait up to a couple of hours to get the money to your playing balance.

Do I have to pay any depositing fees?

No, at Parimatch you don’t have to pay any depositing fees, as all deposits are 100% free of charge. However, it may happen that your payment provider has some transaction fees that apply, or it might charge you for using the currency exchange.

Do I have to verify my account to make a deposit?

No, you don’t have to verify your account to make a Parimatch deposit. Even so, we suggest you verify your account as soon as possible in order to avoid any delays in the future. That way, you’ll get to enjoy seamless and simple withdrawals.

Can I deposit in currencies other than INR?

Unless you choose to play in cryptocurrencies, you will have to make a deposit, play and withdraw in your local currency which is INR. The currency is assigned based on your location, and detected according to your IP address.
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